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17 > Image 17 of Catalogue of the University of Kentucky, Volume 9 (1916-1917)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

18 THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. ? U ;RO{$lCRT MoDowm.L ALLEN, A. B., M. A. 423 West Third Joi . Head of the Food and Drag Department in the Experiment Station. V Janes Osesn LABAcn, M. S. 523 West Second Chief Chemist, Acting Head of Food and Drng Department in PA the Experiment Station. . Jon D.un=1N Tannen, B. Pan., LL. B. 135 Washington Avenue _ Head of thc Department of Commercial Feeding Staffs in the JO Experiment Station. ` Euwin Stmxrozv Goon, M. S. Station Farm T; Professor of Animal Husbandry, Head of the Department of , Animal Husbandry (Beef, Cattle, Sheep and Swine) in the Experiment Station. Lixwoou A1 Brown, Prmnm. D., PH. C., F. A. A. 425 Trans. Park Di Drag Chemist, Food and Drag Department in thc Experiment Station. F, D.xxn:1. Josnrn Hmtr, M. D., C. M. 530 Sayre Avenue Professor of Bacteriology, Bacteriologist, Department of W Research in the Experiment Station. BICHENRY Rnosus, A. M., Pu. M. Nicholasville Pike Professor of Secondary Education. L( Cotuzunvs Rvnonrn Miamirinz, A. M. 258 Market Street Dean of Men, Professor of German. _ Ei A JAMES Enwtxnn Turium., Pu. D. 253 South Limestone Professor of History and Political Economy, Head of the Department. Q ' Cn.xm.1cs Kmzn 658 North Broadway Professor of Law. L Lynn: C1i.x1.i