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5 > Image 5 of Guide to civilian organizations. Owen County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

J * e Q {Wh OW _/7. _ j yi l e en County Delense Council is affiliated g ' with the Kentucky Defense Council Q Frankfort, Kentucky w i Honorable Keen Johnson, Governor of Kentucky i Chairman John J. Greenleaf, State Director of Civilian Defense e $ OWEY COUNTY DEEEISE COUNCIL y Dr. wailace ,yrd, Chairman VQ French Smeot, ViceChairman Chester Roland, Coordinator .n QQ Harry Barge, Secretary Lillian Juett, Treasurer C MEMBERS . Howard Ellis H. C. Thomas R. G. Nixon if John G. Thomas T. A. Perry C. H. Bourne Xi Henry A. Adams Mrs. Jeff McPherron L. C. Lusby as J. O. Vbbster Miss Lucille Littrell Lewis Green ig Florian Gray Dr. J. H. Chrisman Chester Lusby fg R0ubon Proctor TL E. Fhlker Roy Dickerson { Mrs. K. S. McBeo C. L. Vallandingham 3 E This Guide is prepared for the official use _ of the Defense Council of Owen County and Y other agencies engaged in defense work. lt should not be made available forcommerioal. Q use. Additional copies can be obtained only y at the office of the Owen County Defense f Council. ; i`