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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1913-05-jun4.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MD=TES OF =E BOARD OF ThUSE31=S The Board of Trustees met pursuant to adjournment in the Trustee's Room at 10 o'clock Wednesday Jne 4, 1913. Those present were - Messrs. Cassius M. Clay, T. L. Edelen, R. C. Stoll, President H. S. Barker, Tibbis Carpenter, C. B. Nichols, Louis L. Walker, Claude B. Terrell, James K. Patterson and Eywel Davies. Those absent were - Governor James B. lie Creary, Messrs Berksdale Hamlett, Richard N. Wathen, James Breathitt, Tames W. Turner, Robert W. Brovn, William H. Cox, and Denny P. Smith. Motion was made by Mr. Stoll, and seconded by Mr. Clay, that a box be gotten to keep insurance and other important business papers in and that the key be given to the Business Agent, and he and he alone should hold such key. This morion (motion) was carried unanimously. The Minutes of the previous meeting was read by Secretary W. T. Lafferty, and approved. Motion was made by Mr. Stoll that the chairmen of the Board of Trustees of the University be authorized on behalf of the University and under the seal of the Univer- sity to execute obligation of the University to the Trustees of the Peabody fund and the obligation be in form satisfactory ro (to) the Peabody fund committee. Motion carried unanimously. JUne 4, 1913