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30 > Image 30 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1991, no. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I Lynne G. Goodykoontz 75, '82 is 1 Mona Gordon Wyatt '76 has become Tom Williams '79 is now working for J. _,; -Q lHll of ill $Cll00l executive assistant to the president for Edmund L. Hafer Architect, in n i __ V I - Q of Nursing at the external affairs at Centre College after Henclerson.Prior to that he was cityengi B / i , ,; Ulll\fSlI} of North six years as director of alumni affairs. l neer in Evansville, Ind. He is married to I- V Carolina at Greens- She joined the Centre staff in 1979, l the former Marlene Puckett 82. L ,- I boro. Sllff 21lSO ll0lClS working in the communications office, Z j , - ` ~` A if lll l`Zllll< of fllll pl`0- as special assistant to the vice president Gail E. Cohee 79 is now an assistant . Ct fSSOF.G00lYl<00llll for external affairs, and with special professor of English at Emporia State - H - V if * C21lll I0 UNCC ill projects, before herl985 appointment University in Emporia, Kan. Prior to h 1989 from the College of Nursing of as alumni director. that she was an instructor and lecturer * cl SouthAlabama-Mobile,where sheseryed l for womens studies and independent S seven years as associate professor and Phillip D.Rogers '78 is assistant opera- study programs at Indiana University. tc chairperson of the Cornrnttnity-Mental tions manager for the Valvoline, Inc. j Health Department. blending and packaging plant in Cin- Jamie H. Vaught '79, 8`l , a vet- N A cirmati. He lives in Florence. , { ,,,. 4 , el-an Spot-ts Colum- ir William P. Cubine 75, pastor of the _ nist who has cov- Immanuel Baptist (Zhurch in Paducah, James M. Brown '78 has earned a as , cl-dUKm]d South- Fl has been named seminary pastor at Ph.D.in Religion and Societyfrom Ox- , _ ` s y ? eaStei~nConfei-ence a; Southern BaptistTheologicalSeminary ford Graduate School in Dayton,Tenn. l games for 16 years ill in Louisville. (Zubine, who has served He is a teacher and librarian at the 1 ( _ has written 3 book, ir the Paducah congregation since l978, Christian 8: Missionary Alliance Dalat { " f ' I Crazy About the Cats. V begins his duties at the seminary in School in Penang, Malaysia. `.`i A He is a full-time in- R December. He has been an adjttnct struetorat UKs Southeast Community N professorofsociology at Paducah Com- Keith R. Knapp '78 is president ofthe . College (the Mielrllesboro branch) af. 2 munity (Iollege and a field supervisor corporation of Life Span, Inc., a teach- j teriiveyezlrsOt`[aCl1il]g-atstlCa[ha1~i1l C. for Southern Seminary`s doctor ofmin- lllg gTOU[0lOglHlOUl1TlU1lll} H6 ll\S ` College and Sue Bennett College D jgtjy j)r()gj;u]j_ lll l.,OlllS\'lll. Cl r ~ ____hi _s L KentTrchte 75 is associate vice presi- l Rodney Carpenter 78, 82 is a sales I V dent of advisement and cottnseling/ engineer for Chore- to - _,., A dean of freshmen at Franklin Sc i f A Time/Brock Inter- Nlarshall (Iollege in Lancaster, Pa. He A { Z national. A regis- Gury W_ GI-uy Igo is the assistant mgm- P .i~*<<>fSSl<>l l Eiga Orramiiatetr Timbers ine in um- rl in A Cuglneel`- he has don, and is chairman of the technical ui Lori A. Eggers Suter 76 is a part-time l y been with the com- sdtqsmy Committee Of the American [H- R l`(`il(llllg lllSll4ll(`l()l` ill I,(lXll]gi()Il (l()l-I] Q ' i p2[]]y Si]]C Stitlltc Of`TilI1b[- COl]StrllCtiOn. P munity (Zollege. Q holding various po- i Sl sitions in the engineering and product Gregory K. Cinnamon '8`I has taken a ff Steven D. Kirby 76 is head of Eastern management areas. He and his wife, leave of absence from practicing law in ui Xlielrigan l'niversity`s Departmentof`For- Debbie, and their two children live in Atlanta and moved to_]apan where he is eign languages and Bilingual Studies. Goshen, Ind. a foreign lawyer with the Tokyo firm of K Mitsui Yasuda Wani 8.: Maeda. al GeorgeW. Martin III 76issalesmanager Richard E. Jones 79 is a principal 9 ` in The Prudentiafs engineer for ARINC Research Corp.in j Elizabeth Cole Abbott 8'I is the presi- h` Southeastem district Colorado Springs, Colo. dent and founder of The Professional ` C] _ oflieein New.-\lbany, Edge, a training and consttlting com- in Ind. Since joining Toney R. Dollins 79, aNayylieutenant pany specializing in professional eti- Q R ' `_;__ ` the company in commander, was protnoted to his quette and exectttive communications. { { 1990, he has re- present rank while serying with the Na- She lives in Evanston, Ill. U` ceived many honors val Special Warfare Group-Two, Naval O EK-if for sales and scryice Ampliibiotts Base Little Creek, Norfolk, Va. Anthony M. Richardson '8`I has re- leadership. He and his wife. Mary. have ceived a Ph.D in electrical engineering ui four children. They live in Dixon. lnd. Edwin C. Luttrell 79 is a design engi- l from Dttke University December 1990. Hi neer with Duke Power. dividing duties ` between Charlotte, NC. and Clemson, S.C. IIS lietutttkx .\Itttnnns \\'inter l99l M