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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1963-06-apr26.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

i'2) that the Vice President for Business Administration, who by order of this Board has been suspended pending the final report of Peat. Marwick, Mitchell and Company, be given an opportunity to pre- sent his side of the issues or the charges embraced in these two docu- ments and that in the meantime, the suspeznsion order of the Board heretofore adopted be specifically applied to include the suspension from all positions of the Vice President for Business Administration with affiliated agencies or organizations by reason of his office as Vice President for Business Administration. In other words, the suspension will be construed to apply to all other positions which the Vice Presi- dent has by virtue of his office as Vice Presidertand that he be directed to cease and desist from further activities during the suspension with respect to those offices and records. (3) That these reports above referred to be treated as charges against the Vice President of Business Administration and that a corn mittee of five members of the Board be appointed by the chairman as a hearing committee with that committee instructed as follows: (a) to give to Mr. Peterson a full. opportunity to appear before the committee in person and by counsel to present any facts or defense or any witnesses to present his side of those issues; ib) that the members of the committee provide for a public reporter to take all of the hearing and transcribe all the notes fully and completely of any hearings heard before the committee and the full and complete transcripts of these hearings to be furnished to Mr. Peterson and to his counsel and to each member of the Board- and fc) that the committee conclude its hearings as early as consistent with giving Mr. Peterson a full opportunity to present anything he desires tc- present. and that after it has furnished Mr. Peterscn and his clunsel and each member of the Board with a complete transcript of the hearings that he be given an opportunity to appear in person and by counsel, If he so desires before a full meeting of the Board, Mr. Landrum, counsel for Dr., Peterson, indicated the unwillingness of Dr. Peterson toe present his case t: a committee rather than to the full Board of Trustees,, He also questioned whether the reports of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Company and of the Attorney General constituted charges against Mr. Peterson and asked that Mr, Peterson be permitted to file with the Board of Trustees his answer to the statements made by Governor Combs at the March 4, 1963 meeting of the Board of Trustees, Th*. Board indicated its willingness to receive this material. and the secretary was instructed to file one copy as a part of the permanent record of this meeting cf the Board, it was agreed that if, after a hearing before a committee, Mr. Peterson still wished to present his case to the full Board, he wculd be granted that privilege, Mr. Smith amended his motion as follows: 'K.. .that those facts (the reports of Peat, Marw ck, Mitchell. & Com.- pany and the. Attorney General):. if established constitute misconduct on the part of the Vice President in office.,"