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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Christian County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- 3 - AMERICAN RED CROSS, CHRISTIAN COUNTY CHAPTER(American National Red Cross, 707South Liberty Street, Hopkinsville, Charter granted by National organization l9l7. Chairman, T. H. Parrish, Hopkinsville. Telephone 45. Executive Secretary, Anna Tobin Sugg, Hopkinsville. Telephone 55. Terms indefinite. Membership; 2,029. Qualifications, payment of annual dues of S 1.00 or more. Committees; First Aid, J.W. East; Volunteer Special Services, Mrs. Gant Gaither, Mrs. Charles F. McKee; Nursing Activities, Mrs J. H. Johnson; Home Nursing, Hrs. R. A. Lindsey; Farm and Home Accident Prevention, N. T. Hooks, all of Hopkinsville. Purpose; Carrying on any of the nine Red Cross Services that meet community needs, beside fulfilling the primary obligation to service and ex=service men and their dependents. Normal Civic Activities;General emergency relief; training in first aid; Home nursing, nutrition, volunteer special services. Defense Activities: Engaged In Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Red Cress Assistance to Service Men and their Dependents, First Aid, Family Social Service in Industrial Areas, Child Care, Collecting Books, Typing and Other Clerical Assistance, Interviewing, Motor Corps Service. Training ForPreparation and Serving of Food, Operation of Canteens. Interested In Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Discussion Leaders, Public Speaking? Local Publication; Annual Report. RTHENAEUM CLUB, c/o S. P. White, Jr., South Main Street, Hopkinsville. Founded 1890. President, S. P.'Uhite, Jr., ll5 E. 20th Street, Hopkinsville. Secretary, Fletc hor Fink, 2000 S. Main Street, Hopkinsville. Terms expire April, 1945. Membership: 50. Open to business or professional men. Committees: Membership, Judge Ira D. Smith; Program, S. P."Ihite, Jr.; both df Hopkinsville. Purpose; Literary and cultural. Normal Civic Activities:None. Defense Activities; Interested In Collecting Books, Discussion Leaders. - Local Publication: None.