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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1991, no. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I natural resistance to change and fear of to assure yot1 that were absolutely com- i commitment. In addition to all the regu- the unknown, to ask to be a part. And, mitted to education reform. It is my pri- lar duties of teaching, research and ser- even if a person or a parent or grand- ority as well as the priority of others. vice, professors and staff are taking on parent doesnt want to get down in the Clearly, it is an exciting time to be additional assignments with one goal in trenches of reform, they can light a involved in education because of the mind to make KERA work. candle for reform in their own homes, enthusiasm, both inside and outside the A university-wide task force is in place among their own circle of friends, by Commonwealth for the important as a clearinghouse for KERA activity. In K supporting KERA. work under way in this state. the College of Education, an Institute J All of us who believe in KERA must Within the university, $500,000 has for KERA Research has been organized I share a vision that is only possible by been redirected in this biennium under the direction of Connie Bridge, 1 putting our hearts and souls on the toward KERA-inspired initiatives. Dr. associate dean for education reform 1 line. We must be willing to hope," says Merle Hackbart, a professor in the mas- and research. C Thomas Boysen, commissioner of edu- ter of public administration program One ofthe institutes major goals is to { cation and chief of change. and a former state budget director, was document and evaluate the implemen- The university," says President appointed a special assistant to Lexing- tation of the school reform initiatives. Charles Wethingtonjr., is giving school ton campus chancellor Robert Hemen- For example, Bridge said the institute 1 reform one of its highest priorities. It is way to stimulate and coordinate a uni- hopes to study the aspects of primary a moral commitment." versity-wide effort. At last count, nine school programs that are most effective Despite budget cuts, he told the UK colleges had active programs that in supporting student achievement. board of trustees in October, I am here reflected personal as well as professional Every school is designing a pro- 51*15 =' \"" "" ` I ' ' gram that fits the needs of their chil- 1 y . AZ I A 1 1 ' D] J J1 dren, Bridge said. "We want to see Vp a t w w _ y i I ] what types of programs appear to be j ;1]))1 Kenttxcky Alunmus 7