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10 > Image 10 of 1935 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Ti HE THEME of tU Lok is a {nhu{e to {he C ommonwealth, and no sweeier tnLule could Le framed than {he one which was wn Hen hv ihe oenial, loveahle, poe{ laurea{e {o whom {his volume is dedicated, James Thomas Co{{on Noe. He speaks through {he hps of Daniel Boone: Keniuch streams A hundred years her hundred Have poured {heir walers through my dream: A hundred years her Bl uegrass plains And wooded kills nave been my janes. God never made a land More beautiful {ban Kentucky. I love d n er when the savage hand Was wet wi ill the Mood of the pioneer, The rugged beauty o|" the river jlowi ng near My resting place Still moves me with the joy oj^ ancient days And looking out across the space green and blue upon that gem of art, Kentucky s capitol, ablaze In sunset, or in the golden haze Oj^ autumn, I know the heart That placed it there did also Kentucky. But there is beauty jar above WI Pi O lovers and guardians oj^ Kentucky, a little child who-craves th t any eye ever loo Led upon in cloud or sky. Out yonder is Out yonder is The rainbows finest colonnos. a clouded heart that 8s ,gM cannot see an ^ack yonder is a sou I iliat ilJ he never sings. If you would honor me, Who first loved b ea u tiful Ke ntucky, Dispel the d arkness oj^ the jeud, Illume the night oj" ignorance and of servitude, Turn on the blazing light that all may see. TUCKY "jB.