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CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. The Origin of the Order Southern Rights Clubs The African Slave Trade and the acquisition of new Slave Territory The first Organization in 1834, and its success The Mexican War and the South's interest in it Progress of the Slave Trade up to 1852 Acquisition of Cuba, Repeal of the Missouri Compromise, Nicaragua Expeditions, etc., to increase Membership. CHAPTER II. Increase of Anti-Slavery Sentiment at the North, and its effect upon Southrons General George C. Bickley's advent in 1855 The first to Systematize the Order of the K. G. C. Details of the Organization Its Objects, Solemn Oaths, and Forms of Initiation Its secret influence upon the Politics of the Country Speech in Castle of a Knight General William Walker and Fillibustering. CHAPTER III. The year 1858 The Kansas Struggle and the Lecompton Constitution Increased growth of the K. G. 0. Change of Ritual Secession advocated, and the South united through its workings The Order popularized The Regalia, Symbols, and Workings of the Degrees and " Inner Temple " Application for a Castle in a Northern city refused Firing of the Southern Heart in 1859-'60 Presidential Contest of 1860 Instrumentality of the K. G. C. in dissolving the Democratic Convention Opposition to Douglas Speech in a New Orleans Castle The Charleston and Baltimore Conventions The insincerity of Southrons. CHAPTER IV. The Contest of 18GD The Breckinridge movement, and the insincerity of its opposition to Lincoln The K. G. C. at the North and the South Misrepresentations by Northern Knights Some of their Boasting Letters Aid expected from the North in case of Secession New Emblem of the Order Plans to steal Arms and Money from the U. S. matured in Castle in 1859 Lincoln and Hamlin Scarecrow at the South Stories of the Campaign, and their almost general belief-Treatment of Northerners at the South. CHAPTER V. The close of Lincoln's Campaign " Submissionists " a Firing the Southern Heart" for Secession Great increase of the Knighthood New Degrees instituted The Sworn Brotherhood pledged to a Southern Government Death of Abolitionists and other Crimes licensed The election of Lincoln a plea for " Southern Deliverance " Charleston Castle The " Cockade " excitement Joy over the Election of Lincoln " Co-operationists " confounded by the " Precipitators " Immediate Secession the war-cry of the K. G. C. The Secession of South Carolina, and its effect upon the Gulf States The K. G.. C. opposed to Compromises The different Modes of Adjustment pjro-posed in Congress hooted at.