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3 > Page 3 of Will makes way : or, Autobiography of Rev. S. Noland.

PREPRgE. MANY persons have asked me to write my own history. For a long time I refused, but have at last consented to do so, hoping that its lessons will benefit the youth of our country. Some of the lessons are for imitation, some for avoidance, but each ingenuous youth can easily draw the proper distinctions. To them I dedicate this book. Some thirty-five years ago Judge Goodloe and myself were riding together on horseback from Richmond, Ky., to Nicholasville, Ky., to attend the Circuit Court of Jessa- mine county. He was the Judge of the court, and I was Commonwealth's Attorney. He was in a thoughtful mood, and after a prolonged silence he said: " Noland, when we die we will not be missed from the world more than a bub- ble breaking on the ocean." I answered: "Judge, that is true; but if we are ready, all will be well." He was a rigid Calvinist in theory, and had never joined any Chutrchl. My answer giving the subject a religious turn, he said: " I have been waiting a long time for the Lord to move me and show me that I was his child, but I have never felt any impression in that way." I replied: "Judge, if I had wait- ed as long as you have waited, with no better result, I would begin for myself and try to reach the Lord through repent- ance and faith, feeling sure that any thing I could do (3)