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312 > Image 312 of 1935 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Importers Manufacturers SPORT AND RIDING APPAREL Office and Shops Lexington, Ky. colors through the year in a most successful manner. Phi Sigma Kappa John Goad, their leader for the past several years, attempted to bring the Phisigs into prominence by starting a new political clique in opposition to the strong one already present.... Pill Conley added much to this group with his prominence on the campus . . . .They have been trying for two years to find someone to fill the shoes of their Phi Beta Kappa athlete, Harry Emmerick. This lodge pledged a large number of new men this year in an effort to replace some of the outstanding men on the campus who have graduated. ... Cullen, Atchinson and Tedes-co seem to be the potential candidates for campus honors. .. .Dudley Murphy is being lined up for the activity field. . . .a change in politics would probably prove beneficial to this lodge. Pi Kappa Alpha A group of political-minded boys who have been living on the laurels that John Ewing, Bus Yeager and Malcolm Foster laid down for them. .. .They managed to continue their political affiliations and were able to squeeze Bill Lowry into the presidency of the junior class. ...Bazil Baker looks like a logical choice to replace their lost campus Lexington's Specialized Department Store Opposite Union Station the smith-watkins co. Incorporated HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS 236 E. Main Phone Ash. 28, 702 leaders. . . .These lads decided that they were tired of living in their young hotel at Rose and Maxwell streets, so they migrated over into the quiet of Transylvania Park.... the neighbors called the police the first few nights, but soon grew accustomed to the noise. . . .Frank Daily couldn't stand the gaff ... .he had to step aside for Warfield Donohue over at the Kappa house.... "Sport" Ewing has searched in vain for someone to date ever since the Florida blond left the campus. . . .Harry Mason has not been constant in his love-life. .. .while John Shropshire is forced to find a new prospect every week. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Joe Rupert proudly remarks, "That's my fraternity" .... Since Shipwreck Kelly came into the fold of "deah ole' Phi Alpha" the boys have been taking many of the promising athletes away from the other lodges.... It has been rumored around that about eight men on the varsity football squad were members of S. A. E.....The Sigalph boys have been priming C. T. Hertzsch, an outstanding freshman, to take the place on the campus of Henry "Hank" McCown and Ben Taylor. Sigma Chi The local group of Sigmaky got together with their Centre College brothers and had a picture show for their visiting delegates COMPLIMENTS OF ashland family laundry 219 WALTON AVE. ASHLAND 127 284