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THE pooo V SPORTS KENTUCKY KERNEL oooo ATHLETICS Page Nine NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF RETAILING A Graduate School Retailing is a field of opportunity for the trained mind. Training and ability arc quickly rewarded. TRAINING SERVICE FINANCE and CONTROL MERCHANDISING ADVERTISING PERSONNEL arc attractive fields SERVICE FELLOWSHIPS Class room and the store arc closely linked together. Students enter February S or September 20. Illustrated booklet on application. For further information DR. NORRIS A. BRISCO, Director New York University School of Retailing 100 Washington Square New York City ft VARSITY CAGE STARS Captain Ridgcway, Smith, Fest, and Poyntz, main 'reliances for this year's quintette. On his return from Atlanta, where ricrs will return to Louisville to give Falls City distance runners a he attended the S. I. A. A. meeting. chance to regain the laurels, the Wild "Daddy" Boles announced the fol lowing basketball games for this year CAT CROSS COUNTRY cats so neatly plucked this season. The state meet was cancelled, but Jan. 13 Georgetown at Georgetown ths victory of the Wildcat track men Jan. 18 Chattanooga here. N TEAM SEASON over the Falls City teams, added with Feb. 7. Georgia here. Feb. 7. Centenary here. the previous victory over the veteran Feb. 10. Tennessee here. Cincinnati team, was sufficient nectar Sensational Find of This Year's in Feb. IS Clemson here. the cup of the Kentucky distance Team to Succeed "Bob" men, and it proved to others what we Feb. 22 Sevvanee here. Porter already knew, that Kentucky not only Feb. 24 Vanderbilt here. A return game with Georgetown produces pretty women and fast horses SPORT GAINING INTEREST but fast men. and two contests with Centre are being signified his arranged, "Daddy" Boles has Prospects Bright For Campaign intentions of enteringalso Kentucky er contest with a possibility of anothwith Tennessee, bringing the Team of South Next Sextette in the Western Conference the total games up to eleven. The S Year. "go" to be held at Ohio State Univer I. A. A. tournament will start at At 17, and continue five Marion A. Gorman, the sensational sity, Columbus, Ohio. If our prospects lanta, February days. find of this autumn's cross country sea- materialize as rosy next year as they K son, was elected captain of next year's appear at present, for in addition to the all of this season's team re- THIRTY. ASPIRANTS FOR cross country team, succeeding "Bob fact that Porter, leader of the Wildcat harriers turns, several distance sharks among WRESTLING TAAM OUT the Freshmen and eneligibles will be for the last two years. in the "go" for a place. Porter, ihowever, will be back next (Continued from Page Three) year, and is to manage the team, and coaching end. He will also assist in the be eligible to run. Letters were award- U.K. BASKETBALL SQUAD in the gym about the middle of Jan uary with the University of Indiana ed to Porter, Loman, Butler, Brown, n as opponents for the Cats and Daniels by the Athletic Council. IS FAST ROUNDING INTO Harold Enlaw, who has been the The end of ithis season is the culmiin nation of three years of effort on the SHAPE EOR mat 1923 SEASON mentor has the two years that theletter sport been a recognized part of the distance runners in school sport, will again coach the squad, and to create interest in the most fascinating of autumn sports and with th Despite Loss of Southern Champ- will represent the Blue and White in the heavyweight class. action of the Athletic Council making ions Coach Has Large Field Captain Stith, with but one defeat to it a minor sport, the efforts of those to Pick From. his record in two years and that in individuals were finally rewarded. Two years ago the call went out for RIDGEWAY MAY BE OUT the Iowa meet at Ames last winter, is the first of the University of Kentucky the main dependence in the 135 pound cross country teams. Considerable in Broken Ankle May Keep Captain class. Robertson, Maddox and Neale terest was taken and about a dozen are the other letter men from last of Team Off Floor This 'aspirants were slated 'for the first anyear. Season. nual turkey day run. But the snow fell "Daddy" Boles has not completed fast and the track was bad and that The Wildcat basketball squad suf- the mat schedule, but it is certain that gloomy morning the spectators saw fered an additional loss when it waa the Cats will have sufficient meat to only Ormond following Porter around announced that the services satsfy them. Iowa, champions of the n of the slushy track for a record that still country, have again requested a meet Ridgcway would probably be lost stands. with the Cats at Ames and the Blue Last year interest was revived and to the squad this year. Ridgcway suf- and White will probably accept. Ohio the season culminated in a state inter fered a broken ankle earlier in the fall State, Ohio University, and Cincinnati collegiate cross country run held on and the injured member continues to are expected to be on the schedule, morning, Thanksgiving in which "rouble him to the extent of hampering and with the addition of one or more Georgetown tied Kentucky, and Wes his cage activities. With his depar- southern schools the menu will b leyan and Transylvania finishing in the ture, there remains not a single mem- complete. order named. Kentucky, however, ber of that championship quintette The following men are aspirants for won individual honors, for Porter fin that .startled the South with its spec- the mat team: Smith, Lyne, Insko. ished first, and Petrey second. The tacular victory at Atlanta two years True, Noland, Hamilton, Harris, El lis, Colvin, Stockhart, Forkner, Stan record for the four miles set by Porter ago. Coach Huchheit, despite the great ley, M. D. Harris, Trttitt, still stands. Griffin, This year with the knowledge that loss, has plenty of good material Brewer, Hughes, Turner, Graham, the Athletic Council was viewing with from which to build a championship McGill, Baird, Howard. Edwards, Rob favor upon this hill and dale sport, five. Poyntz, Fest, Rice, Smith, and inson, Maddox, Wolfe, Neale and were on the squad last Captain Stith. interest became keen and with about Wilkerson 40 candidates reporting daily at the year and are expected to form the K opening of the season, the council fin nucleus about which the 1923 quintette "Sights We Never See." ally designated it a minor sport, fol- is built. Riefkin, Boren. Ashcr and lowing the lead token by the Eastern Rohs are additions from the class Landladies reducing the rent. Collegiate, and Western Conference teams that will give all others a fight A. B.'s admitting their course is Kentucky was the first for the positions. schools. easy. school south of the Mason and Dixon Each afternoon finds about twenty- Art students not "tenipermental." five aspiring youngsters in the gym, line to do this. (Note Nice term for eccentric.) Next year under the leadership of working off surplus weight and getting Engineers who are familiar with Kentucky, all the schools in the South- down to the fine points of the game. Neitzche, Mencken, Don Passos and ern Conference have been invited here The following men survived the first Sanburg. for a Cross Country meet. In addition cut: Captain Ridgeway, Asher, "Squirrels" who are not egotists. Barnes, Boren, Blanton, Foust, to 'this, dual ir tins have been scheduled "Crams" who ever amount to anywith Indiana, University of Cincinnati, Jones, Laugsford, Poyntz, Riefken, thing in the world. and the annual State Intercollegiate. Rohs, Reed, Swearengen, Spillman, Popular girls who have never been It is believed also that the Wildcat Im- - Wilkerson, Gibson, Fest. kissed. TO LEAD A Subscription to the THE the KERNEL Ul will bring Christmas Cheer to all lovers of U. of K. MAIL IT IN TODAY! Left You Forget mat-me- It's Easy To Shop At Graddy-Ryan'- s Cap-t..i- Bay-les- at Shopping for gifts is often a difficult matter, but Grady-Ryan- 's it's easy. is a man's store and the For Graddy-Ryan- 's many gifts we offer are things a man would like to receive. We will be glad to help you in your choice. "Red" Woolf, College Representative Graddy-Rya- n Co. Incorporated 140 West Main St. s, Patronize Kernel Advertisers