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The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, APRIL 27 1916, VOL. VIII. SENIORS WILL MEET UNIVERSITY ALUMNI TWELFTH MIGHT' TO BE FROM KENTUCKY "Swatting" Ability Puts Buckeye Men Out of State's Class ER'RORS LL BOYS Co-ed- s Are To Star Unique Shakespeare In Production PLENTIFUL MAY 6 IS THE DATE The cast of Twelfth Night," said to be the best ever selected by the and the record of the Wildcats for this Phllosophian Literary Society, will bo year was dimmed somewhat by the ready for the performance of the play efforts of the lads from the Buckeye to be given May 6 on Patterson Hall The baseball aggregation from Ohio State University has come and gone i? . State, since twice In as many days the wearers of the blue and white were forced to take the short end of the score as a result of the swatting ability of the visitors. . The game Friday was played In typical football weather with a strong wind' sending a cold gale across the athletic field, making the work of the players very disagreeable and causing the few loyal supporters who had ventured out, shlverlngly to depart, singly and In groups, until the bleachers strongly resembled an apple tree In late November. Things never looked brighter for the blue and white than at the start of the game. Two runs were gleaned from the offerings, of Wright of Ohio in the initial session and the small bunch of heroes in the stands went wild. Gloom followed Immediately when the Ohioans took their turn'in the next inning. All precedents were destroyed when House, one of the visitors, connected with one of Cooper's crooked ones for a home run, the ball clearing the fence in left field by a good margin. In the succeeding round the swat- ters from Ohio, aided by a wobble or two, co'Atributed by the awed added four more counters to their original tally, continued the slaughter in the next chapter and when the smoke finally cleared from the scene of the encounter the visitors had managed to collect a total of sixteen runs, while the cats by diligent perseverance boasted of four. Cooper retired in the second round, giving place to Ireland, who wont the remainder of the journey. The score and summary follow: lawn. Miss Darnall, as "Viola," the girl who dons her brother's clothes and takes the part of a page, could not be surpassed. Miss Darnall Is having appeared in other college plays. Miss Anna E. Lewis, as "Duke who makes her first appearance on the stage, plays most naturally this character. Miss Becker has taken the part of "Olivia," formerly announced to be taken by Miss Sullivan, who was compelled to give it up, on accepting a position in Richmond. Miss Becker is well fitted for the part. The other characters are showing skill in handling the minor, yet essential parts. Rehearsals are being held every night and much enthusiasm is being shown. The cast follows: Anna E. Lewis Duke Orsino Mary Hamilton Valentine Sir Tobey Belch Cecelia Cregor Sir Andrew Aguecheek Alene Kavanaugh Sebastian Vivian DeLaine Antonio Elizabeth Farra Miriam Horine Friar Malvolio Alma Bolser Clown Edith Sachs Nell Crawford Fabian June Sale Roberto Ina Darnall Viola Marie Becker Olivia Era Deboej Officer OHIO. j, Will Give Its First Program In the University Chapel May 12 s, AB. R. H. PO. A. E. C. Robinson, rf. ... a 2 3 0 0 0 (H Norton, ss Friedman, ss Welf, If tWeber, If S. Robinson, cf House, lb Skelly, 3b Heatherington, 2b.. Jones, c Blake, c Wright, p tPutnam, p Totals Helioved Tho following letter was recently received by tho senior class: To the Senior Class of '1C: Ladies and Gentlemen: You are about to graduate and become mem bers of tho body alumni of tho University. It seems very desirable therefore that the class of '16 have a sort meeting at some con of venient place in the nenr futuro and give the representatives of the Alum ni Association an opportunity to meet vith you and tell you something of and the the alumni organization dreams of the alumni for a greater University and a greater Kentucky. I trust that such a meeting can be arranged to take place not later than Thursday, May 4. Sincerely yours, J. D. TURNER, Secretary. Arrangements have been made for the Alumni Association to meet the seniors on Thursday evening, May 4, at 7:30 o'clock. TENNIS. All who are interested in a tennis team to represent the University this year are requested to come to chapel Thursday today at 12 o'clock. There will be a team if the students want one. Three schools lulve already asked for meets. FOR SOUTHERN TRIP Three Regulars Probably Will Be Missing From the TEAM IS Line-u- p Cats Are Able To Stow Inspection, Competitive Away Four Firsts and Drill and Sham Battle Two Seconds Close Year MARSHALL IS FEATURE ELECT NEW OFFICERS Harold Stack and his bunch of track athletes returned home from Nashville Sunday after engaging the Van-dperformers on Dudley Field Saturday and suffering a defeat of 76 to 22. a score This is virtually as as Vandorbilt piled up against State last year, but this time Kentucky was able to account for four firsts and two seconds, whereas, only one first was recorded for the Blue and White boys in 1915. Decidedly the feature of the meet was the hurdling of Marshall, of Kentucky. This man pulled up in front in both the high and low hurdles, running the latter in 27 seconds, establishing a new record for Kentucky. His time in the high hurdles was 17.3. Captain Hickerson threw the discus 100 feet and 2 inches and won the event. Otten was the other man to His opwin a first for Kentucky. ponents only forced him to go 9 feet 11 inches in the pole vault. was nosed out by inches in the hundred and again ran second to Tur ner in the 220. Vanderbilt took all of the remaining events, including the high jump, hammer, quarter, half, mile and relay. Georgetown will send her track representatives here Saturday to hold the second consecutive meet. Georgetown won he meet on Hinton Field last year by a very narrow margin. State expects to get revenge in spite of the disastrous result at Vanderbilt. y one-side- Grab-feld- CONFIDENT i GLEE CLUB RETURNS Seriously handicapped by the of two players and possibly a of Kentucky third, tho University baseball team will leave tonight for Knoxville, Tennessee, to play a series Friday and Saturday afternoons. Shortstop Waters and "Senator" Crum, two of tho heaviest wield-er- s of tho willow, will not take the ' trip because of mattors which will necessitate hero. their presence "Dutch" Schrader, who has been sick for tho past sovoral days, may not be able to go on the trip. In spite of handicaps tho team is full of "pop" and confident of victory. Curtis Park, captain, will do the receiving. Grubbs, G. Park, Ireland and Cooper aro tho hurlors who will Kolloy will probably bo bo taken. stationed at tho initial sack, tho rest TO THE LIMELIGHT 2 2 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 5 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 3 2 1 2 0 0 Club 4 3 2 9 0 0 3 0 0 3 I 0 3 1 0 0 2 0 4 1 0 10 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 2 1 0 3 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 39 10 11 27 10 0 once hold in collego activities on the night of May 12, when Manager "Doc" Rico's entertainers will hold full sway In tho Univorsity chapel. Desplto a lapse of one year without ronmlnlng pract.'cally of tho line-ua gleo club, tho present organization tho same as In provlous games this promises a return to the stago that bids well to "mako up for lost time." season. Rehearsals have boon held under the Tho game scheduled for yestorday MANY NEW FEATURES Tho University will of Kentucky Gleo return to tho limelight it C. L. Bennett, of tho Lexafternoon with tho team from West-rington Collego of Music, for the past Reserve was canceled on account direction of (Continued on Page 2) I CHAPEL WEDNESDAY two-gam- e 1 (Continued on Page 3)" LOSE AT VAHDERBUILT Kentucky-Georgetow- 0 tRoliovd Wolf in eighth. 1 well-know- SPECIAL EVENTS MARK 5 Norton in eighth. 30 of a drizzling rain and wet grounds. n Editor of Independent Talks on "Federation of Nations" STATES PLAIN FACTS n The dismissal of the University battalion for the year was made last week with a series of noteworthy events including a sham battle and annual inspection on Thursday followed by Individual and company competitive drill on Friday. The announcement of the officers of the battalion for the ensuing year was an additional feature. At 10:00 a. m. Thursday the, battalion assembled for annual Inspection and presented an excellent ap Captain J. Kingman, of pearance. the United States Army General Staff, the inspecting officer, seemed well pleased with their work. In the afternoon the forces were divided into an offensive and a defensive party and engaged in a sham battle. The defensive party under Captain L. J. Heyman, was stationed in front of and to the right and left of the Administration Building and the offensive force under the direction of Major R. F. Albert, was sent to attack this defending force from the st over the city dumps. The mock battle was carried out with a snap and vigor that made it seem highly real. It was under rather adverse weather , conditions that the battalion was call-together Friday afternoon for the ed An occasional drill. competitive sprinkle of cold rain made it very difficult for the cadets to carry out their work but they went through the program in unexpectedly good style. In the individual competitive drill r men J. A. Milton, among the of this city, was the winner of the men medal. Among the second-yea- r T. B. Peak, of Lagrange, came forth victorious. In the company competitive drill Company A was declared tho Avlnner and Captain Ben Mahoney was presented with a new saber as is tho annual custom. this Tho success of the battalion year is large due to Major R. F. Albert, who has been acting commandant sinco tho departure of Lieutenant Major Albert has carUnderwood. ried out tho work with a thoroughness milicharacteristic of a tary man and Is deserving of high commendation. Tho officers for tho battalion for tho forthcoming year will bo as follows: Major B. L. Frazlor. Captain and Adjutant G. M. Hill. M. Captain and Quartermaster Montgomery. Sergeant Major T. R. Underwood. -- first-yea- Hamilton Holt, editor of tho Independent Magazine, addressed the student body In chapel yesterday morning on tho subject, "Federation of tho Nations." Mr. Holt is making a tour of tho universities of tho country under tho auspices of tho World's Peace Society. President Barker introduced tho speaker to tho largest audience that has been assembled In tho chapel this year. Mr. Holt said that war was a perfectly legal way of settling disputes between tho nations, although it is not Ho said that thero a moral method. Quartoriuastor woro only threo valid arguments Houncholl. (Continued on Pnge 2) well-traine- Sergeant (Continued on Page, 2), H. L. J