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124 > Image 124 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2010-12-07

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

HealthCare Medical Staff Bylaws. lts functions and responsibilities are set forth in the UK HealthCare Medical Staff Bylaws. { Deleted: <#>Executive Committee or I A , Management: The Committee authorizes ` rrrrYrrrrrrrrYrrrrrrrrYrrrrrrrrYrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the Executive Vice President for Health There may be organized one or more Hospital Auxiliaries to render service to the University ;ff"? s"blSh " EXV _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ommrttee ofManagement (hereatler, the Hospitals and their patients. Membership shall be open to all interested in contributing their time Executive Committee) consisting orkey stafl as chosen by said Executive Vice and talents to serve the respective hospital. There shall be formal bylaws, approved by the President fm Health Amie; to aseisiin Committee, which set forth the purpose, membership, methods of assignment, election of me mmagemeot ofthe University officers, duties of officers, and committees of the organization. ?*l'?1s d l1 ?'p"S . ctivrties ofthe Executive Committee shall be reportedto the Committee at its S meetings, and otherwise, as requestedil <#>Management Committees: The Chief Clinical Officer, together with the Except as herein provided, these Operating Rules may be amended, altered, or repealed only by Exeeuiive Viee President fm Health the consent and approval of a majority of the Trustee Members of the entire Committee. No Amir; andthe ChiefFinancial Ofiicer amendment or other change in the Operating Rules shall be effective unless and until it has been approved by the University Board of Trustees. committees as maybe appropriate to assure the safe and eflicient delivery of high quality healthcare to the patients of the University Hospitals and the clinical Approved: "'P*$-ll University Health Care Committee, October ll, 2010: 20lO University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, October l2, 2010: 20lO Formatted: Position: Horizontal: 62 ,/ pt, Relative to: Page, Vertical: -6.8 it pt, Relative to: Paragraph i " uhccr1 exhibit2 - OPERATING RULES University Health Care Committee 12-2010 Marked iinal.doc if