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Image 2 of Kentucky farm and home science, special report 1, July 1955

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

g O Greetings from the Dzrector . . . %.,4 It is a pleasure to ex- It is toward improving and strengthening this in- Ni c ,, 'VV` y T 'p't’ tend greetings and to direct and cooperative way of reaching farm people invite you to read and with the message of research that this new quarterly f cl evaluate this first issue is aimed. Only a small number of copies are printed, » · of our new quarterly and these of course cannot reach directly any large .· series of re vorts on number of farm readers. Q if = l work being ldone by A sound and prosperous agriculture is essential to l ‘ ` the Kentucky Agricul- the health and soundness of our economy and society c ” y tural Experiment Sta- as a whole. \\'e are therefore in service not only to tion and on related farm people but to all the people ol` the state. It is V tension activities. with this principle in inincl that we invite your at- ’ cc This quarterly publi- tentic>n to our new quarterly, and solicit your com- ` '· cation is launched as a ments and suggestions for intprovement. ~ means pol lllillilllg li€- Si“C€1_cl>_, . ports of progress in ie- · V . search and education i ‘ . ° more; readily available · to agricultural aucl other leaders of the state, and y Y _ thereby to make morc· ellec tive our program of provid- 1‘¤¤¤¤l< ll €l¤¤`¢1· __ ing neeclecl inlorination to the public. Reseaichwcarelully controlled investigation of the ‘ problems lacing farm Iieople—provicles the solid base » ol lac ts upon which sound progress in farming. home- making, and rural life can be built. The facts found I . in research, liowevc·r, do little or no good until the pc·ople who need them actually hnd out about them Page E ancl put them to use. Important discoveries which lie , , ` hiclclen in laboratory notebooks or in the minds of Nlcotme Problem °''`'''''''`'''`'''''''''``''``'``'' 3 4, only a few people seldom light the way to progress. Quick Nicotine TES"; ··-·····-······-·············- 5 » lly and large, it is the responsibility of the lixtension Better Burley Vqrieties ____________________________ 1 L Neivice in .\gric ulture and Home lzconotnics to tnlorin Tobacco Work at Wesgern substation 8 the public ol results ol larm and home researcli. l·or _ this iob ol inlortnatiou we have farm and home agents Burley Romhons ‘'‘'‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘'‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘'‘‘‘‘'‘'‘‘ 9 in the counties, state specialists, local leaders, home- Durk Tobuccc ........................................ 11 ` uialcers` clubs aucl l-ll clubs. l)enionstrations and M€¤t_Typ€ Hogs ____________________________________ 12 *··<‘ = ···< * '~··'*