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PREF ACE. THIS volume is offered as a miniature representation of Kentucky verse for the one hundred years that it has been a State. The whole field of poetry has been traversed from the pioneer days to the present time, and an effort made to have every known poet of merit represented. Besides selections made from published books, there are also many fugitive verses that never went beyond the " Poet's Corner " in a newspaper, while some are here in print for the first time. That such a book has been made is due to the courtesy and promptness with which the living writers have responded, and to the friends of literature throughout the State who have assisted and encouraged the work, and it is hoped that the collection mirrors a variety of sentiment that will touch a heart in every household and leave a pleasing influence. Thanks are due The Century Company, Belford's Maga- zine, The Round-Table, and Detroit Free Press for privilege of poems. F. P. D.