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Kentucky 4-H records, 1926-2000, 1926

Part of Kentucky 4-H records, 1926-2000

2001ua011Guide to the Kentucky 4-H records, 1926-2000Processed by Janice Childers in August-September 2008 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.; machine-readable finding aid created by Janice ChildersSpecial Collections2005Special CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King BuildingLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from ${DERIVED}. Date of source: Janice Childers in October 2008 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.Description is in English.Guide to the Kentucky 4-H records, 1926-2000Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King BuildingLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13Processed by: Janice Childers in August-September 2008 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.Finding aid completed by: Janice Childers in October 2008 under the supervision of Deirdre A. Scaggs, University Archivist.Encoded by: Janice ChildersCopyright 2009 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.Kentucky 4-H records, 1926-20002001ua011Kentucky 4-H Youth Development9.67 cubic feet (27 boxes)The materials are in English.The Kentucky 4-H records contain materials which provide rich documentation for the history and mission of the organization on the national, regional, and local levels from the 1920s through the 1990s. Events and programs are represented through records, minutes, statistics, newspaper clippings, educational aids, photographs and audiovisual materials.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special CollectionsDepartmental transfer from Agricultural Extension Service.Collection is open to researchers by appointment.The intellectual rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections.2001ua011: [identification of item], Kentucky 4-H records, University of Kentucky Archives.Career education - Kentucky.Agricultural extension work - Kentucky - Lexington.Agriculture - Study and teaching.Youth - Societies and clubs.Home economics - Exhibitions - Photographs.Fashion shows - Photographs.Livestock exhibitions - Photographs.Livestock - Judging - Photographs.4-H clubs - Kentucky - Lexington.University of Kentucky.University of Kentucky. Cooperative Extension Service.Lexington (Ky.)Washington (D.C.)4-H clubs began as an outgrowth of farmers institutes and agricultural experiment stations in the U.S., and Boys' and Girls' Clubs for rural youth. The first club was started in Illinois in 1900 as the Boys' Corn Club, and by 1903 other states were beginning to start their own clubs for farm youth. The first Junior Agricultural Club in Kentucky was organized in Fayette County in 1909. Each boy pledged to grow an acre of corn and report his yield and cost at the end of the season. By 1924, 18,458 boys and girls were enrolled in club work in Kentucky.The Smith-Lever Act of 1914 established the Extension Service, funded jointly by federal, state and county governments and run by land-grant universities to assist farmers with the latest scientific information on agriculture and homemaking advances. The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service was responsible for 4-H coordination and events in the state and began organizing public demonstrations on practical skills such as canning, sewing, woodworking, cooking, agriculture, and animal husbandry. The goal was to get rural youth to experiment with advances in these areas in order to spread these practices. Camping became a popular event as well with the first 4-H camp in Kentucky held in Ballard County soon after the end of World War I. 4-H week brought in club members from across the state to participate in demonstrations, fashion revues, and social events on the U.K. campus.Kentucky clubs changed their name to "Junior 4-H Club" in 1928, gradually omitting the "Junior". The 4-H emblem is a four-leaf clover with an H on each leaf, standing for: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. These four "H"s are reflected in the official pledge: "I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger service, and my HEALTH to better living, for my Club, my Community and my Country." The official motto is "To Make the Best Better."Today, the focus of 4-H clubs has shifted away from agricultural practice and towards the personal growth of the individual. The mission now focuses on three areas: Science, engineering and technology; Healthy living; and Citizenship.Further information on the history of 4-H may be found in Box 1, Folders 1-3 and at the 4-H website: http://www.4-H.org.The Kentucky 4-H records contain materials which provide rich documentation for the history and mission of the organization on the national, regional, and local levels from the 1920s through the 1990s. Events and programs are represented through records, minutes, statistics, newspaper clippings, educational aids, photographs and audiovisual materials. 4-H weeks and demonstrations are particularly well-documented, as are the National Congresses, the organization's 75th anniversary in 1984, and the planning and completion of the Leadership Center at the Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp.This collection is arranged in seven series by subject or format: I. History and mission II. Projects and activities III. Organization records IV. Publications V. Publicity VI. Audio-visual materials i. Photographs and negatives ii. Color transparencies iii. Audio materials iv. Video materials VII. EphemeraContainer ListSeries I. History and mission, 1936-2000The History and mission series includes papers and publications relating the history of national and regional 4-H clubs. This series also includes materials from Kentucky counties that were collected in preparation for the celebration of the organization's 75th anniversary in 1984. Materials are arranged by topic. 11Mission, circa 1969-198912General history, circa 1936-198913General history, circa 1960s-200014History of extension work, circa 1939-19791575th anniversary -- Daviess County history, 1913-198416-775th anniversary -- history materials, 19841875th anniversary -- Kentucky county information sheets, 1984Series II. Projects and activities, 1925-1999The Projects and activities series contains correspondence, clippings, programs, and photographs relating to events sponsored by 4-H including: 4-H week, learning workshops, conferences for 4-H educators and officers, and demonstrations. Materials are arranged by topic and chronologically therein.194-H week, 1925-19991104-H week, 1950-19701114-H week, 1974-19751124-H week, 1976-1977214-H week, 1978224-H week, 1979234-H week, 1980244-H week, 1981-1985254-H week, 1986-1989264-H week, 1990-199927-84-H Council, training, October 29-31, 1976294-H Council , 1980-1981210Career conference, InterAmerica Research Associates, 1980211Kentucky 4-H Volunteer Leader Forum, March 5-6, 198231Community Pride, circa 1974-197532Computer training project, 1980-198133Miscellaneous projects and events, 1952-1995Series III. Organizational records, 1928-1995The Organizational records series contains documents created and maintained by the organization including statistics, training materials, financial information, member lists, reports, and minutes. There is a significant amount of material in this series relating to the construction of the Kentucky 4-H Leadership Center in Jabez, Kentucky including: proposals, grant information, invoices, construction plans, correspondence, and maps. Materials are arranged by topic and chronologically therein. 34Kenton County 4-H Club notebook, circa 1928354-H agent training materials, circa 197836Rural youth in Kentucky report, 196937"Annual Extension Plan of Work" , 1981-198238"Four Year Extension Plan of Work," staff version, 1983-198739"Four Year Extension Plan of Work," administrative version, 1983-1987310Lists of competition participants, 1981-1990311Lists of competition participants, 199141Competition participant information, 199142State Extension Council minutes, 1975-198043State Extension Council minutes, 1981-198344State Extension Council minutes, 198445State Extension Council minutes, 198546State Extension Council minutes, 1987-199247Leaders Council minutes, 1971-197548Leaders Council minutes (including constitution and bylaws), 197649Leaders Council minutes, 1977-1990410Staff meeting minutes, 1971-1972411Staff meeting minutes, 1973412Staff meeting minutes, 1974413Staff meeting minutes, 1975414Staff meeting minutes, 197651Staff meeting minutes, 1977-199352KAE4HA (Kentucky Association of Extension 4-H Agents) meeting minutes, 1985-198753KAE4HA meeting minutes, 1988-199254KAE4HA meeting minutes, 1993-199555Teen Council members, 1977-198756Statistics, 1970-197657Statistics, 1977-197958Statistics, 1979-198059Statistics, 1981-1982510Statistics, 1983-1987511Statistics, 1991-1992512Statistics, 1992513Friends of Kentucky 4-H statements of cash receipts and disbursements, 1983-1986514Funding requests and budgets, 1979-1981; 1988-198961Leadership Center: Area directors' letters to Dana Barnhart, 197962Leadership Center: Foundation proposals, 198563Leadership Center: Foundation proposals, 1985-198664Leadership Center: County participation, 1985-198665Leadership Center: County fundraising, 1984-198666Leadership Center: Fundraising contacts and information, 198467Leadership Center: Offers of grants, 1984-198568Leadership Center: Donors, 1987-198869Leadership Center: Steering group, September 1984-June 1985610Leadership Center: Steering group, July-December 1985611Leadership Center: Steering group, January-June 1986612Leadership Center: Steering group, July 1986-August 198971Leadership Center: Subsurface report and Cultural Resource Assessment, 198472Leadership Center: Deed and property management agreement, 1983-198573Leadership Center: Owner/architect agreement and floor plans, circa 1982-198474Leadership Center: Groundbreaking, May 5-6, 198575Leadership Center: Phase II invoices and approvals, April-October 198676Leadership Center: Phase II invoices and approvals, November 1986-199077Leadership Center: Phase III, December 1987-August 198978Leadership Center: Phase III, September 1989-September 199079Leadership Center: Invoices and financial information, circa 1984-June 1985710Leadership Center: Invoices and financial information, July-November 1985711Leadership Center: Invoices and financial information, December 1985-December 1987712Leadership Center: Dedication, March-September 198781Leadership Center: Facilities and staff, 1986-198782Leadership Center: Rates and regulations, 198783Miscellaneous organizational records, circa 1950-1988Series IV. Publications, 1949-2000The Publications series contains newsletters, public reports, project books, yearbooks and general information published by 4-H and the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Materials are arranged by publication name and topic. 84"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, November 1969-December 197185"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, January 1972-December 197286"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, January 1973-December 197387"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, January 1974-September 197488"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, October 1974-April 197589"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, June 1975-May 1976810"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, June 1976-December 197691"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, January-September 197792"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, October 1977-April 197893"For Your Information" -- extension newsletter, May 1978-April 1979944-H newsletter, March 1979-July 1980954-H newsletter, August 1980-December 1982964-H newsletter, January 1983-July 1985974-H newsletter, August 1985-April 1987984-H newsletter, May 1987-January 199099"Family Life" newsletter, July 1974-March 1976910"Orbit" newsletter for 4-H week, 1975-1976911"Spotlight" newsletter, 1978-1982101"Spotlight" newsletter, 1983-1990102"Spotlight" newsletter, 1993-1995103"Spotlight" newsletter, 1997-20001044-H project publications, circa 1955-2002105General extension publications, 1973-1977106Yearbooks, 1971-1976107Handbooks and local publications, circa 1949-1975108Workshop and training materials, circa 1980-1991109Extension public reports, 1968; 1976; 1977111Extension public reports, 1979; undated112Extension public reports, 1986; 1987; 1988; undatedSeries V. Publicity, circa 1950s-2001The Publicity series includes newspaper clippings, public relations materials, and inter-organizational publicity materials. Materials are arranged according to format.113Clippings, circa 1950s-1992114Public relations materials, circa 1970-2001115"New Direction" newsletter and correspondence, 1973Series VI. Audiovisual materials, circa 1929-1999The Audiovisual materials include photographic prints in black and white and color, negatives, color transparencies, audio cassettes, and video cassettes. Documented subjects include 4-H camp, demonstrations, awards ceremonies and dinners, group events, and portraits. Subseries i. Photographs and negatives, circa 1929-1993Includes photographs and negatives documenting various 4-H events including annual national congresses, demonstrations in agriculture and home economics, camp, outings and awards. A photograph index was included which correlates with numbered photos. It is not exhaustive and not all photographs named in index are found within the collection. Photographs which were numbered are marked with that number on their envelope and are ordered numerically.117Photograph index, circa 1947-1952121-3Number range 1-3; a dinner event, circa 1945-1959124Number 4; group of men in suits, circa 1945-1959125-11Number range 5-11; tractor judging event, circa 1945-19591212-23Number range 12-28; home economics demonstrations, circa 1945-19591224-25Number range 29-30; handing out literature at 4-H week, circa 1945-19591226-29Number range 31-34; agriculture demonstrations, circa 1945-19591230Number 36; playing volleyball, circa 1945-19591231-36Number range 37-43; outdoor demonstrations, circa 1945-19591237-38Number range 44-45; baseball game, circa 1945-19591239-44Number range 47-52; sheep demonstration, circa 1945-19591245-48Number range 53-57; Camp Bingham, circa 1945-19591249-95Number range 61-106; livestock demonstrations, circa 1945-1959131-38Number range 107-135; livestock demonstrations, circa 1945-19591339-43Number range 136-141; fashion revue, circa 1945-19591344-83Number range 142-187; livestock demonstrations, circa 1945-19591384-85Number range 190, 191; men in a classroom, circa 1945-19591386-93Number range 192-199; tractor judging event, circa 1945-1959141Number 200; tractor judging event, circa 1945-1959142-10Number range 204-222; fashion revue, circa 1945-19591411-13Number range 224, 226, 230; miscellaneous demonstrations, circa 1945-19591414-20Number range 232-241; miscellaneous group photos, circa 1945-19591421-28Number range 243-259; home economics demonstrations, circa 1945-19591429-68Number range 263-304; livestock demonstrations, circa 1945-19591469Number 306; tractor judging event, circa 1945-19591470-71Numbers 323, 336; fashion revue, circa 1945-19591472-73Numbers 339, 341; 1949 officers, 19491474Number 399; livestock demonstrations, circa 1945-19591475Number 427; Kentucky delegates on the bus, circa 1945-19591476Number 442; UK President Herman Donovan with 4-H members, circa 1945-19591477-80Number range 476-517; fashion revue, circa 1945-19591481-84Number range 521-523; 1950 officers and nominees, 19501485-95Number range 524-536; 1950 Junior Week demonstrations, 1950151-10Number range 537-546; 1950 Junior Week demonstrations, 19501511-20Number range 576-595; livestock demonstrations, circa 1945-19591521Number 682; "Jack Heller", 19581522Number 711; UK President Herman Donovan with 4-H members, circa 1945-19591523-28Number range 726-745; 1951 members and officers, 19511529-31Number range 751-753; 1951 demonstrations contestants and winners, 19511532-39Number range 754-761; miscellaneous demonstrations, circa 1945-19591540-50Number range 762-772; swimming, 19511551-55Number range 773-777; party at Memorial Coliseum, 19511556-64Number range 778-786; ceremonies and election results, 19511565-66Numbers 787-788; group photos, circa 1945-19591567Number 789; "Mason County demonstration team", 19511568-69Number 790; "Jim Meadows", circa 1945-19591570-73Number range 791-794; fashion revue, 19511574Number 795; "Talent night, Mercer County flutephone [sic] band", 19511575-95Number range 796-817; fashion revue, 1951161-29Number range 818-842; fashion revue, 19511630-80Number range 843-899; livestock demonstrations, circa 1945-19591681-86Number range 900-905; booths at the national 4-H convention, circa 1945-19591687Number 906; dairy cattle award presentation, circa 1945-19591688-89Numbers 941-942; meeting at Memorial Hall, circa 1945-19591690-95Number range 943-948; meeting at Memorial Coliseum, circa 1945-1959171-2Numbers 949-950; meeting at Memorial Coliseum, circa 1945-1959173-6Number range 951-954; outdoor event, circa 1945-1959177-8Numbers 955-956; fashion revue, circa 1945-1959179Number 957; talent show, circa 1945-19591710-15Number range 958-963; awards ceremony, circa 1945-19591716-17Numbers 964-965; square dancing, circa 1945-19591718-20Number range 966-969; a human clover formation, circa 1945-19591721-23Number range 970-972; 3 people [officers?], circa 1945-19591724-53Number range 973-1001; fashion revue, 19521754-75Number range 1002-1023; miscellaneous outdoor demonstrations, circa 1945-19591776-79Number range 1024-1027; outdoor event, circa 1945-19591780Number 1104; 2 girls with 4-H patches on their sleeves, circa 1945-19591781Meeting at Memorial Hall amphitheater, undated1782"Dr. [Otis] Singletary", undated1783"Rev. Samuel Vander Meer", undated1784"Dean Alvin Morris", undated1785"Betty Jean Brannan", undated1786"Aerial view of IBM", undated1787"Dr. John L. Ragland", undated1788"Mr. Ike Ison", undated1789"Dr. John C. Robertson", undated1790-96Older Youth Conference, 1975181-31Older Youth Conference, 19751832-51Older Youth Conference, negatives, 19751852"Tommy Herndon", undated1853"Charles Louis Mathis", 19561854"Mark Moore", undated1855-664-H Club dinner, Hodgenville; negatives, January 13, 195518674-H Club dinner, Campbellsville, Green County group; negatives, January 12, 195518684-H Club dinner, Campbellsville, Russell County group; negatives, January 12, 195518694-H Club dinner, Campbellsville, Marion County group; negatives, January 12, 19551870Estill County group, Beattyville dinner; negatives, undated1871-724-H dinner, Central Division; negatives, February 10, 19551873-824-H dinner, La[?] center; negatives, January 5, 19551883Spencer County group at Elk Creek School dinner; negatives, undated1884Oldham County group at Elk Creek School dinner; negatives, undated1885Henry County group at Elk Creek School dinner; negatives, undated1891-1034-H dinner, Madisonville; negatives, January 13, 195518104-105Shelby County group at Elk Creek School dinner; negatives, undated18106Formal event; negatives, undated191-3Extension specialists, undated194-8Miscellaneous demonstrations, circa 1940s-1960s199-10Cooking demonstrations, circa 1940s-1960s19114-H 20th anniversary cake, circa 1930s1912-16Fashion revue, circa 1940s-1960s1917-19Miscellaneous demonstrations, circa 1940s-1960s1920"Claude Howard" , undated1921"Kyle Ramey", undated1922"Art Morgan", undated1923"Jim Shaffer -- Ireland", undated1924"Eloise Lorch -- Denmark", undated1925-26"James Stacey", undated1927"Rachel Johnson", circa 1940s-1960s1928"Sue Dossett", circa 1940s-1960s1929"Mamie[?] M[?] Toyle[?]", circa 1940s-1960s1930"Mo[?] Perry", circa 1940s-1960s1931Swimming pool, circa 1940s-1960s1932-33"Hope Daugherty -- speaker", undated1934Governor Paul Patton with students, circa 1995-20031935-37Leadership center groundbreaking, May 19851938-39Governor Brereton Jones declares 4-H week, 19931940-67Older Youth Conference, 19751968-693 men with an award, undated201-2Fashion revue, circa 1940s-1960s203Home economic demonstration -- girl at desk, circa 1940s-1960s204Awards ceremony, circa 1940s-1960s205-16Fashion revue, circa 1940s-1960s2017"Regional Recreational and Rural Arts champions with officials of the U.S. Rubber Co.", 19542018"Urban woodworking", 2019-20Older Youth Conference, group portraits, 19752021Outdoor event, "circa 1930s"2022Group with '4-H week' brochures, circa 1940s-1950s2023"32nd National 4-H Club Congress, Chicago", November 29-December 3, 19532024Contact sheet showing a 4-H event, undated2025"4-H Camp Bingham?", undated2026Kentucky delegates to 4-H Club camp, 19342027"Lamp shade demonstration", circa 1940s-1960s2028Group of 5 boys, "Herald-Leader", June 9, 19542029"Singer Get-Acquainted Breakfast," Chicago, December 1, 19542030Fashion revue, circa 1940s-1960s20312 girls reading a newsletter, "Herald-Leader", June 8, 19542032Fashion revue, circa 1940s-1960s2033Cooking demonstration, circa 1940s-1960s2034Exhibit at national 4-H event, circa 1940s-1960s2035-46Miscellaneous demonstrations, circa 1940s-1960s2047Sock hop, circa 1940s-1960s2048"Dale Sta[?] and Billy Ridgeway," dairy cow judging, circa 1940s-1960s2049-50Group of girls on a lawn, circa 1940s-1960s2051Tomb of unknown soldier, Washington, D.C. , undated2052Washington Monument, July 18, 19292053-61Older Youth Conference , 197520623 men opening gates of Feltner Memorial 4-H Camp, circa 1970s2063"Wayne Baxter, G.H. Karnes, George Trotter, Editor", 196420643 men looking at a check, undated20653 students with "clover power" poster, circa 1960s-1970s2066Governor Brereton Jones declares 40H week, 19932067-76Leadership center site and groundbreaking, circa 1970s-1985211-74-H week, undated218-16"Historic Martin County (Ky.) photos;" note attached: 'Ask Gene Ball about these', circa 1940s-19762117Older Youth Conference, 1975221-3"Kentucky 4th American Heritage Conference; " panoramic photos, March 30-April 5, 1991Subseries ii. Color transparencies, circa 1970s-1991Includes slides for local/regional programs or events, and scenes from National 4-H Conference(s) in Washington, D.C. Arranged in containers by topic.231Nutrition program slides, 1-22 of 48, May 14, 1982232Nutrition program slides, 23-48 of 48, May 14, 1982233National 4-H Conference, 1-23 of 80, 1990234National 4-H Conference, 24-46 of 80, 1990235National 4-H Conference, 48-69 of 80, 1990236National 4-H Conference, 70-80 of 80; National 4-H Conference, 1-11 of 80, 1990; 1991237National 4-H Conference, 12-34 of 80, 1991238National 4-H Conference, 35-57 of 80, 1991239National 4-H Conference, 58-80, 19912310"Spotlight on Management," 1-25 of 50, undated2311"Spotlight on Management," 25-50 of 50, undated2312"Something to Sing About," 1-25 of 60, undated2313"Something to Sing About," 25-50 of 60, undated2314"Something to Sing About," 51-60 of 60; "What is 4-H?" 1-12 of 60, undated2315"What is 4-H?" 13-36 of 60, undated2316"What is 4-H?" 37-60 of 60, undated2317"Outdoor group scenes;" "Night Sights," Washington, D.C., 27 slides, undated2318"Sightseeing," Washington, D.C., 25 slides, undated2319"Sightseeing;" "Luggage and bus scenes," Washington, D.C., 23 slides, undated2320"Congress," "Getting settled in," "Tomb of the Unknown," "Bookstore," 25 slides, undated241"Banquet," "Meeting," 24 slides, undated242"Meeting," "Kentucky Older Youth Conference, D.C.," 23 slides, undated243"Kentucky Older Youth Conference, D.C.," 29 slides, undated244"Kentucky Older Youth Conference, D.C.;" "Odds and ends," 21 slides, undated245"Odds and ends," 16 slides, undatedSubseries iii. Audio materials, circa 1970s-1991Cassette tapes and scripts which accompany slide presentations.116"Nutrition Program" slide script; "What is 4-H?" slide script, 1982; undated251"National 4-H Conference" , 1990252"National 4-H Conference" , 1991253"Spotlight on Management", undated254-5"Something to Sing About", undated256"What is 4-H?", undated257"O4C", undated258"Using Community Resources", undated259"Growth and Development of Youth", undated2510"Collegiate 4-H slide set", undatedSubseries iv. Video materials, circa 1983-1999Cassette tapes and scripts which accompany slide presentations.261"Citizenship-Washington Focus, American Heritage; Kentucky -- Coleman White," Scotch 3M UCA 30 Color Plus, broadcast quality U-Matic videocassette, undated262"Energy Challenge dub, edited," Scotch MBU 18s Color Plus, broadcast quality mini-U-Matic videocassette, January 10, 1983263"UK TV News, 4-H Senior Conference (2 segments)," Fuji T-30 VHS videocassette, 1998264"UK TV News, 4-H Senior Conference (2 segments)," Fuji T-30 VHS videocassette, June 1998265"The Aquatic Maestro, 4-H Preview Unit1," 3M SP Broadcast VHS videocassette, undated266"4-H Senior Conference TV news coverage; Mock disaster -- car accident, Channel 18 and 27; Quilts -- Channel 18," 3M T-30 Broadcast VHS videocassette, 1999Series VII. Ephemera, circa 1970s-1990sThe Ephemera series contains 4-H vanity plates, buttons and pins.118(2) 4-H vanity plates, plastic, undated119Award certificates, circa 1988-1991271(2) 75 year anniversary medallions, 1984272-3(2) Kentucky 4-H buttons with horse illustration, undated274(1) "I am the key" button, undated275(2) "Kentucky" pins, blue plastic, undated276(1) "Clover Power" button, undated277(2) Green "4-H alumnus" buttons, undated278-9(2) Green "Kentucky 4-Hers Do It Better" buttons, undated2710(2) "I [heart] 4-H" buttons , undated2711(2) "4-H For Youth, For America" buttons, undated2712(1) Kentucky 4-H pin, green and white plastic, undatedKentucky 4-H records, 1926-2000