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Athletics players files, circa 1940s-2009, 1940

Part of Athletics players files, circa 1940s-2009

2007ua023Guide to the Athletics players files, circa 1940s-2009Processed by Jonathan Meyers, Rachel Webb, Joey Lyon in 2008-2009 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.; machine-readable finding aid created by Janice ChildersSpecial Collections2005Special CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King BuildingLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from ${DERIVED}. Date of source: Janice Childers in February 2009 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.Description is in English.Guide to the Athletics players files, circa 1940s-2009Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King BuildingLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: by: Jonathan Meyers, Rachel Webb, Joey Lyon in 2008-2009 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.Finding aid completed by: Janice Childers in February 2009 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.Encoded by: Janice ChildersCopyright 2009 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.Athletics players files, circa 1940s-20092007ua023University of Kentucky. Dept. of AthleticsThe materials are in English.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special CollectionsCollection is open, with some limitations, to researchers by appointment.The intellectual rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections.2007ua023: [identification of item], Athletics players files, University of Kentucky Archives.University of Kentucky - Sports.College athletes - Kentucky.The Athletics players files contain photographs, applications, and biographical information about members of athletics teams at the University of Kentucky.This collection is arranged by size, and alphabetically therein.Container List010-005-01Dicky Beal, circa 1980-1984010-005-02Dicky Beal takes a contested shot, UK vs. Indiana, circa 1980-1984010-005-03Dicky Beal, circa 1980-1984010-005-04Dicky Beal, circa 1982-1984010-005-05Dicky Beal dribbles up the court, UK vs. Tennessee, circa 1980-1984010-006-01Dicky Beal lunges toward the basket, UK vs. Tennessee, circa 1980-1984010-006-02Dicky Beal with the shot, circa 1980-1984010-006-03Dicky Beal, circa 1980-1984010-006-04Dicky Beal celebrates his dunk, circa 1980-1984010-006-05Dicky Beal, circa 1980-1984010-006-06Dicky Beal skies up with the ball, UK vs. Tennessee, circa 1980-1984010-006-07Dicky Beal, 1981-1982010-006-08Dicky Beal, circa 1980-1984010-006-09Dicky Beal, 1980-1981010-006-10Dicky Beal, circa 1980-1984010-006-11Dicky Beal with the dunk, UK vs. Duquesne, 1982-1983010-006-12Dicky Beal applies tight defense, UK vs. Louisville, 1983-1984010-006-13Dicky Beal slams it home, UK vs. LSU, circa 1980-1984010-006-14Dicky Beal dribbles into the lane, circa 1980-1984010-012-01Bret Bearup, circa 1980-1985010-012-02Bret Bearup goes up for a shot while getting hit, UK vs. Indiana, circa 1980-1985010-012-03Bret Bearup takes a shot, circa 1980-1985010-012-04Bret Bearup, 1980-1981010-012-05Bret Bearup takes a shot, UK vs. Illinois, circa 1982-1984010-012-06Bret Bearup takes a shot, UK vs. Illinois, circa 1982-1984010-013-01Bret Bearup with the dunk, UK vs. Tulane, 1982-1983010-013-02Bret Bearup, circa 1980-1985010-013-03Bret Bearup, circa 1980-1985010-013-04Bret Bearup, circa 1980-1985010-013-05Bret Bearup, circa 1980-1985010-013-06Bret Bearup goes up for a shot, UK vs. Detroit, 1982-1983010-013-07Bret Bearup, circa 1980-1985010-013-08Bret Bearup, circa 1980-1985010-013-09Bret Bearup with the dunk, UK vs. BYU, 1983-1984010-013-10Bret Bearup slams it home, circa 1980-1985010-013-11Bret Bearup, 1980-1981011-042-01Winston Bennett dunks on Maryland, UK vs. Maryland, NCAA Tournament Second Round, 1987-1988011-042-02Winston Bennett, circa 1983-1988011-042-03Winston Bennett, circa 1983-1988011-042-04Winston Bennett, circa 1983-1988011-042-05Winston Bennett, circa 1994-1997011-042-06Winston Bennett, 1995-1996011-042-07Winston Bennett, 1996-1997012-002-01Cliff Berger, circa 1965-1968012-002-02Cliff Berger, right, and Greg Starrick, circa 1965-1968012-002-03Cliff Berger, circa 1965-1968012-038-01Bill Bibb, circa 1953-1955013-003-01Head Basketball Manager Doug Billips, center, with Rick McAdam, left, and Glenn Sims, 1969-1970013-011-01Jerry Bird, circa 1953-1956013-011-02Jerry Bird, circa 1953-1956050-001-01James Blackmon, circa 1983-1987050-001-02James Blackmon, circa 1983-1987050-001-03James Blackmon, circa 1983-1987050-001-04James Blackmon, circa 1983-1987050-001-05James Blackmon, circa 1983-1987050-001-06James Blackmon, circa 1983-1987050-001-07James Blackmon, circa 1983-1987050-001-08James Blackmon watches the ball on defense, circa 1983-1987050-001-09James Blackmon goes up high for the ball, UK vs. Georgia, circa 1983-1987050-001-10James Blackmon dunks over everyone, UK vs. Georgia, circa 1983-1987050-001-11James Blackmon with the shot, UK vs. Vanderbilt, circa 1983-1987050-001-12James Blackmon, circa 1983-1987050-001-13James Blackmon drives inside, UK vs. Alabama, circa 1983-1987050-022-01J.P. Blevins, 1999-2000050-022-02J.P. Blevins, circa 1998-2002050-022-03J.P. Blevins, circa 1998-2002050-022-04J.P. Blevins, circa 1998-2002050-022-05J.P. Blevins goes up for the layup, circa 1998-2002050-022-06J.P. Blevins, 2001-2002052-024-01Brad Bounds, circa 1964-1967052-024-02Brad Bounds, circa 1964-1967052-024-03Brad Bounds, circa 1964-1967053-018-01Nehemiah Braddy, circa 1989-1993053-018-02Nehemiah Braddy, circa 1989-1993053-018-03Nehemiah Braddy takes a shot, circa 1989-1993053-026-01Michael Bradley goes after the ball, UK vs. Tulsa, 1997-1998053-026-02Michael Bradley, 1998-1999053-026-03Michael Bradley, 1997-1998053-026-04Michael Bradley posts up, UK vs. Georgia, circa 1997-1998053-026-05Michael Bradley with the dunk; UK vs. American, 1997-1998054-009-01Bob Brannum, circa 1943-1947054-015-01Jeff Brassow puts up a shot, UK vs. Florida, 1990-1991054-015-02Jeff Brassow, circa 1989-1994054-015-03Jeff Brassow, circa 1989-1994054-015-04Jeff Brassow forms the "Y" during the 1991-1992 season which he missed due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament, 1991-1992054-015-05Jeff Brassow and John Pelphrey apply tight defense, UK vs. Vanderbilt, 1990-1991054-027-01John Brewer, circa 1954-1957054-027-02John Brewer, circa 1954-1957054-027-03John Brewer, circa 1954-1957054-028-01Mel Brewer, circa 1940-1943055-003-01Richard Broderson, undated055-009-01Delray Brooks, circa 1992-1997055-009-02Delray Brooks, circa 1992-1997055-009-03Delray Brooks, circa 1992-1997055-009-04Delray Brooks, 1996-1997055-014-01Jerry Brooks, undated055-014-02Jerry Brooks, undated055-047-01Shaun Brown, circa 1992-1997056-009-01Steve Bruce, 1986-1987057-017-01Carroll Burchett, circa 1959-1962057-017-02Carroll Burchett, circa 1959-1962057-019-01Bud Burger, undated058-001-01Bob Burrow, circa 1954-1956058-001-02Bob Burrow, circa 1954-1956058-006-01Bill Busey, circa 1967-1970058-026-01Travis Butler, undated058-033-01Leroy Byrd, circa 1983-1986058-033-02Leroy Byrd directs traffic in the game, circa 1983-1986058-033-03Leroy Byrd with the ball, UK vs. Ole Miss, circa 1983-1986058-033-04Leroy Byrd calling out a play, circa 1983-1986058-033-05Leroy Byrd goes up for a layup, UK vs. Ole Miss, circa 1983-1986058-033-06Leroy Byrd gets instructions from head coach Eddie Sutton, 1985-1986058-033-07Leroy Byrd cuts down the nets, circa 1983-1986058-033-08Leroy Byrd dribbles at mid court, circa 1983-1986059-016-01Souleymane (Jules) Camara, circa 1998-2003059-016-02Souleymane (Jules) Camara, circa 1998-2003059-016-03Souleymane (Jules) Camara, 2001-2002059-016-04Souleymane (Jules) Camara, circa 1998-2003059-016-05Souleymane (Jules) Camara grabs a rebound against Alabama, UK vs. Alabama, circa 1998-2003059-016-06Souleymane (Jules) Camara, 2002-2003059-016-07Souleymane (Jules) Camara, 1998-1999059-016-08Souleymane (Jules) Camara, 1999-2000060-006-01Burgess Carey, circa 1924-1926060-026-01Rashaad Carruth, 2001-2002060-026-02Rashaad Carruth, 2001-2002060-026-03Rashaad Carruth, 2001-2002061-016-01Dwane Casey, circa 1985-1990061-016-02Dwane Casey, circa 1985-1990061-016-03Dwane Casey, circa 1975-1979061-016-04Dwane Casey, circa 1975-1979061-016-05Dwane Casey, circa 1975-1979061-016-06Dwane Casey gets ready in the locker room tunnel, circa 1975-1979061-016-07Dwane Casey, circa 1985-1990061-016-08Dwane Casey right, and Truman Claytor pose at midcourt for a picture, circa 1975-1979061-016-09Dwane Casey, circa 1975-1979061-016-10Dwane Casey, circa 1985-1990061-016-11Dwane Casey, circa 1975-1979061-016-12Dwane Casey, circa 1975-1979061-016-13Dwane Casey, circa 1975-1979061-016-14Dwane Casey, circa 1975-1979061-022-01Billy Ray Cassady, 1956-1957061-022-02Billy Ray Cassady, circa 1955-1958061-022-03Billy Ray Cassady, circa 1955-1958061-033-01Gale Catlett, undated061-033-02Gale Catlett, undated062-010-01Bob Chambers, undated062-010-02Bob Chambers draws up a play, undated062-010-03Bob Chambers, undated062-010-04Assistant coach Bob Chambers gives out directions as head coach Joe B. Hall, left, and assistant coaches Leonard Hamilton and Joe Dean look on from the bench, undated062-024-01Wayne Chapman, undated062-024-02Wayne Chapman, undated062-024-03Wayne Chapman, undated063-035-01Charles Claypool, undated063-036-01Truman Claytor races down court, UK vs. Southern Methodist, 1977-1978063-036-02Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-036-03Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-036-04Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-036-05Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-036-06Truman Claytor dribbles down court, UK vs. Indiana, 1977-1978063-037-01Truman Claytor talks with coach Joe B. Hall, circa 1975-1979063-037-02Truman Claytor sits in the training room, circa 1975-1979063-037-03Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-037-04Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-037-05Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-037-06Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-037-07Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979063-037-08Truman Claytor, circa 1975-1979064-001-01Steve Clevenger is swarmed by Vanderbilt defenders, UK vs. Vanderbilt, circa 1965-1968064-001-02Steve Clevenger, circa 1965-1968064-001-03Steve Clevenger, circa 1965-1968064-001-04Steve Clevenger, circa 1965-1968064-025-01Benjamin Coffman, circa 1958-1960064-025-02Benjamin Coffman, circa 1958-1960064-025-03Benjamin Coffman, circa 1958-1960064-025-04Benjamin Coffman, circa 1958-1960064-028-01Sidney Cohen, circa 1958-1960064-028-02Sidney Cohen, circa 1958-1960064-028-03Sidney Cohen, circa 1958-1960065-022-01Lincoln Collinsworth, circa 1955-1958065-022-02Lincoln Collinsworth, circa 1955-1958065-022-03Lincoln Collinsworth, circa 1955-1958066-004-01Bill "Curtin" Congleton, 1930-1931066-009-01Larry Conley, circa 1963-1966066-009-02Larry Conley, circa 1963-1966066-009-03Larry Conley, circa 1963-1966066-014-01Jimmy Dan Conner, circa 1972-1975066-014-02Jimmy Dan Conner, circa 1972-1975066-026-01George Cook, 1951-1952066-026-02George Cook, 1951-1952066-030-01Leo Cooper, undated066-030-02Leo Cooper, undated066-031-01Tony Cooper, 1989-1990066-031-02Tony Cooper, 1989-1990066-031-03Tony Cooper dribbles past a defender, UK vs. Tennessee Tech, 1989-1990066-031-04Tony Cooper at practice, 1989-1990066-031-05Tony Cooper, 1989-1990066-031-06Tony Cooper takes a shot, 1989-1990067-014-01Paul "Sonny" Corum, 1954-1955067-014-02Paul "Sonny" Corum, 1954-1955067-015-01Lloyd Cosby, undated067-015-02Lloyd Cosby, undated067-017-01Bernard Cote, 2002-2003067-017-02Bernard Cote, 2003-2004067-022-01E.A. Couch, undated067-022-02E.A. Couch, undated067-030-01Scott Courts, 1977-1978067-030-02Scott Courts, UK vs. Portland State, 1977-1978067-030-03Scott Courts, 1977-1978067-030-04Scott Courts, 1977-1978067-030-05Scott Courts, 1977-1978067-032-01Fred Cowan dunks on Florida, UK vs. Florida, circa 1977-1981067-032-02Fred Cowan dunk on Alabama, UK vs. Alabama, circa 1977-1981067-032-03Fred Cowan takes time to sign some autographs, circa 1977-1981067-033-01Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-033-02Fred Cowan takes a shot, 1979-1980067-033-03Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-033-04Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-033-05Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-033-06Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-033-07Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-033-08Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-033-09Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-033-10Fred Cowan, circa 1977-1981067-036-01Bert Cox, undated080-007-01Assistant coach Shawn Finney, undated080-007-02Assistant coach Shawn Finney, undated080-007-03Assistant coach Shawn Finney gives instructions, 1997-1998080-007-04Assistant coach Shawn Finney gives instructions, undated068-032-01John Crigler, undated068-033-01Louis Crigler, undated068-035-01George Critz, circa 1961-1964071-006-01Charles (Howard) Dardeen, 1958-1959071-015-01Rudy Davalos, undated071-016-01Ed Davender takes a shot, UK vs. Kansas, circa 1984-1988071-016-02Ed Davender, circa 1984-1988071-016-03Ed Davender, circa 1984-1988071-016-04Ed Davender goes up for a shot, circa 1984-1988071-016-05Ed Davender, circa 1984-1988071-016-06Ed Davender, circa 1984-1988071-016-07Ed Davender applies tight defense, 1987-1988071-031-01Johnathon Davis, circa 1987-1991071-031-02Johnathon Davis, circa 1987-1991071-031-03Johnathon Davis, circa 1987-1991071-031-04Johnathon Davis, circa 1987-1991071-031-05Johnathon Davis, circa 1987-1991071-031-06Johnathon Davis, circa 1987-1991072-011-01Roger Day, circa 1947-1950072-011-02Roger Day, circa 1947-1950072-017-01Joe Dean, undated072-017-02Joe Dean, undated072-017-03Joe Dean studying film, undated072-017-04Joe Dean, undated072-017-05Joe Dean, undated073-023-01Rodney Dent, circa 1992-1994073-023-02Rodney Dent with the block, UK vs. LSU, 1992-1993074-003-01James Dickey, circa 1985-1989074-003-02James Dickey, circa 1985-1989074-015-01Jim Dinwiddie, circa 1968-1971074-015-02Jim Dinwiddie goes up for a layup, UK vs. Tennessee, circa 1968-1971074-015-03Jim Dinwiddie takes a contested shot, circa 1968-1971074-015-04Jim Dinwiddie, UK vs. Auburn, circa 1968-1971074-015-05Jim Dinwiddie, circa 1968-1971074-015-06Jim Dinwiddie, circa 1968-1971074-015-07Jim Dinwiddie, circa 1968-1971074-040-01Warfield Donahue, circa 1934-1937075-005-01Billy Donovan, circa 1989-1994075-005-02Billy Donovan, circa 1989-1994075-005-03Billy Donovan, circa 1989-1994075-005-04Billy Donovan, circa 1989-1994075-026-01Pat Doyle, circa 1961-1963075-028-01Rick Drewitz, circa 1971-1974075-028-02Rick Drewitz, circa 1971-1974075-028-03Rick Drewitz, circa 1971-1974075-028-04Rick Drewitz, circa 1971-1974075-028-05Rick Drewitz goes up for a shot, circa 1971-1974075-028-06Rick Drewitz takes a jump shot, UK vs. Vanderbilt, circa 1971-1974075-042-01James O. Duff, undated075-042-02James O. Duff, undated076-036-01Jimmy Dykes, undated076-036-02Jimmy Dykes, undated076-039-01David Eakins, undated077-008-01Ray Edelman moves around a screen, circa 1971-1974077-008-02Ray Edelman, circa 1971-1974077-008-03Ray Edelman takes a shot, circa 1971-1974077-008-04Ray Edelman, circa 1971-1974077-008-05Ray Edelman, circa 1971-1974077-008-06Ray Edelman, circa 1971-1974077-014-01Allen Edwards, 1997-1998077-014-02Allen Edwards, 1996-1997077-014-03Allen Edwards, 1995-1996077-014-04Allen Edwards, circa 1994-1998077-014-05Allen Edwards with the dunk, circa 1994-1998077-014-06Allen Edwards celebrates after beating Duke in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament in 1998, UK vs. Duke, 1997-1998077-014-07Allen Edwards, 1997-1998077-014-08Allen Edwards with the dunk, circa 1994-1998078-024-01Richie Farmer dribbles down court, 1988-1992078-024-02Richie Farmer dribbles down court, 1988-1992079-006-01Deron Feldhaus receives high-fives from teammates before the game, 1989-1990079-006-02Deron Feldhaus plays defense against Allan Houston, UK vs. Tennessee, 1989-1990079-006-03Deron Feldhaus attempts a shot against Alabama, UK vs. Alabama, 1989-1990079-006-04Deron Feldhaus, circa 1988-1992079-006-05Deron Feldhaus, circa 1988-1992079-006-06Deron Feldhaus, circa 1988-1992079-006-07Deron Feldhaus, circa 1988-1992079-006-08Deron Feldhaus lays it in against Ole Miss, circa 1988-1992079-006-09Deron Feldhaus with the layup against Arizona State, 1991-1992079-009-01Assistant coach George Felton, 1998-1999081-004-01Mike Flynn, circa 1972-1975081-004-02Mike Flynn cuts down the net, circa 1972-1975081-004-03Mike Flynn dribbling the basketball, circa 1972-1975081-004-04Mike Flynn in action, circa 1972-1975081-004-05Mike Flynn grabbing a rebound, circa 1972-1975081-004-06Mike Flynn goes up for a shot against Indiana, UK vs. Indiana, circa 1972-1975321-015-01Tim Stephens chewing gum at warmups, circa 1976-1979321-015-02Tim Stephens, circa 1976-1979321-015-03Tim Stephens, circa 1976-1979321-015-04Tim Stephens, circa 1976-1979321-015-05Tim Stephens, circa 1976-1979321-015-06Tim Stephens, circa 1976-1979321-015-07Tim Stephens, circa 1976-1979321-015-08Tim Stephens, circa 1976-1979321-015-09Tim Stephens with coach Joe B. Hall, circa 1976-1979321-018-01Gus Stergeos, undated321-018-02Gus Stergeos dribbles up the court, undated321-025-01Gene Stewart, circa 1964-1967321-025-02Gene Stewart, circa 1964-1967321-025-03Gene Stewart, circa 1964-1967321-025-04Gene Stewart, circa 1964-1967321-025-05Gene Stewart, circa 1964-1967323-007-01Brandon Stockton, circa 2002-2006323-007-02Brandon Stockton, circa 2002-2006323-007-03Brandon Stockton, 2003-2004323-007-04Brandon Stockton, 2002-2003323-007-05Brandon Stockton grabs a rebound, circa 2002-2006323-016-01Marvin Stone, circa 1999-2002323-016-02Marvin Stone shooting the ball, circa 1999-2002323-016-03Marvin Stone, 1999-2000323-016-04Marvin Stone, 2000-2001323-016-05Marvin Stone, 2001-2002323-016-06Marvin Stone with the dunk, circa 1999-2002323-016-07Marvin Stone with the dunk, UK vs. South Carolina, 2000-2001323-016-08Marvin Stone goes up for the shot, UK vs. Arkansas, 2000-2001323-016-09Marvin Stone, UK vs. Indiana, 2000-2001323-039-01Guy Strong, circa 1949-1951323-039-02Guy Strong, circa 1949-1951323-039-03Guy Strong, circa 1949-1951323-039-04Guy Strong, circa 1949-1951323-039-05Guy Strong, circa 1949-1951325-006-01Sean Sutton, circa 1987-1989325-006-02Sean Sutton, 1988-1989325-006-03Sean Sutton races up court with the ball, 1987325-006-04Sean Sutton goes up for a shot, 1989325-006-05Sean Sutton shooting the ball, 1987325-006-06Sean Sutton, circa 1987-1989325-008-01Todd Svoboda, 1992-1993326-003-01Todd Tackett, undated326-003-02Todd Tackett dribbles upcourt, 1999-2000326-003-03Todd Tackett, undated326-003-04Todd Tackett looks to make a pass, circa 1998-2000326-006-01Bob Tallent, circa 1965-1967326-006-02Bob Tallent, circa 1965-1967326-006-03Bob Tallent, circa 1965-1967327-025-01Henry Thomas, undated327-025-02Henry Thomas, undated327-025-03Henry Thomas, undated327-026-01Irving Thomas, circa 1985-1987327-026-02Irving Thomas with the dunk, circa 1985-1987327-026-03Irving Thomas, circa 1985-1987327-026-04Irving Thomas grabs the rebound, circa 1985-1987327-026-05Irving Thomas, UK vs. Texas Tech, circa 1985-1987327-026-06Irving Thomas looks to make a pass, circa 1985-1987327-026-07Irving Thomas dunking on a Lamar player, UK vs. Lamar, circa 1985-1987327-026-08Irving Thomas grabs a rebound against Lamar, UK vs. Lamar, circa 1985-1987327-026-09Irving Thomas being interviewed by TBS Sports, circa 1985-1987328-001-01Sheray Thomas, 2003-2004328-001-02Sheray Thomas, undated328-001-03Sheray Thomas, undated328-014-01Jody Thompson signs some autographs, 1990-1991328-014-02Jody Thompson, 1990-1991329-001-01Clarence Tillman grabs a rebound, UK vs. Ole Miss, 1978-1979329-001-02Clarence Tillman, 1978-1979329-001-03Clarence Tillman taking a shot, 1978-1979329-001-04Clarence Tillman taking a shot, 1978-1979329-001-05Clarence Tillman, 1978-1979329-001-06Clarence Tillman, 1978-1979329-001-07Clarence Tillman, 1978-1979329-003-01Aminu Timberlake, circa 1991-1993329-003-02Aminu Timberlake going up for a laup, UK vs. UMass, circa 1991-1993329-003-03Aminu Timberlake, circa 1991-1993329-003-04Aminu Timberlake goes up for the dunk, UK vs. Arkansas, circa 1991-1993329-003-05Aminu Timberlake, circa 1991-1993329-028-05Carlos Toomer passing the ball, circa 1990-1992329-028-01Carlos Toomer shooting, 1991329-028-02Carlos Toomer and Gimel Martinez signing autographs, circa 1990-1992329-028-03Carlos Toomer, circa 1990-1992329-028-04Carlos Toomer, circa 1990-1992330-001-01Garland Townes, undated330-033-01Frank Tully, undated330-033-02Frank Tully, undated330-033-03Frank Tully, undated331-003-01Wayne Turner, circa 1995-1999331-003-02Wayne Turner, circa 1995-1999331-003-03Wayne Turner, circa 1995-1999331-003-04Wayne Turner, circa 1995-1999331-003-05Wayne Turner goes up for a dunk in the 1998 National Championship game as Utah's Andre Miller looks on, 1998331-003-06Wayne Turner, circa 1995-1999331-003-07Wayne Turner, circa 1995-1999331-003-08Wayne Turner goes up for a layup in the 1998 National Championship game vs. Utah, 1998331-003-09Wayne Turner shooting, UK vs. South Carolina, 1998331-003-10Wayne Turner goes up for a layup against South Carolina in the 1998 SEC Men's Basketball Championship, 1998331-003-11Wayne Turner, 1996-1997331-003-12Wayne Turner, 1998-1999331-003-13Wayne Turner, 1995-1996331-003-14Wayne Turner, 1997-1998331-003-15Wayne Turner plays tight defense on Duke guard Steve Wojciechowski in the 1998 NCAA Men's Basketball Quarterfinals, 1998331-004-01Wayne Turner goes up for a layup in the 1997 National Championship game against Arizona, 1997331-004-02Wayne Turner and Bill Keightley hug after a game, 1995-1996331-004-03Wayne Turner, circa 1995-1999331-004-04Wayne Turner, UK vs. Florida, circa 1995-1999331-004-05Wayne Turner, UK vs. Tennessee, 1998331-004-06Wayne Turner beats Steve Wojciechowski in the 1998 NCAA Men's Basketball Quarterfinals, 1998331-004-07Wayne Turner gives high fives to the fans, 1997-1998331-023-01Gary Utz, undated331-023-02Gary Utz, undated331-023-03Gary Utz, undated333-03-01Chuck Verderber, circa 1978-1982333-03-02Chuck Verderber, circa 1978-1982333-03-03Chuck Verderber, circa 1978-1982333-03-04Chuck Verderber, circa 1978-1982333-03-05Chuck Verderber, circa 1978-1982333-03-06Chuck Verderber, circa 1978-1982333-03-07Chuck Verderber, circa 1978-1982335-029-01Reggie Warford, circa 1972-1976335-029-02Reggie Warford, circa 1972-1976335-029-03Reggie Warford, circa 1972-1976335-029-04Reggie Warford, circa 1972-1976335-029-05Reggie Warford, circa 1972-1976336-013Bobby Watson, undated336-032-01Charles Webb, undated336-032-02Charles Webb, undated337-018Jimmy Weiland, undated338-014Randy Whaley, undated338-019-01Clint Wheeler, circa 1968-1971338-019-02Clint Wheeler, circa 1968-1971338-032-01Lucian Whitaker, circa 1949-1952338-032-02Lucian Whitaker, circa 1949-1952338-032-03Lucian Whitaker, circa 1949-1952338-032-04Lucian Whitaker, circa 1949-1952339-025Walter Whittaker, undated339-027-01Ernie Whitus, undated339-027-02Ernie Whitus, undated339-027-03Ernie Whitus, undated339-027-04Ernie Whitus, undated340-022Adam Williams, 2005-2006