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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 26, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Kentucky Riflemen Defeat Michigan, Lose To Vols, Washington TENNESSEE WINS BY SMALL MARGIN with two positions, prone nnd stand- Substitutions: ing. Goodbye, Mr. Monkey! Despite her two losses, Kentucky has a good rifle team, and next week when she meets the University of Anti-EvolutiBill Met 25, On Dclnwnrc, Michignn Slate College Bested Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Northwestern University, So As 1926 Session By Score of 3638 to 3565; and Dcnison University, she will show Shoot Delaware, Three her worth which she proved sho had Concerned Others Next Week in the first matches. The men shooting on the team for Monkey business in Kentucky is Monkey Business had breathed his BULLOCK IS HIGH SCORER the week of the 20th nnd their scores dead so far as all legislative action j lst so far as the 1926 session of the arc: for the next two years is concerned, legislature was concerned. The University of Kentucky rifle E. T. Bullock 378 In the colleges and universities of It died peacefully last week and its tennv sponsored by the militnry deE. F. Crndy 378 funeral was unmarked by the bril-- 1 the stnte and elsewhere where some partment, engaged in three mntches E. C. May 374 linncc and ostcntntiousncss which semblance of knowledge claims exist- Inst week, Raining n total score of 373 0. B. Travis marked the passing of John Barley- ance may be heard today the paens of 5J,C38 points and defeating Michignn C. D. Fifi 371 corn nnd other such celebrities who joy over his death and the State College, who secured only 3,5GB 3G4 W. M. Anderson have passed into the realms of the ed cry "The King is dead long live points. 301 W. T. Pryse ethereal within the past few years. the King." The University of Tennessee de354 J. J. Richnrdson feated Kentucky by a slightly higher Like Julius Caesar and other famed 340 J. II. Griffith score of 3,830 points while Kentucky Shakespearian characters, Mr. Mon339 Proctor Virgil gained a score of 3,038 points. In key, nlias A. Anti Evolution Bill, met the match with the University of lii3 tragic fate in the legislative hall Ordinnry glass tubing, if allowed to stabbed by the bloody dagger of his Washington, Kentucky was forced to colors as she secured only stand diagonally against a wall, will enemies. lower her Like Caesar, Mr. Monkey 929 points to Washington's 94G. In bend of its own weight after a few Business was warned of his impend this match, however, five men fired weeks' time. ing fate by n soothsayer garbed in First Basketball Games in 1926 the personality of Clarence Darrow Race at University Gym at Dayton, Tennessee last summer Result in Victories for but like Caesar he disregarded his Companies B., E., F. danger and went boldly to his predes on Far Its Pate the Legislature Is January of the R.O.T.C. TEAMS START SEASON B. B. tined end. SMITH Correct Apparel for Women and Misaes Corner Short and Mill Streets LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY ' nmiHi Athletic Equipment for all College Sports Special prices to College Teams Hie Smith-Watk- Company ms (Incorporated) Next to Post Office on E. Main St. Offers Vote of Confidence Mr. Business The was not without his supporters. On January 18, Representative Johnson offered a vote of confidence to Mr. B. in the form of a resolution to adopt a measure similar to the Tennessee bill which figured so prominently in the Scopes case. Alas! the committe to which the bill was referred reported on January 18 that in their opinion, Mr. A. E. Bill was not entitled to such a vote of confidence. As Mr. Johnson did not ask that the bill be taken out of the committee's hand Mr. Monkey Busi ness was killed three days later. Fate Not Yet Decided But his fate was not yet decided. On January 25, an attempt was made to resurrect the martyred child of the Puritanic element. On that day Representative Patrick introduced a measure which would forbid teaching any evolutionary tncory unless such theory apeared in textbooks adopted by the state textbook com The final fate of Mr. Anti mission. Evolution Bill was decided only last week when Speaker Drujy of th'e house ruled that resurrection was a physical impossibility and ruled that legally as well as physically Mr. KENTUCKY TWO OF TILTS ARE CLOSE The first games in the University of Kentucky R. O. T. C. basketball race were decided at the university gymnasium Friday night and resulted in victories for Companies B, E and F. In the first game, Company B had little trouble in trimming the Ayes, 23 to 15, after getting a bad start. Darnaby was high point man with 11 points. Company E barely managed to emerge victorious, 16 to 14, over C. Company in the second encounter of the evening, Barnes and Sauer being the only members of the losers that could find the basket consistently. The game between Companies F and G was a nip and tuck affair from start to finish, with the former emerging victorious. Rentz was high point man for the winners with nine points, while Dunigan led his team with 10. The summaries: Company B (23) I'os. Company A (15) Poison (4) Cambs (3) f Dunigan Darnaby (11) f .c Reap (1) Daubert (2) Berry (8) Ackerman g g. , Upham Thomasson (5) (4). address before the on "The Teaching Load of the Critic Teacher in State Teachers Collogen" in which Company E (Id) I'os Company C (M) he will discuss the matter of supervisKrancowny (4) f Barnes (0) ion of student teachers which is o Morris (0) .. f Sauer (G) handled on n largo scnlo in the c Grannison (4) Wesley (2) of Education here at the univerg Derrick Stephens sity, since this year CO student teachWelch ...g.. . Spiller ers arc receiving practical experience Substitutions: E Linley (2), Rice, thru the practice teaching offered in Blnnton. the College of Education. Professor Ligon nnd Mrs. Crusty Company F (21) I'os Company G (19) are attending the meeting of the NaRentz (9) Dunignn (10) tional Association of Appointive Secf Hutchinson (2) .. .f Coc (4) retaries which is holding sessions ...c Ericson Kelly (6) during the N.E.A. convention and O'Neil (2) g Layman (1) Professor Ligon is also attending Gaskin (6) g Skinner meetings of the National society for Referee: Wilson (all games). the Study of Education. Mrs. Grnsty Also Goes Mrs. Grasty also went as the ofMembers Meet ficialofrepresentative of the local chapter Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary educational fraternity, which is Dean Taylor and Five Others holding a national meeting in WashProminent at National Meetington this week along with the N.E. ing i n Washington A. Dean Taylor, counselor of the local chapter of the fraternity, will Dean W. S. Taylor and five other give a report at the convention on a members of the faculty of the College proposed program of enlargement of of Education left last Friday to at- service for Kappa Delta Pi. tend the National Education Association and other educational gatherings Canal street, New Orleans derived in Washington, D. C, where they are representing the University of Ken- its name from the canal which formerly traversed it. The waterway was tucky this week . Prof. Lynn B. intended to unite the Mississippi with Prof. M. E. Ligon, Prof. e Lake Pontchartrain. The canal had E. Adams, Professor Reeves and been practically filled in by 1838 and Mrs. Margaret Grasty accompanied completely filled in by 1878. Dean Taylor and are taking an active Mrs. Margaret Grasty accompanied The University of Utafi has inaugpart in the conference. urated a brief course in skiing, for McMullen to Lecture wheh college credit is given. The Professor McMullen will deliver an American Campus. Hrndbury, A Thomas Hnrncd. Col-leg- of Faculty Attend Education Jes-se- Students Barber Shop We Give You The Kind of I & vice You Want DROP IN AND GIVE US A TRIAL Robinson and Lewis, Props. Maxwell and Lime Phone 9193 THEATER Will Receive Returns From the 9 Southern Basketball Tournament At Atlanta BY DIRECT WIRE PLAY BY PLAY FIRST GAME TODAY 2:30 KENTUCKY Vs. V. M. I. Returns Will Be Announced as Long as KENTUCKY Remains In the TOURNAMENT ii II