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Image 35 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1991, no. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

FAXLINEFEEDBACK _ l get a real sense of accomplishment encouraging volunteerlefforts by its when volunteering for different groups l employees, but also providing time off 3 and it is one way to have an impact on l and other support. Ashland Oil Inc, lik"'. I liuke from my community for now and the future.” was also cited for encouragement and l Helen VVilson ‘43 of I·Iot Spring I other support. lihls world! I feel ¤ National Park, Ark., who is "barely 69” i States in addition to Kentucky, bene- _ I says, “I feel more alive when I am inter- fitting from the volunteer nature of Iirue need Iio 9'V° i related with others. I get satisfaction this small sample of respondents are l T” from sharing life and abilities with oth- l Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Newjersey, solnelihlng buck' I ers in need and I receive love and knowl- North Carolina, Arkansas, Florida and i edge from them." Washington. I I an ulunlnus Corbin says he volunteers, "to help repay some of the extensive kindness i LookforllzismonthitI·`axli11rI’0ru.s on iiiiiiig iiic iiiiiifiiili Seasiiiir iiic shown me when I was financially less i ]1r1gr#32. Br 0/igl1/r*_f0rl}1z¤[1rize drawing Spirit Oi giiiiiig iisiiziiili i€iiCii€S fortunate as a youngster.” , juslformz/ming; alumni wi!/A r0rrr·rl ii€“i ii€igiiiS· biii YOU Ciiii Ciiiiiii The volunteers come at all ages from Q rmszuwts {1l.s0 wlll receive 11 mnzpaign Oii UK fiiiiiiiiii iis r<>1¤¤¤¤·¤rS iiii Yfiiii all degree levels. Ofthe 25 respondents, lzookmmle. —LH ‘round. Respondents to the Faxline lell are lll llle gl_;l0 age grelllll sevell Focus about the volunteer spirit showed l are 61 verlrs Ofelge Ol. Oldele ·l·llree lll llle l an average commitment of 25 hours l Over 70 (eldesl) age ealegervlvere bell_ V each month. The champion volunteers alleed bv lllree lll llle 2l_g0 (vrlllllgesl) -45 ESZJJEJSE Q22I‘5iti§iI?;"iil?Z.i`§I$`il.l£Ii¥; ge We- i€S·?m%#€·¥s I t i · in c ‘ Q l » rom those ieaders 51-(JO years old. ,§___ per month, and Garnett E. Gayle ‘.48 of Alllellg degree levels, belellelel. _ Q l l Lexington with 50 hours per month. degree llelders led llle Wav as lvellld V ` ` its Wiieiii (iii Pciiliie Spciid iiieii time i be expeeteet knowing that UK has ·· _ ll - and talent? Charitable and civic causes I grelllled Over 1257000 Q) _ ·jf—e\ lead the way among our sample followed l ll;lellelOl~·s degrees lll les * \ by educational needs, then a tie between l26_vellr lllslerv Mels_ F l `— political and social organizations. ’ lelnsidegree llelders fa 1 e. ‘ `. An alumnus in Charlotte, N.C., has lvere seeelld lll ‘l u ‘ I chosen the Big Brother program. "I am lllllllllel- ellllellg llle ll `/ _l dj _e interested in doing what I can to set an respelldellls lvlllle \ J ‘’‘`‘ " N -Il l example for disadvantaged youths and llsseelrlle llreresslellell ‘ A `~ to help keep them in school," he says. lllld eleelerell degree _l.·"’ Randall Dixon `88 0f`M01‘l`iSl0Wl1. hglglgyg were equally isi - eg . ‘.»l · ,l l Nl]., says, "you can’t be a consumer all rel)resellled_ 5 - of your life. \bu’ve got to be a produc- Alllellg llle eelllljllllles - _,r_ `fl i er and a giver. Volunteering for medi- l elleellrrlglllg velllllleer e{{Orls_ ——»' Y 3 ll cal missions (I was in the Amazon River eleellrdlllg le lllelr elllljlevees L X l _ I V basin for two weeks in_]une) allows me lvllrl leslllelleled l0 lllls Slll,_ l ·* to give back some of the benefit I l vevl were Medlelll DldgllOs_ fl ‘ _;erl llllslv l l X f received from my physician assistant l lle Servlees lll MOl.rlslOll,ll‘ _ ·- ·“‘’· all ll aw- el iiiiiiiiiiig from UK? Nl].; NationBank in Char- _. Ii I fj! · Gayle says, "I firmly believe in the lOlle_ N_C_llll_B_ l.llllllll.d’ » llll ,, \ purpose of the Red Cross and as a vol- w_L_ Lvllllsv llle__ lllld . J`) v me . J) lllIl€€1` FOI` OVCF YCZIYS I IIOp€ that Intel- Count}, if i Y Kg ` il l l · I’ve made a contribution to support blllll 0{Dallvlllel MeBrllv_ l i ‘·l-—l_,`t; l l I l limi Piii`PO$€·” er, McGinnis, Leslie 8c Ti ,(_, · I \’Vl1€1] WC 2\Sl<€Cl why V()lllll[€€Y, OU€ Kil·k]kll](] Ofi l_Cxi]]g[O]], @·,;·‘“i , b°* VI ii \\ person simply said "good Clll€SIl()ll.” lllld Sevell Celllllles fb l,} l Jr, .I~- V l \ Other responses included enjoyment, Servlees llle_ Of lJOllls_ i J ; I \ Satisfaction, giving something back, mak- l vllle_ Tlle Gelllllell § ing a contribution, making a diff€1`€U€€· (]O_ ln; Oflndianapo- ‘i _; ir . Jimlacobs ‘78» ‘80 ¤fD¤¤vill¢ SMI "I its was eleetatea with set may I A