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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1963-06-apr26.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Minutes of the Recessed and Adjourned Session of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky. April 26, 1963. The Board of Trustees of the University met in the President's Office on the campus of the University of Kentucky at 11:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, on Friday, April 26, 1963, pursuant to recess and adjournment from the statutory meeting held pursuant to KRS 164. 170 on April 2, 1963. The following members of the Board were present: Governor Bert T. Combs, Chairman, Dr. Ralph J. Angelucci, Vice Chbarman, Dr. R. W. Bushart, Dr. Harry Denham, Mr. Sam Ezelle, Mr. Robert Hillenmeyer, Mr. Gilbert Kingsbury, Dr. H. B. Murray, Mr. Clifford Smith, Judge J. A. Sutherland, Mr. Floyd Wright, Dr. Aubrey Brown, and Dr. Lewis Cochran. The following representatives of the University administration were also present: President Frank G. Dickey, Mr. George Kavanaugh, and Mr. Clay Maupin. Guests included Dr. H. L. Donovan, Dr. Frank D. Petersan, Mr. Charles Landrum, Mr. C. W. Grafton, and Mr. Spencer Harper, Jr. A. Meeting Opene4 It having been determined that a quorum was present, the Chairman called the meeting to order and requested President Dickey to pronounce the invocation. B. Charges Filed Against Dr. Peterson In response to a request for a motion by Governor Combs, Mr. Clifford Smith made the following statement and motion: Mr. Chairman, I think the matter of first and prime importance at this time is the action that the Board should take with respect to the report or the opinion of the Attorney General, dated April 24, 1963, and of the interim report, or preliminary report of Peat, Marwick, & Mitchell under date of April 23, 1963. 1 am advised that copies of each of these documents have been supplied to each member of the Board. I am further advised that-the members of the Board have not had an opportunity to thoroughly study or review either of these reports and would like to have an opportunity to thoroughly review each of them before determining what action should be taken. The opinion of the.if ttorney General, dated April 24th, addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees makes certain specific findings of facts or charges and consists of a number ofpages. The same is true of the preliminary reports on the special investigation dated April 23, 1963, by Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Company; therefore, I make the following motion: (1) that each of these reports be filed as a part of the permanent records of this Board,