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68 > Image 68 of Catalogue of the University of Kentucky, Volume 9 (1916-1917)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

ADMISSION AND CLASSIFICATION. 69 . , A i i _ _ L geology should include an examination into the causes now in opera- ` , I _ tion as throwing light on those which have operated in the past, fol- , V A ' ` A Emu g lowed by a sketchof historical geology. 'This will involve a presenta- L for I tion ot the following topics: atmospheric agencies; the work of un- - ' . gf at _ derground and surface waters; the work of the sea; internal geological l have { agencies, such as volcanic activity, earthquakes, and slow movements , _ mm of the earths crust; structural geology, or the study of rock forms; , _ it be J and iinally, physiographic geology, or the interpretation of land forms V in the light of their geological history. The text should be supple- " g niented by an examination of rocks, minerals, fossils and by iield ' _ _ jt work, and the pupil should record his observations in a notebook. EE; { Drawing. One-half to one unit may be offered. The student V 4 should be able to show ability to sketch freehand geometrical figures, this l such aslcircles, spirals, polygons, pyramids and cylinders; also com- 5the mon objects, such as chairs, tables, animals, bones, ilowers. He d bv should be able to copy, by enlarging or reducing its dimensions, the - A picture of any ordinary object. para Bookkeeping. Onehalf unit may be offered. A full terms course ; and must be taken in this subject with reeitations nve times a week. Vhen . mon, _ 3. commercial course is given and more time required for this sub- j , ,,0% ject, an additional half unit may be allowed. _ is by Vocational Subjects. The subjects of manual training, domestic lout- Science, agriculture, commercial geography, commercial arithmetic, ether lllily be valued at one unit each when the work done in each is equiva- , text lent to a tull term of eighteen or twenty weeks with five full recita- tions. lf subjects are given once or twice a. week only, not less than on in ninety hours may be offered. The work in each subject should in- utgyy clude a regular textbook course and this should be directed toward { th lnnctical application and use. P struc- . withi ADMISSION BY CERTlFlCATE. hmm Persons who desire to enter the University by certificate instead _ of by examination must have their credits certihcd by the Superin- _ , mic? lfnnlcnt or Principal of the school in which they may be secured. lhtlle Blnnk forms for such certificates will be furnished by the Registrar ls cn Ul the University on application. These certincates should be prop- "tm, my made out, signed, and should be mailed to the Registrar as l S" l`lY HS possible and not later than September 1. Only graduates l dy 0f OY accredited schools or those who have completed the accredited /