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[13] > Image [13] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1913-05-jun4.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF UtE BOARD OF USTES4 1 The motion was made by Dr. Jas. K. Patterson that the Minutes of the Experiment Station be mailed to all members of the Board of Trustees in a reasonable length of time after they have been approved by the Board of Control. This Motion was carried unanimously. The Minutes of the Board of Control were then read by Mr. Stoll and upon motion of Mr. Clay the minutes were approved unanimously. The recommendations of the Director of the Experiment Station were read and upon motion was referred to the Board of Control with power to act. The Report on Budget was then read by M1r. Davies, recommended by the Executive Committee, Report on Budget. The Executive Committee sitting as the Committee on the Budget beg leave herewith to submit to the Board of Trustees the proposed budget for the ensuing year, and the Committee on the Budget recommends to the Board that the resolution heretofore adopted in regard to Miss Kinkeadts services as a lecturer of English be repealed and set aside. Your Committee in recommending this budget has carefully considered the rec- ommendations and requests made by the different Departments of the University, but after a consultation with President Barker and Mr. Hywel Davies, Auditor of the university, the Committee hereby recommends that the budget herewith submitted be adopted, provided, however, that the Executive Committee may upon representation of the President of the University in writing giving his reasons therefor make such changes in the said budget as may seem wise to the Committee. - une A4, 1913