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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Christian County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

. ~ - 4 - Boy Scouts of America, District Office(Continued) Purpose: Training boys to be better American citizens. Normal Civic Activities; Cooperating with all civic and church activities. Defense Activities: Engaged In Auxiliary Fire Protection, Collection of Scrap Mctats and Other Metals. Interested In Auxiliary Police, Salvage Demolition Service, Emergency Repair Service, First Aid, Preparation and Serving of Food, Collecting Books, Signal Service. Local Publication: None. . BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMENS CLUB(Kentucky and National Federa- tions B. and P. U. Clubs), Miss Jane Hayden, Morland Drive, Hopkins- ville. Founded 1950. President, Mrs. P. D. Napier, North Main Street, Hopkinsville. Telephone l246-W. Secretary, Miss Lillian McAllister, East Seventh Street, Hopkinsville. Telephone 5l2JL Terms expire June, 1945. Membership; 75. Open to women actively engaged in business or prof- ession, onefourth of membership may be women not engaged , but homemakers. Committees: Program, Hrs. Keith Venable; Publicity, Mrs. H. J. Williams; Public Affairs, Miss Sarah Myers; Membership, Mrs. Ide Bouldin, all of Hopkinsville. Purpose; To fit members for real leadership in thinking about economic problems and their social implications. Normal Civic Activities; Sponsors Christian County Benevolent Home; educates two girls in university and futhers education of other young girls; cooperates with other organizations in community imp- rovement. Defense Activities; Tnterested In Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Red Cross Assistance, First Aid, Library Service, Collecting Books, Public Speaking, Research Assistance, Interviewingu Child Caro, Local Publications; Year Book. CHRISTIAN COUNTY FARM BUREAU(KQntucky and American Farm Bureau Federation), Elks Building, Ninth Street, Hopkinsville. Founded . l9l5 President, Ben S. Adams, R. R. #5, Hopkinsville. Telephone 428-l. Secretary, Clarice Claiborne, 415 Jessup Avenue, Hopkins- ville. Telephone ll67*J. Terms expire January, l943. Membership: 459. Qualifications, farm ownership and interest in agriculture.