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Cosmopolitan Club record book, 1921-1942

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Cosmopolitan Club record book




University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections


This collection is arranged in book format.

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open to researchers by appointment.

Preferred Citation Note

2001ua040: [identification of item], Cosmopolitan Club record book, University of Kentucky Archives.


0.29 cubic feet (1 box)


Cosmopolitan Club records from 1921-1942.


The Cosmopolitan Club was organized through the YMCA to help bring foreign students into a closer relation with American Students, customs, and ideals. Likewise for the American student to understand the foreign student. The club grew rapidly and was believed to be of great aid to the foreign students in developing their ability as leaders and students. According to 1926-1927 "K Book" the club grew to a membership of about eighteen students and faculty, nine of which were foreign born. Meetings were held each month, having a different county presented by its representatives each time. Socials were held in connection with the meetings and foreign student were made officers of the club to give them opportunity to develop their executive ability.

Scope and Content

The Cosmopolitan Club record book includes: member lists, treasurer reports, meeting minutes, group photos, and roll calls for meetings. The materials are written and pasted in a bound book containing 167 pages covering the years 1921-1942.


  • University of Kentucky.
  • YMCA.
  • Cosmopolitan Club (Lexington, Ky.)
  • Lexington (Ky.)
  • Student life -- Kentucky -- Lexington.
  • Student organizations -- Kentucky -- Lexington.
  • Social groups -- Kentucky -- Lexington.

User Restrictions

The intellectual rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections.

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Collection Inventory

Group portrait "Brend, Koppius, Kiusberg, Perry, Bureau, Stamatoff, Bureau, Polk, Pate, Bush, Rex, Bonar, Roberts, Lewis, Jackson, Duncan" 1926
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Group portrait "Lewis, Bureau, Bush, Pate, Duncan, Roberts, Polk, Bush, Chen, Stamatoff, Peak, Schneider, Perry, Bureau" 1927
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Group portrait "Cosmopolitan Club 1929 Bart Peak, Henry Cravens, W.H. Brend, Userner Gros, Karl Schneider, James Stamatoff, Edith Jackson, cara Polk, Grace Snodgrass, Bernice Bonar" 1929
[box: 1, item: 3] browse
Group portrait "May 1931 E.A. Bureau, Joan Carigan, M.H. Bedford, Harold Brown, Howard Baker, Etsu Seugyoku, Ellen Shuh, Ralph Johnson, Miss huber, Mrs. E. M. Giles, Bart Peak, Alice Mae Durling, K.C. Tow, Betty Hartnell, Mildred Neal, Elise Bureau, Dorothy Dawning, Ethel Whitlow, Angelo Tomasulo, Karl Schneider, Nick Ch?, T.J. Nedelkoff, Ralph Angelucci, Rosalind Angelucci" May, 1931
[box: 1, item: 4] browse
Group portrait "Cosmopolitan Club May 7, 1932 Koppius, Mrs. E.A. Bureau, Jeanne Bureau, E.A. Bureau, Roger Capron, Matthew Kobetitsch, Bart Peak, Karl Schneider, Mildred Neal, Ralph Johnson, Emily Hardin, Rosalind Angelucci, Eline Bureau, Y? K?, Angelo Tomasulo, Louise Thompson, Joan Carigan, E? S?, Betty Hartnell, Hollie Osbourne, Augusta Roberts, Nikie Peak, T.T. Nedelkoff, Mary Anne O'Brien, Ruth Peak, Nick Chepeleff" May, 1931
[box: 1, item: 5] browse
Group portrait "Cosmopolitan Club April 23, 1933 Camp Daniel Boone" April, 1933
[box: 1, item: 6] browse
Group portrait "Top Row: ? Bermudoz, Dorothy "Dot" Tanner, Matthew Cabot, Wil? Thomas, George Evenin, Lois E. Neal, Ralph Johnson, Mrs. E.A. Bureau, Prof. E.A. Bureau, Harry Michas. Middle Row: Karl Schneider, Mildred Schneider, Emily Hardin, Augusta Roberts, Udelle Brandenberg, Wilfred ?, Joan Carigan, Elise Bureau, Helen Fry, Otilia Riancho. Bottom Row: Hal Bencomo, Ollie Mae Young, Jeanne Bureau, T.T. Nedelkoff, Ruth Hallmark, B.A. Meuchero, Mary Agnes Bund, Mrs. A.G. Riancho, Sue Anna Irvine (Ted Bureau-Dog)."
[box: 1, item: 7] browse
Group portrait "Cosmopolitan Club May 20, 1934 Camp Daniel Boone Louise Nichols, M.H. Bedford, Betsy Bowne, Elise Bureau, John Holmes, Eugene Cravens, Mrs. B?, W.H. B?, B. Peak, Betty Lebus, Augusta Roberts, Helen Fry, d. Bernoudy, W. Thomas, J. Vertuca, C. Yeyna, W. Steither, Sarah Whittinghill, Ruth Peak, Mildred Schneider, Mrs. Holmes, Margery Hoaglaud, K. Schneider, W. B?, Martha Koppins, Frances Martin, T.T. Jones, H. Michas, Mrs. L?, H. Bunvomo, Gertrude Wade, Alice M. Durling, Lois Neal, Hilda Capablanca, L. Wooldridge, Virginia Winslow, Miss Huber, Jeanne Bureau, N. Peak" 1934
[box: 1, item: 8] browse
Group portrait "Cosmopolitan Club May 11, 1935 ? W. Bumu?, Thelma R?, W. Mayer, W.H. Braud, Mrs.Braud, T. Vestuea, Mrs. Bureau, E.A. Bureau, G. ?, Mary ?, R. Chepeloff, Lois Neal, D. Bun?, A. G. Riancho, Dorothy Miller, Sarah Whittinghill, Elise Bureau, Miss Huber, A. E. Bigge, Mildred Schneider, Alma Moffett, Dot Pukins, A. Bigge, N. Peak, Mrs. Riancho, B.A. Menchero, B. Peak, K. Schneider, T. Koppius, Jeanne Bureau, Baby Riancho, Myrtle Polk, Mary Agnes Breud. " 1935
[box: 1, item: 9] browse
"May 21, 1938 Grime's Mill Wildan Thomas, Mrs. Bureau, M. Schneider, Mrs. Thomas, Elizabeth Carvan, Mrs. Van ? Wall" 1938
[box: 1, item: 10] browse
"Rosemary Taylor, J.E. Baurgeois, V. Kazak, W. Thomas, Elizabeth Cavan" 1938
[box: 1, item: 11] browse
"Prof. E.A. Bureau" 1938
[box: 1, item: 12] browse
"Marie Antoinette de Lafforest, Rosemary Taylor, Barbara McVey."
[box: 1, item: 13] browse
"Thelma Rinner, Ruth Blankinship, Miss Huber, Mrs. E.A. Bureau, Mildred Schneider, Mrs. Vanda Wall"
[box: 1, item: 14] browse
Group portrait "May 18, 1940" 1940
[box: 1, item: 15] browse
"Virginia Krzak, President"
[box: 1, item: 16] browse
"Is the pickle good, Bart?"
[box: 1, item: 17] browse
Cosmopolitan club gathering
[box: 1, item: 18] browse
Cosmopolitan club gathering
[box: 1, item: 19] browse
Cosmopolitan club gathering
[box: 1, item: 20] browse
"Mrs. E.A. Bureau"
[box: 1, item: 21] browse
"Kay Ellison"
[box: 1, item: 22] browse
"Dr. M. Hume Bedford"
[box: 1, item: 23] browse
Cosmopolitan club gathering
[box: 1, item: 24] browse
"Elise Bureau"
[box: 1, item: 25] browse
"Jean Evers"
[box: 1, item: 26] browse
Cosmopolitan club gathering
[box: 1, item: 27] browse
"Dr. Konrad Bekker"
[box: 1, item: 28] browse
Cosmopolitan club gathering
[box: 1, item: 29] browse
"Sylvia Siegel, Coustance Garber, Pat Mulroy, Kay Ellison, Sara May Taylor"
[box: 1, item: 30] browse