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4 > Page 4 of Blue-Tail Fly, October 15, 1969

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How ya fixed for blades? Biggest news item in Northern Kentucky schools this fall seems to be dress codes"and their strict limitation on facial hair. Erlanger Lloyd High first made the headlines in early September when the governing board of education refused to heed the advice of three irate parents and relax the restrictions. (Boys' hair must not be able to touch a regular shirt collar, hang in the eyes or hang past the ear lobes. Sideburns must not extend past the ear lobes.) Two boys were suspended because they didn't obey. Covington Holmes High is now trying to manage the same problem. As is the case at Lloyd, mustaches are not forbidden by the school code. Several black students don't want to shave and a suit seems likely. The anti-hair movement even extended into police ranks as Police Chief of Covington issued an order forbidding mustaches, beards, and sideburns extending past mid-ear on the men in the department. Clean faces are the enforced norm. ************ Cincinnati is hopping this fall. A U,ly Councilman called for investigation of SDS for passing out literature at local high schools, the motion picture "Vixen" was seized from Guild Theater as "obscene," and big drug busts are under way on Calhoun Street, next to University of Cincinnati. Computer judging? LOS ANGELES (LNS)"Big Brother is watching. And listening. And judging. Good 'ole Yankee ingenuity (University of Southern California style) has come up with a solution to the pesky problem of whether or not you should send a kid to jail. Ask a machine. USC researchers have designed a method for a computer to "tell at a glance" what the chances are for any juvenile who is arrested to turn into a "delinquent." They fed Computer Cop with the case histories of 2,290 "juvenile offenders." The histories include sex, age, family makeup, and ethnic, educational and residential background. Now when a 15-year-old black kid from Watts, no father, mother on welfare, gets busted for stealing, the judge can push a button to find out the probability of a repeat offense, and pronounce his sentence accordingly. Naturally the USC wizards protest modestly that their creation should not be used as a "substitute for the personal judgment of a probation officer or judge." But who's going to argue with a pig-programmed computer? Panther eradication by JIM HECK College Press Service LOS ANGELES"The black Panther Party is being slowly, carefully, but very assuredly eradicated. The highly-organized process that is eliminating all the top leaders is in full swing. Whether it is conscious or not, it is indicative that the status quo has the unnerving ability to stave off anything that threatens it. There are now, at least, 46 top party officials, including chairman Bobby Seale, under arrest from New Haven to Los Angeles. They are being held on bail that exceeds two million dollars. 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REGISTERED Keepsake8 DIAMOND RINGS 48 HOUR SERVICE ON MOST WATCHES 1 to iho drtail Tradr-Mwk Brg, Even if the charges on the Panthers are real (which is highly suspect)"even were the bail somehow justified, even if they are all truly guilty, wouldn't the number of arrests of prestigious officials alone draw the attention of the press? So it seems. But while Dave and Chet and Walter and Eric content themselves with discussions about other political groups such as the Mobe, the Presidio 27 or the Milwaukee 14, the press has refused to deal with the Panthers. Thus, the story of their very real oppression goes unknown" and the blatant attempts to annihilate them extra-legally flourish without criticism. The Black Panther Movement is apparently so threatening it must be fought with our greatest weapon: ignoring it. By totally ignoring this revolution we are pretending, if not promulgating, an en-viornment in which it just doesn't exist. And this makes a convenient time for government officials to dispense with the party all together. The primary indications of conspiracy against the Panthers is the way officials are rounding up the top leaders on charges of conspiring to murder (particularly the former Panther Alex Rackley in New Haven, Conn.). Panthers charge the police killed Rackley. In any case, before any guilt has been proved, police agencies are rounding up the Panthers in the most bizarre of ways imaginable. Chairman Bobby Seale was picked up most recently. Leaving a wedding in Oakland, police grabbed Seale and brought him to the San Francisco city jail. His charge was the same as the other 14 now arrested in the case: murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to kidnap. The FBI is hosting this treasure hunt. Others were arrested in New Haven, Denver, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. The testimony of an FBI "informer" black-man George Sams; is the thin strand of evidence used by the FBI for these mass arrests. Sams testified that it took the whole central committee of the Panthers to OK the alleged execution of Rackley. What makes the situation particularly suspect is the method in which FBI agents are rounding up the top officials; Seale's case is typical. Normally, extradition proceedings would ne necessary for transporting Seale to New Haven, where he would face trial. But several days after holding him in jail without bond* FBI men "swept" Seale away by car to Chicago, where, all of a sudden he was implicated with the other resisters now facing trial in Chicago-for inciting to riot. during the Chicago convention. This federal charge made it unnecessary for agents to file extradition papers. After the Chicago trials,- where Seale will undoubtedly be cleared, it will be no problem for the FBI to transport him east instead of west. And New Haven will no doubt be an appropriate motel stop for the weary drivers. There Seale will be apprehended by local police. The "national" plan is alleged to come from J. Edgar Hoover. The OK to transport Seale by car, as reported by CBS news, allegedly came from Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas. This is all compounded by Berkeley Police Chief Bruce Baker's fumbling of a plan he devised for "annihilating the party's national office," the news of which fell into hands of reporters. (By the way, the attention given Baker's plan was minimal, because reporters felt it was too clumsily conceived. It was.) Harrassment of top offices in Chicago and Los Angeles continues. The most frequent situation engages police in "shoot-outs" with Panthers inside offices where it is common knowledge Panthers store arms. In Chicago, police barged into Panther offices where the Breadfast for Children program was underway. The several dozen children were being fed when police, armed, ordered them to leave. Shooting began. Sixteen Panthers were arrested. Only CBS television would report: "Panthers said police shot first; police said Panthers shot first. Witnesses tend to agree with Panthers." A re-run of the Chicago incident of middle summer was held in Los Angeles on September 8. More than 3 5 children were eating breakfast when armed tactical squads arrived "looking for suspects of alleged killings." Fewer arrests were made, but like Chicago, the office was totally demolished and the food destroyed. One of the waning attributes of the press is the investigation of suspicious or dubious incidents. Certainly Panther charges need substantiation; but police charges certainly need investigation. Why the press has neglected this very newsworthy situation is beyond understanding. It is all reminiscent of dear old Nicolas the II who sat in his Czar's palace in 1916 smiling and giving luncheons while his empire was tumbling down. Like he once admitted to his dupe Rasputin, "Just don't think about it, and it doesn't exist." ^Jifiiiiiinnitf iiiiiifiitiiif mnif iniitHiiiiiiMuiifiiffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMitiiiiit......MiiittiiitiiiifHiiiHiii-rtiiiiiuiiHMtiiiiitiiuiiaiiitiiiiiiifUjmiirL-^ the store 157 south lime open 1-6 usually lexington's only down-home head shop s i ^iimiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiMHHiuiiiiiniiH blue-tail fly