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opy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY FRIDAY EDITION SEMI-WEEKL- KERNEL Y OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY, APRIL VOL. XXVII. INTRAMURAL Seeing Sport Stuff By TOM W ATKINS By MARVIN N. GAY Entries for the intramural track competition, which begins Monday, will close tomorrow at 12 noon. Six men will qualify In each of the 14 events. Next week, April 6. qualifiers will be decided for the finals which will be held Saturday, April 10, at 1:30 p. m. on Stoll field. Medals will be given to contestants who place first and second, while In the relays the teams who win first plnce will be given a trophy. In addition, winner and runner-u- p trophies will be awarded the organization with high scores. Points will be awarded for all events on the following basis: Under the rules, a contestant may enter only two events (one track and one field, or both In either track or field) and any number of relays. All events of the preliminary week are scheduled for 4:30 p. m. Competitors will meet In four events rd dash, Monday: run, shot put, and discus. rd Tuesday's card Includes dash, low hurdles, pole vault, and Jump, mile high Jump. The broad rd medley relay, and 220, 440. and dashes will be decided Wednesday. Final events of the preliminary week will be run Thursday: 440 and relays. Diamond Ball Competition Diamond ball competition commences April 13 at 4 p. m., with 6 p. m. Tuesday as the deadline for all entries. Independents will be limited to 15 men to a team. Other Events Students Interested In the golf, horseshoe, tennis singles and doubles tournaments must have their en- tries In by 6 p. m. Tuesday, as the first matches get under way April 5-- the Wildcat tennis team will travel great for the first time of the season Thursday, to take their initial drubbing from the elements. A fairly large squad presents a fairly good prospect for the season, although the loss of outstanding players of last year should bring a frown of disappointment to the pleasant face of Coach Downing. g places of Atlanta and Detroit Trips to the should prove pleasant to the 'Cat netters, and it is to be hoped that they will have the same success on these journeys that was enjoyed by the team of last year. Returning 1937 EDITION of THE the out-of-doo- rs far-flun- lettermen are led by Captain Dave Randall, who is without Ms brother, Chuck, one of last year's outstanding men. The star of the team, and probable No. 1 man, is Lexington's own Bobby Evans, winner of many titles for the past few years. These two will be supported by Francis Montgomery, a modest young en- Sport Shorts 100-ya- rd 883-ya- Frankie Parker succeeded Bitsy Grant as Bermuda men's tennis Two brilliant and colorful char- champion when he routed Robert 0, and acters will be among the missing Murray 1, when the roll of the 1837 Wildcat tennis team is called. Elvis Stahr Jimmy Barry is the only ring and Jim Al Moore, the man in history to retire without Downing losing a bout. From 1890-8- 7 of 1936, were lost to Coach he and his cohorts by the process of was the world's bantamweight graduation. champion. Stahr, a leading spirit of the campus during his senior year here, Three old heads are to decide is at present attending Oxford whether Rogers Hornsby, manager University in England as a winner of the St. Louis Browns, should be He was in their lineup this season. Since of a Rhodes Scholarship. not a drawback to the eligibility Hornsby Is getting old, as ball list of the net team, which was players go, he Is not sure as to ;i3. especially noted last year for the whether he is too slow for the big high scholastic standings of Its show and Coach Charles O'Leary, members. Scout Charles Stis and Jim Bottom-l- y Moore, the other half of the faare to determine whether he is team of still good enough. mous duet and doubles standing, was also a four years' campus leader and holder of a high The American Derby will be run scholastic standing. His presence June 19 at Washington Park and year to the stately halls will carry an added money value of Is lent this of Harvard University, where he Is $25,000. pursuing his study of law. He was Plans for the W. A. A. conference an outstanding singles player, as 10 are about comto be John A. Spinney, called the fath- plete. held April well as an able partner to Stahr er of baseball In Cincinnati, died delegates Five colleges are sending They In doubles matches. to this meeting. at the age of 83. For four years this extraordinary recently national pastime He worked are Georgetown, Centre, Transylfor many personal for the partnership and close vania, Morehead, and the Univerfriendship was a noted feature of years. sity of Louisville. team, and it is the Wildcat tennis The meeting will open with regliking for tennis istration at 12 noon in the Womand Stahr will King George's certain that Moore by this year's net- - will probably make the sport more an's building on the campus. Lunchbe sorely missed popular than ever in England this eon will be served at 12:30 p. m. in Stahr and Moore contributed year. the Commons. greatly to the average standing of After lunch the delegates will year's team, and It was largeIndiana-Kentuclast A. A. tT convene at the Woman's building. The ly because of this good scholastic boxing championship tournament standing that the erstwhile scan will be held April 6 and 7 In Oary, dalmonger, George Kerier. pinnea Ind., with the ne and upon the team the sobriquet, "KenGary High School as sponsors. THE tucky's Brain Trust." This name stuck to a team that surpassed its Helen Wills Moody Intends tc KENTUCKIAN coach's and supporters' expectamake a series of "tennis shorts" tions by such a large margin, and Jiis year. BEAUTY managed to maintain such yet This standing. scholastic high SHOP Ralph Flannagan clipped three year's team has some large shoe and one-fif-th seconds off Johnny fill, and a magnificent reputa- Weissmuller's 500 yards free style to announces tion to live up to. swimming record over a course. His time was 5:22 Members of the squad to be a? MISS ROQUEMORE yet reduced to a suitable number Fred Perry defeated Bill Tllden have good reputations themselves hair cutting and hair styling Oscar Wlsner. the fraternity cham- In singles for the first time on pion will be in there to give his all Madison Square Garden's green 1, 3, Ace canvas court 6 and 6--0 We specialize In end curls. for the glory of the team, and Miller, Phil Engelbardt. George before a crowd of 14,000. Botts. and Ed Shampoo, finger wave and Jackson, Walter quite Harry "Steamboat" Johnson, an rinse 50c Randall are known as game. profigrand old umpire In the Southern Associacient in the tion, has obtained an okeh on his On the Viaduct Phone 6085 One of the most feared tennis eyesight before the baseball seamen of aU Kentucky may report son opens. for the squad. Warfield Donohue, City veteran netman and Fallsknowlchampion, has not, to the edge of this columnist, reported for duty, but if he does so, Kentucky's Wimpy's foes had better watch out. Dono-Is basketballer, hue, an excellent one of the best tennis men In the entire state and his addition to the squad would strengthen the team gineer from Pinevllle. 6-- 6-- 6-- 2. 880-ya- rd W.A.A. News NEW SERIES NO. 46 2, 1037 The purpose of this convention Is With but two letter men, Captain to formulate a state W. A. A. slm-l- ls inaxion ana rvaman tnoi, mci r to the organizations In other from last year's team, the fight for states. the other positions on the squad will be a wide open affair. Jack After a discussion of the constitution, point system and various Mohney, one of Central Kentucky's activities carried on, the delegates leading golfers, and Bain 8mlth, will be guests st a tea given by thf Stearns mashle wlelder, are excouncil of the W. A. A. All W. A. A pected to be the leading contenders members are Invited to attend the for the remaining spots on the team. tea. The most attractive schedule that Despite all the work on the conference, various sports are still be- the golfers have had in several years ing carried on In the gym. The has been arranged by Coach Wynne. basketball team played a game Home and home games have been Tuesday and finished their season. scheduled with the University of Tumbllntr has marten and a num Tennessee, the University of Cinber of girls have reported for this cinnati, and Eastern State Teachers College, while Dayton Universport. Louis will be played The council will hold an lmpor sity and St. on their courses. A mppM tant meeting at 5 p. m. Monday. timrlo April 4. In Miss Avenll'i office. Al, meet with Miami has been tenta tively arranged for here. council members please be present. It Is not certain as yet whether to Louisville again Bill Tllden rates Helen Jacobs as the team will goKentucky Intercolthe No. 1 woman tennis player ol to defend the legiate tit! which they have held the world. nnst two vears. or not. If GOLFERS TO OPEN fr tha the state meet does not interfere with their present schedule this trip will probably be made. medal play Either a tournament, or a round robin tournament between the candidates, fe for the Spring Formal LA BROME FORMALS Exclusivcs at Baynham's only THE DIANE le AGAINST VOLS ON 880-ya- 220-ya- By LOUIS BAYNES SPORTS SECTION FRIDAY, APRIL 9 who will be the players to make up the squad. After the squad, which will conteam, with two sist of a four-malternates, has been selected, a round robin tournament will be held each week to determine the standing of the squad members. All matches and practice rounds will be played on the Plcadome golf course. The complete schedule is as follows: April 9 Tennessee at Knoxvllle. April 17 St. Louis at St. Louis. April 30 Cincinnati at Lexington. May 1 Dayton at Dayton May 5 Cincinnati at Cincinnati. May 8 Tennessee at Lexington. May 10 Eastern State Teachers at Lexington. May 14 Eastern State Teachers at Richmond. May 3 Miami at Lexington, will be held to determine an Aspirants for Team to Meet At P. M. Tomorrow in Room 111 McVey 1 With but one week left in which to prepare for the first dual meet of the season with the University of Tennessee divot diggers, which will be held In Knoxvllle next Friday, Coach Chet Wynne, athletic director, stated yesterday that a meeting for all candidates for the Wildcat golf team will be held In room 111 of McVey hall at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Every student wishing to try out for the team must be at the meeting, as it will be the only one which will be held before the squad Is se lected. Coach Wynne will preside at the meeting and will outline the method by which the team members will be selected. (tentative). White Satin Sandal, in high or low heeled versions, also In T-st- sliver, gold, black pin-l- ln or dyed. Any color you may choose without charge. 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