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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 30, 1936

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Cop THE KENTUCKY Tape Two ornoiAi. NrwurAPFH 1HK UNIVRHfllTY of thf TUCK OF KKN Tlic laitlisiring's merry "Welcome, Alumni!" always on the outsidcl THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Entered at the Pout Office at Lexington, Kentucky, M ad elans matter under the Art of March I, 187B. Cuttlv MFMHEH -Leilnston Hoard of Commerce fffltionftl College Press AftAocietion Up Tin: Campus A rnfmher of the M'or Collrre Public HI ton, repreented by J. Iforrll Hill Oo , IBS I. 42nd St., New York City; in B. Drlrt. Chicago; Cull Building, ftan rrencuco; 4t West-woo- d BiTd., Lot Anfeles; 1004 Second Ave, Beettla. CAMPUSOUNDS: In Memorial hall: "She looked so shocked when I asked her if I could kiss her that I apoland then I found out that the ogized and left reason she looked surprised was because 1 was the only boy who ever asked her first!" At the Library: "Someday there's going to be a mutiny on this campus. It's gonna be called the "Revolt of the Pledges" and baby, I'm going to be leading itl" In Boyd hall, on the telephone: "But honestly I don't want to guess who this is!" In White hall: "Well, we started out for the dance, but we made a couple of stops, and I'm afraid we only got as far as the Tavern!" On the Administration building steps: "Heck, the only reason I pinned her was to get rid of her, the dope!" Ivln COMPLETE CAMPUS COVERAGE Executive Board George M. Spenci.r Ross J. CHt.rEt.FFF Editor-in-Chie- f Managing Editor David II. Salyers Ike M. Moore News Editor Business Manager Editorial Adviser ..TO Associate Editor Assistant Managing Editor Feature Editor -- Odis Lee Harris ... Assistant Feature Editor.Bpeclal Editor .Betty Earle Theo Nadelsteln William B. Arthur Frank Burger Ralph E. Johnson -. - Joe Qulnn - Bporta Editor WRITERS Billy Evans Robert Rankin Bobbj Evans ASSISTANT NEWS EDITORS Raymond T. Lathrem O. T. Hertisch Mack Hughes Sidney Buckley ciiff shaw REPORTERS John Morgan Walter Milem Betty Murphy Melcolm Patterson Marjorla Rleaer A. J. Dotson Hazel Doughitt Melvin Forden Audrey Forater Tom Humble Al ie standing NOMIXATE AS CAMPUS A TELL1 TES: because Mayme Maddox and Tom Nichols they were elected as most popular senior girl and senior boy. Jeanette Lampert and Dossett Reid because they do such outstanding work in the Guignol Vogfl, Edgar Penn Neville Tatum TELephones: News, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m, Univ. 136. Business, 8 a. m. to 4 p. m., Univ. 74. Sundays and after hours, city 2724 or 7542. play. HfcRE SHALL THE KERNEL ALL The Kentucky Kernel late at nightl STUDENT RIGHTS MAINTAIN A HEARTY WELCOME TO ALUMNI AT HOME-COMIN- Each still your homel year about this time we all look forward to greeting the "alums" who return for Home-cominYes, sir, Kentucky's The campus has been considerably improved since you were here last time, but in spite of ihe fact that we look a little different, you're still as welcome as ever. We invite your admiration and anticipate the friendly handshakes between old friends together once more. Perhaps you don't know quite all of us, but we can still say "Howdy" just the same. After all, we're all brothers in this large fraternity, so let's act like it. However, if you see actions of the more indiscreet type, try to disregard them as accidents or as just a part of Some persons always have to celebrate in too merry a manner, but it happens only once a year, so "forgive and forget." If you feel strange at first because you have not met each one of us, just remember that we are proud of you and really want you here. In a few years, we, too, will be the "strangers" and we know that good old Kentucky hospitality will never fail any of us. Tomorrow is the best day of all the year, and it has been planned for your pleasure. We hope sincerely that you enjoy it to the utmost so much so, in fact, that you'll make a solemn resolution to return for all the to come. So we extend to you a comrade's hand and a home-comin- home-coming- s UNIVERSITYPES: The Campus Clown When profs see him in their classes they groan with dismay, because he's one of those stoogents who sits in the back row and heckles with funny gags the remarks of the teacher. . .He's the one who gets all the bright ideas for Hell Week. . .Years age people would say of him "Oh, he's a card!" or "He's a caution!". . .but now he's known as a stooge or a campusap. . .He wears battered hats and pushes a tin lizzie around. . .When he's an old alum he comes to the game and plays practical jokes on all of his former classmates, wants to tear down the goalposts, tells the undergraduates about the pranks he pulled when he was on the campus, and longs for the good old days, when college kids acted like college kids, slightly moronic and infantile. . .He's the life of every party, he thinks. . .It's true he makes people laugh, but it's not WITH him. . . He's the kind that prefaces every joke with "Have you heard this one?" and even when you answer, "Frequently!" he tells it anyway. . . Sum home-comin- g fun! CAMPUS1GHS: Students who ask you to buy things. Pixilated stags who dance on your feet, not theirs. 3. The hectic campaigning for elections and for what purpose? 4. The heat in the Library. 5. Coeds who ask, "What's so funny about President Patterson's statue, anyway?" 1. 2. THIS CARVED 11here& ANOTHER WOOD BAVARIAN pipe GEM, isavjork OF ART. JUDGE f because it comes out A HUMOROUSLY CARVED STAG- HORN PIPE PRETTY ORNATE J AREN'T THEY? AS FOR ME ILL STAND BY THIS GOOD OLD BB1AR OF MINE AND PRINCE ALBERT OH SO YOU'VE JOINED THE ' PRINCE ALBERT SMOKERS Ford was close, wasn't It? Those strange parents you have, you kind of look like one or the other, but why were you born to them. Equally strange Is it that they were peoThpv ple of moderate means. might have been poverty stricken. You might have been natured out of filth and disease. But shucks, why weren't you born Into the home of Morgan or Astorbllt that would have been Just as easy and look at the advantages. And those total strangers your brothers and sisters. Oh yes, you finally get to know them fairly well, yet until the day you die they really will be Just strangers. A twin brother what a shock, there I am again. Why Is It that I have not been a good student? Why wasn't I g? Could there have been reasons for making me a relative weakling I wanted to play foot ball, to run like the wind, to wrestle and box. And to continue on, I wonder why I have never done anything better than anyone else? Why am i noi a winner 7 wnat does the champion possess that I do not? Why should he be thus endowed In stead of me? What luck has brought me in my own blundering way this far? How much farther can I go? why have I been loved? Whv have I loved? The same for hate. good-lookin- Webb LUlian 8TAJT BUSINESS Advertlslnf Staff Circulation Manager DON'T LOOK NOW, BUT-y- ou in the waste paper basket, prof!" Orace Silverman Bob Stone Thomaa Watklni Lampert's brilliant directing of the "Blue Danube Waltz" with his own rich and dominating tone and Insistent and highly vitalized rhythm really puts Strauss himself In the and background. It is as gratifying as it Is unusual to find a man who so dominates his surroundings as doe Professor Lampert, but why should not the University honor Itself in honoring him with better and more By RALPH E. JOIINSOX suitable equipment? As a member Isn't It an amazing thing to first opon your eyes to find you have been of the most effective musical orborn an American In America. And wasn't It odd that you were born In ganization now functioning in this country, may I express the hope Chicago. An overnight train ride would have made you a southerner, put fortunate am I that Spain was not my native heath. I might have been born a Chinaman and had to eat rice all iry life, or I might have awakened for the first time In an Igloo blubber must be terrible stuff, but they like It. Oce whiz! suppose I had been born a girl whewl that That World. By ThF.O NADEI.S1UN Kentucky IntcrcollretMe PrrM AlorBtlon international Hews Service A. Friday, October This Campus of Y KERNEL But of one thing I am sure! I was born for a reason. That rea son Is unknown to me now may never be known. Yet I am being directed on and on. Endowed with five senses, and maybe a sixth, gifted with dominent desires, each with its purpose disagreeable, but so skillfully masked with pleasurable sensations that I do my tasks gladly. I work all day in order that I may eat, for I must eat. If It were not for the fact that I have sensations of hunger I would never even know that I was supposed to eat. And if it were not for my sense of taste I would never enjoy eating. Eating must be unpleasant basically, yet a desire plus a sense combine to disguise its very unpleasantness and I never know. Sometimes it feels so good to be alive. A delicious thrill steals your body and you tingle with the realization that you live. Moods indigo take hold that is hunger for life. Each of five urges must be satisfied as hunger is satisfied fail to do so and you shall die sooner or later, yet each in its turn, if not gratified, will kill you off and return you to the dust from whence you came and where you may do more good. In place of ten commandments you have only five: You must eat; you must slack thirst; you must sleep; you must desire to live; and you must desire to precreate your kind. It is easy to understand death resulting from violating four of the five. But the fifth commandment how Is that? I believe I know you will "live again" only in your children. In them you have placed Your all of your endowments. sins violations of commandments, abuse of the machine you are using in the fulfillment of a purpose will shown In your children as weaknesses and disease. Hell shall be on earth. Your virtues shall also show in your progeny as strengths. You will create, care for, and rear your children. When you are done you will no longer be needed, so in time you shall return to the earth that dust you have been using for a purpose and your children must carry on In a like man- U-Dri- that the department of music here might be brought up to the standards obtained In other state universities and that mean putting more money Into It so that It might be recommended with pride to fellow workers in the musical field when the biennial convention of the National Federation of MiikIc clubs meets In Louisville in 1937. Wake upl U. K. Wake upl Yours truly, SPICIE BELLE CHAFFEE, Ch. Rural School of Music, Natl Federation Music Clubs. It ve All New Cars Student Opinion 139 E. SHORT STREET Tht Kernel welcome! communication, both from It. .tudent reader., and from othere .It prefers, however, that they be ahort and to the point, and that the writer sign hi. name, to be used or not, a. Indicated. The right Is reserved to delete anj part or parts of all letters. Bditoi. -V ' Editor, The Kernel, f fj THE Jean Sardou method f 1 of taking pictures, axclu- sive with ns ss It is, proves that there 13 a difference "'vfe v I f PHONE 618 C "V ' , Dear Sir: In a recent copy of the Kernel I read a notice about a movement to organize the women students on the campus. I would like to encourage Having been a the movement. student during the second semester of 1936-3I realize the need of it. I feel one might request such a group to promote a program for some adequate comfort for students In the Music' building between class periods when there is hardly space for Professor Lampert's heroic figure, not to mention bass tubas, trombones and other monstrous brasses seeking Interviews with Mr. John Lewis, much less a chair for the casual customer. Thanks to Miss Ann Callahan's considerate courtesy and Invitation Into the more commodious department of graphic arts I did not give up the struggle in despair. . . . "The Little Symphony" concerts in the imposing Memorial hall call for favorable comparisons between Lampert and William Director Oericke and Emll Paur, those titans of the early days of the Boston Symphony Professor Orchestra. ' s J y P grf bavarian pipes I sVm T (it, A THOROUGH OVERHAULING IT IN WITH AND PRINCE ALBERT. NOW vl$J? Xik&fz. j US S K (' J SHE'S THE SWEETEST, COOLEST PIPE IVE EVER TONGUE BITE' A. LATELV.' X 'iy 'jii'vS AND I HAVENT HEARD A WORD FROM VOU ABOUT 1 TOOK YOUR ADVICE,! JUDGE. SAVE MY PIPE if 1 S iA J X X M'Vi? 7P W J The Notre Dame football stadium located in South Bend, Ind., seats 58,300. During the last 7 years of Bib Ten competition, Purdue has won 28 games, lost 8, and tied 2 for a percentage of .777. Pui.ruM HERE'S WHY THERE'S NO OTHER TOBACCO MELLOW -- TOBACCO "CRIMP CUT 1IUA U J ai..u.i.u I.. ALBERT. P.A.IS CHOICE WITH THE'BITE REMOVED BY LIKE PRINCE FOR COOLNESS SPECIAL PROCESS. ITS THE LARGEST-SELLI- NG TOBACCO IN THE WORLD. AND SWELL FOR'MAKIN'S'CIGARETTES. IL. a necessity: haircut will play an part in your penuiial appearance this wrek-en- d. Prepare fur the homecomA ing; SMOKE PIPEFULS 20 pipaful OF P. A. AT OUR RISK a! Prince Albert. If yNi oWt find it Uta mallow Smuka 20 fratfraat at, laatiaat pia tubacca jrou aver amok ad, retiura tna pock at tia witk lb a reat of tba tobacco ia it to im at any Una witbrn a atoolb from Uu data aad we wiU refund full purtbeae price, plu oatae. (5 R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY Winatoa-SalaaNurta Carolina - PflI I II I WW aipafuU of fre Kraal tobacco ia vary of Pnuce Albert V : EI I IU ge Albert THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE merry-go-rou- hair-tu- Be Photographed 7, Jan Sa.tJ.ou , 8x10 pictures ' I I rw-y- " v latO. 113 8. LIME only 3or$2"50 , NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED J - v mmsr The NEVV n Listen for Jarman "PORTRAITS IN HARMONY" at 8:30 o'clock Tuesday night and come in and let ns tell you about the Packard automobile contest. YEA, KENTUCKY WELCOME, 'BAMA ero OlAAOLWf ;y tiiiiii The leather used in this Jarman Friendly shoe is imported from Africa . . . and is our choice as the season's outstanding grain leather. Genuine Buffalo leather as used in Jarman Friendly shoes is soft, flexible, mellow in addition carries the quality of real durability underj hard wear, and will not scuff. We can show you shoes cut from this leather irl brown or black wingtips, straight tips and plain toes. Our stock is complete to fit you correctly. The Jarman Friendly Shoe Karber Parlor annex Jei,n Sardou studi0- 4th Floor I , t. BOONE'S S Let ns show you what we mesa come nd in today and get that S la photogrsphi! ner. And there is a purpose. I don't know it nor do you. But you are being directed towards an end a nouminallstic end. Proof of that is the magnificent gift of your brain, which combines your desires with pleasures, and causes you to have a conscience by means of which you may know your right from wrong. I am the most amazed man in the world! SO, 1936 S. $5 BASSETT AND SONSH H0 W. MAIN i