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9 > Image 9 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2010-12-07

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-9- its confidence in the board which was selected to guide CLI, and if additional investment is needed, it should be supplied if requested once the board is assured that the request is reasonable. The details of management are up to the CLI directors. Ms. Curris felt that the sticking point for the board on this issue may be that there was not sufficient infonnation presented to those members not on the Finance Committee to enable them to make an informed decision. She asked for that infonnation to be circulated in advance of meeting day. Dr. Brockman agreed and felt that this was a consensus reached during the momings meeting. The vote was then taken. It passed without dissent. (See FCR 4 at the end ofthe Minutes.) N. Authorization to Lease Four Acres to the Kentucky Medical Services Foundation on Which to Construct a Child Care Facility (FCR 5) Mr. Stuckert continued, summarizing the discussion of the momings Finance Committee meeting on this request. The University and Kentucky Medical Services Foundation (KMSF) have agreed to a 50-year lease for the designated property for the sum of $1.00 year. KMSF will contract with Child Development Center ofthe Bluegrass, Inc. (CDC) to construct a 22,000 gross-square-foot on-campus facility to house a Child Care Development Center to provide child care services for children from the community, including the children of faculty and staff The facility will include services for children with special needs. He moved for adoption of FCR 5 and was seconded by Mr. Mobley. Ms. Brothers stated that she would not vote for the approval of FCR 5. She objects to UK leasing land to KMSF so that KMSF and another entity (CDC) will run a child care center that employs people that are not UK employees although the facility will have the UK name on it. She objects to the lack of information on how the l00 slots available to children of faculty and staf`f will be divided between health care and the main campus. She expressed the greatest concem about the fact that the facility will charge market rates for child care, feeling that a large portion of the UK population needing child care cannot af`ford market rates and thus that it is a given conclusion that much ofthe UK staf`f will be left out. Dr. Brockman called for a vote. It passed with one dissenting vote, that of Ms. Brothers. (See FCR 5 at the end ofthe Minutes.) O. Approval ofthe 2009-l0 Endowment Match Program Annual Report (FCR 6) Mr. Stuckert moved the approval of FCR 6, which details the 2009-l0 Endowment Match Programs Annual Report. He was seconded by Mr. Smith. The vote was unanimous for the adoption of FCR 6. (See FCR 6 at the end ofthe Minutes.)