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313 > Image 313 of 1935 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

and fraternity friends. . . .Needless to say, it was a Sigma Chi show... .Elvis Stahr and Red Sympson are the boy's choice for the prominence of Sigmaky on the campus..... Most anytime you can find a group of the brothers loafing at the Tridelt house. . . .This lodge has come up in the last several years, due mainly to the efforts of Stahr, the man with the 3.0 standing. . .they are at present in the midst of the battle for the intramural trophy mentioned above.... these lads tire very sociable and even went so far as to have open house for the sororities. . . .They will not lose many men by graduation this year, so the other frats had better look to their laurels next year. Sigma Phi Epsilon Turn to Baird's Manual, page 234, for a detailed write-up of this lodge. . . .Dick Boyd has been their guiding light on the campus throughout the year. . . .Sam Potter litis carried their heart-shaped badge on COMPLIMENTS OF duntreath gardens i Smart Corsages for Smart People I PHONE A-3C46 VERSAILLES ROAD the football field and Cordlandt Bliss litis been their mainstay on the basketball court ....Louis Chipps left the fold in Januarv and created a deep gap in the organization. . . . .This lodge just went national two years ago and in that time they have made much progress. . . .The aforementioned Dick Boyd has been very active on the campus, being a member of Scabbard and Blade, Lances, Inter-fraternity Council and all the other well-known fields.... he was also one of the fraternity editors of this book.... These lads have a lot of spirit, as is shown in their intramural activities. . . .more power to them. Sigma Nu Their chief activity of the year was principally the three dances that they held within a period of twenty-four hours.... Buster Hubbard and Jimmy Moore have kept the Sigma Nu button flashing on the campus.... It is also reported that they held a din net- OUR FLORISTS HOWARD & HEAFEY KELLER-ORAM CO. Winchester Road 119 W. Main MICHLER, INC. KELLER-FLORIST 417 E. Maxwell Lime and Short dance sometime late in the spring of '34. . . . These lads decided to splurge this year and throw a real week-end.... and how.... to the tune of twenty-six iron men.... yow suh, they ought to have a good time.... the band. Carlos Molina, was one of the best heard here this year. . . .Jimmy Moore seems headed for many honors in his senior year. Triangles The Triangles, neighbors of the Delts and vice-versa, have been fortunate enough to keep Jack Faunce in school for the past six or seven years to run the chapter. . . . They claim the distinction of always being a potential political power and are said to have things wrell in hand over in the engineering college. . . .Bill Eversole also has done his bit to keep the ball rolling at the Engineer' lodge. . . ."Red" Davis, the "Sandwich Man," hails from Peewee Valley (near Anchorage) .... He never fails to speak a good word for the Triangle brothers. . . These boys certainly pulled a fast one on another lodge on the campus. . . .it seems that the lads didn't get invited to an affair. .. .ah, what sweet revenge. . . The boys are branching out into other fields and are getting a firm footing in the military department. . . They made a change of politics not long ago which seemed to help the situation a little. . . .Bill Duncan is another of the shining lights of the lodge. FISH DELICATESSEN OYSTERS KELLEY'S BROADWAY AND SHORT 105 E. MAIN ASH. 1406 ASH. 2693 Lexington, Kentucky 2sr>