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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky farm and home science, special report 1, July 1955

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

V V:. V4,,,_;_ . .> _V V; VV_V VVV9QNQlSVl0N GONVERSWUI V c 4 j i oven if T 4 X? . , ; 4 4 4 V J " V2. * r Y 4 4 S { = ; Yi `( if ` ii i ; * i l i ? f . l i 4 ` r` 1. t - L _ = V ; . _ flflgfnlgy V : is ``- s. i {M `;=,_ ii . 4.; .Y'f*?F**\tii,: s Y . A l `'` . T , ' ` "`l*l* ; jr r - _ -. ' ` 25 l` zx . Z. Nl0TlNE i * t*` i* J c .4 es-tl $4 , % , 4 er \ J 52 . ~ ~ . . . wg, ' ,, V . V ... rf. / 1 . V 3 V V V . ~c~_ . f s 3 . A small drop of extract from a tobacco sample is placed V 4 E V VV near the bottom of a piece of filter paper by Dr. Griffith. V Vi NORNICOTSM After several drops from several samples are placed on the /" 5 paper it is rolled into a cylinder and placed in a jar con- __ __ V _ - ~4- ~ 44~ --~,~ _ taining enough alcohol to wet the lower edge of the paper. A V B V The alcohol, as it rises to the top of the paper by capillary j * V _ action, carries along the nicotine and other closely related ` ` , V compounds. It carries them, however, at different rates for Spots of nicotine and nornicotine from "nonconversion" ~ the different substances. The paper is then removed and and from "conversion" plants before and after curing. The treated with a gas which causes the nicotine and other samples before curing are labeled "0ven dried." Note that r substances to appear as colored spots on the paper. for the nonconversion plant the spots of nicotine and of _ noricotine are the same size before and after curing. This __ _ __ means that in this plant little or no nicotine was changed WCW umdc between Conversion Plants and plantf to nornicotine during curing. For the conversion plant, on nm lmlllllli this Uil[ Tests made Ou the lniogeny Ol the other hand, the spot of nicotine is smaller after curing these crosses established the fact that the conversion than bcforcg `vhilc the spot of m,miw[i,,c is larger uflcr (ll lllt`()[lll lt) ll()l`lll(`()llIl (lllflllg Cllflllg 2111 ll]- e111i11g_ In this plant, 5()111e of the 11ie(1[i11e had been herited trait. changed to nornicotine during curing_ V ln a survey of individual plants within standard varieties, "conversion plants" were found. Various con- not overcome, then the "conversion fines" within the version selections were isolated within Ky 16, one of present varieties can be eliminated from the varieties. . the most popular of the burley varieties. Cigarettes This should improve the flavor and aroma of the re- made from unaged samples of these selections were maining lines in the varieties. F turned over to tobacco companies for smoke tests. ln Still another possibility exists. lt seems likely that . the smoking tests, unfortunately the cigarettes were lower nicotine selections can be madeselec1tions that found to have ofllllavors and unpleasant aroma. This do not have the factor for changing nicotine to nor- was certainly not very promisingalthough, as the nicotine during the curing process. lf these breed true, experimental tobacco used was not aged, it is possible it is possible that lower nicotine selections from stand- that the undesirable flavors and aroma may be elimi ard varieties will be available regardless of the out- nated under the conditions of normal cigarette manu- come of the conversion lines. lacture. .\s a result of this work, and also of the work with _ lt is therefore too early to say definitely what part litres having very low nicotine content, we know that ` the selections based on nicotinetonornicotine con- varieties of burley can be developed with almost any A version during curing will have in the improvement of nicotine content desired. \\'e can therefore look for- i bnrlev tobacco. ll the ccmversicm lines do prove satis- ward to the time when burley tobacco farmers can factory under normal cigarette mamrfacturing condi- produce tobacco of any nicotine leyel clesireclpro- tions, they will prove highly useful as lower nicotine vided always that proper c;ultural methods are used in selections. ll the objectionable flavor and aroma are growing the crop. t 6 Uxtvuasrrr or Kigxruczrcr f` L c