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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

ME KENTUCKY KERNEL 2 Mutual Program FIRST-CLAS- IN S EVERY Go Where the Go's Go. MEET ME AT. APPOINTMENT THE ORPHEUM THEATRE J. Admission 5c OPEN 10:00 A. H. STAMPER, Jr., Owner and Manager. M. TO 11:00 P. M. John a Keller Company makes tho In tho city. Seo Jeff B. ROBARDS, Tailor In order that tho Phoenix Hotel Harris. College Boys' Tailor Suits Dry Cleaned and Pressed - $1.00 Company can bo advised as to tho Suits Pressed 35c All work Guaranteed Help! number of patrons desiring lunch dur 152 S. Limestone hone 1550-In tho oratorical contest which wns Classes have been organized at the ing tho intermission at tho Junior held in chapel last Friday morning, University of Oregon for special inProf. Farquhar, Dr. Terrell William Shlnnick, of Sholbyvillo, rep- Prom Friday night, tickets will bo on struction for tho purpose of correctOffice Thursday salo at tho Business and Mr. McComas Are resentative of tho Patterson Literary ing defoctivo feet of girls. and Friday. opSociety, was victorious. Ho was the Speakers and pointed toed shoes have Every student attending tho dance posed by Clarence Clark, of Owcns-borin ad- a tendency to produce flat feet. A should buy his lunch ticket who represented tho Union Litonly MISS SMITH PRESIDES vance, so tho committeo can arrange recont investigation showed that SUPERIOR VAUDEVILLE erary Society. thrco had "good" feet, and not one with tho Phoenix Hotol Company to Dy winning in this contest Mr. Shin-nicA celebration In honor of the ter perfect take caro of a definite number of peo-pl- had a centenary nnnlversary of Shake' will have tho honor of repre2 NEW SHOWS WEEKLY save the tedious delay waitnnd spearo's death, was hold in chapel senting tho University of Kentucky 3 - - SHOWS DAILY - 3 ing for servlco in tho cafe. Monday morning under the auspices in the intercollcgiato oratorical conPatronize Our Advertisers of the English Club. Professor E. F. test which is to ibe held in Danville, GLEE CLUB RETURNS Farquhar anl Dr. Glanville Terrell de- May 12. MATINEE 10c (Continued from Page 1.) Mc were delivered In livered addresses, and William The two orations NIGHT . of Columbus Hall a former the best style before a large audience. Comas, of Lexington, $1.00 WORTH FOR 10c Shakespearean actor with the Mar Mr. Shinnick's subject was: "Ameri- several months. According to a state Dances Open lowe & Southern Company, gave a ca and the Age of Ideals." Mr. Clark ment of Director Bennett, the gleemen Other College SAME MANAGEMENT reading from Hamlet. Miss Rebecca spoke on "Americans for America." are twenty excellently trained musiSmith presided. cians. Tho Mandolin Club is of ex The judgeB were Professor C. R. Professor Farquhar spoke on "The Professor T. T. Jones and Pro- ceptional merit, while tho quartet Is PRICE $7.50, Pianos Furnished Personality of Shakespeare." He fessor E. F. Farquhar. said to eclipse any that has represent dwelt upon the genius of the man ed the University In several years. B. Phone and showed that talent and genius Features of the Glee Club program HAMILTON HOLT 107 WEST MAIN STREET were widely different. "To be talentwill consist of several songs by Miss BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE (Continued from Page 1) ed," said Professor Farquhar, '.'Is to Elsie Bennett, of the Lexington Col CITY. FINE HOME-MADbe gifted in one direction and is even against war. The first was a moral lege of Music, and selections from CANDIES Cobb. hereditary; genius, on the other hand, reason, based on the commandment, the violin of Edwin Is never transmitted, but depends on The management of the Glee Club "Thou Shalt Not Kill." en a very active The second argument was an eco- will probably schedule William McComas was next on the nomic one, based on the enormous de- gagements and if possible book a tour through the central program. In his characteristic manner When you contemplate struction of property caused by war. ing expedition securing Life or Acciwith a peculiarly impressive style heHe stated that ,n the aat twenty.f0ur part of Kentucky. A more definite dent & Health Insurance read parts of Hamlet and held the in- hours $85,000,000 worth of property program of the club's performance will ask the K. S. U. student terest of his audience throughout. had been ruined. The annual amount be announced later. representing a conservaDr. Glanville Terrell spoke on the t on war per annum amounts to tive, Boston, Mass. , Commuch debated subject, "Who is Will $30,000,000,000. BATTALION DISMISSAL pany to submit a proposiiam Shakespeare?" He said that as The biological argument was the (I e3d raojj ponnpuoo) much as he admired Greek drama he tion. third valid reason given against war, had to concede that Shakespeare is The superior and best men of a nation You need InsurC. Finney. Office Sergeant-- M. ance. He will apthe world's master dramatist. Dr.are alway8 kuled( leavIng the weak Company A. Captain, C. R. Beland; preciate your BusiTerrell, in contrasting the English and d mferIor Five miUIon men have First Lieutenant, L. D. Taylor; First ness. Greek drama, said: "If a Greek could already been Ulled and 10(0oo,000 Sergeant, J. L. Sallee. Address 406 City Bank Bldg. have heard a play of Shakespeare, he'malmed for life. He cited the fact Company B. Captain, E. M. Cobb; would have said, 'what a wonderful that although the men gladly gave up First Lieutenant, T. Wilson; Second barbarian.' " lives for their country, the wo- Lieutenant, J. G. Stewart. First SerSuits Made to Order Dry Gleaning P. WILLIAM SHINNICK TO REPRESENT STATE IN CONTEST MAY 12 IS GREAT SUCCESS E IMPORTANT! bcBt bouquets Y High-heele- d ADA MEADE k toe-lin- o Knights and for Affairs Mel-che- r, 335 J. Treacy, CALAGIS & CO. E tle ( , their COLONIAL men and children suffered most dur- geant, M. W. Smith. MISS ANDERSON ing war. Company C. Captain, D. R. Ellis; DESIGNS BUNGALOW In defining the peace movement, Mr. First Lieutenant, F. R. Granger; Sec Holt said: "The peace movement is1 ond Lieutenant, R. L. Sauer; First Miss Virginia Anderson, daughter the process of doing between the na- - Sergeant, C. W. Clark. of Professor F. Paul Anderson, mem- - tions what has been done within the Company D. Captain, H. A. ber of the home arts class, designed nations." First Lieutenant, W. P. Ringo; Mr. Holt said that The Hague was Secotid Lieutenant, E. S. Lawson; the bungalow which was accepted as a model by the vote of the class. Mr. not a failure, but on the other hand First Sergeant, E. E. Plank. Connell, decorator for the March Fur- - had proved a success sixteen out of Company E. First Lieutenant, Clar' H. M. niture Company, demonstrated to the seventeen times. ence Clark; First Sergeant, class how the (bungalow could be decThe theory of the World's Peace So- Neal. ciety was to have international police orated and furnished throughout. Band Captain and Drum Major, T. After the lecture Mr. March enter- - and an international league of peace C. MoCowan; First Lieutenant, W. F. tained the class with refreshments, for settling disputes between nations Cody; First Sergeant, A. Glickman. Mr. Connell's next lecture will be and although it might never come Color Sergeants D. J. Sullivan and given itiuiiua, inny i, on xexiues, about, the idea was out and could not R. Herndon. A. R. Sergeant, Signal Corps Their Origin and Use." be killed. Professor Anderson was greatly Hunt; Corporal, M. A. McDonald. pleased with the success of his daugh ter and has promised her that he will bluld the house designed by her, ac cording to her own plans. i Pul-lia- AUFeatureProgram Best Screen Best Actors Best Artists Best Pictures Best Producers i Franz Josef Spengler The Photographer in Your Town Has pleased the exacting student and the best people generally for fifteen years. Can he show you? 311 W. Main St. r Hair Cut Shave Phone 1092-- UKULELES MUSIC CLUB. and Hawaiian Guitars We have the y 15c 10c At a meeting of the Music Club Tuesday night Miss Cochran, of tho Lexington College of Music, gave a recital on Grieg and his compositions. In addition Miss Judith Beard gave several instrumental selections and Miss Christine Hopkins a reading. largest line of Hawaiian instruments in the South. ... Koa Wood Ukuleles in case $ 8.00 Koa Wood Ukuieles (Nunes & Co.) 12.50 Koa Wood 15.00 Huudon, or Hawaiian Guitars, (9'strings) complete steel slide and thimales 10.00 Kealakia Ukulele Method 1.00 postpaid upon receipt of check or money order. Sent Taro-patch- es Krausgill Piano Company (EXCEPT SATURDAYS) Don't forget you need flowers for GEO. MARTIN'S BARBER SHOP. tho Prom and Lamp und Cross. Why "LOUISVILLE'S Baatmont, 139 Eaat Main, not order now? 309 WEST WALNUT ST. Opposite Phoenix Hotol. INCORPORATED. MOST COMPLETE MUSIC HOUSE" LOUISVILLE. KY. Young Men Graduates will find this store better than ever prepared to cater to your needs "New Suits, Spring-weig- ht Overcoats, Hats, Shoes, Shirts and Other Haberdashery Dress Suits Reasonably Rented Graves, Cox & Co. INCORPORATED College Fellows Shop