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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY Owing to pemous communications. culiar circumstances an oxcoptlon Ib mado hero. Tho "Who's Who" docs not appear In thcBO columns for tho Bnmo reason that elephants cannot ride In Pullman coaches, namely, lack of space. STUDENTS' FORUM Editor Kentucky Kernel: Dcnr Sir: It lins for many years boon tho ctifltom of your paper to run n "Who's Who" among tho senior class. This Bcoms to mo a good thing and n custom anil It Is with regret that I havo noticed tho absence of this tlmo'honorcd custom in tho pages of your paper published each week. No doubt, tho originators of the movement thought It a creditable Idea, and tholr successors with the exception of this year havo carried forward tho move. Tho old "Who's Who," as I understand It, was simply a "rendering unto Caesar, tho thlngn that arc Caesar's." Howovor, thcro may havo been circumstances present this year under which you could not follow out tho admlrablo prestlgo of your predecessors. But, as a matter of fairness to your constituents, it seems to me that It would bo a very commendablo act on your part to explain In the columns of your paper Just why you havo made such a sudden innovation in your weekly publication. Is it that you havo not tho material, or has some personal affair superseded the function of tho office which you havo tho honor of holding? I trust it is not tho latter. I hope this is not asking too much of you Mr. Editor, just to make tho matter clear, for I have always con sidered you as a man of no mean calibre, with plenty of moral stamina to give a square deal to all. Very truly yours, FAIRPLAY. Wo should llko to call to your notice, dear friend Caesar, tho fact that tho 1916 Kentucklan will contain a "Who's Who" of all seniors who havo paid class dues. EDITOH. Mr. Editor: You recently complained In an editorial becauso thero woro no class basketball games. Why not say something in favor of class baseball? Tho Btudcnts want it. Why should they not havo It? A schedule could bo easily arranged if someone would tnko a llttlo interest In tho mntter. Trusting you will publish this, I am, yours, Respectfully JOHN D. MISS AUBYN CHINN TO TAKE UP HOME EXTENSION WORK of Miss Aubyn Chlnn, Professor Foods and Cookery in the department of Home Economics, has resigned from the University faculty and after Juno 1 will take up Homo Extension work as district agent for Eastern Kentucky with headquarters in Lexington. Miss Chinn will be under the direction of Doctor Mutchler and Mrs. Helen B. Wolcott, State Agent of Home Extension Workers. iMiss Chinn was class of 1907 and a member of the has been an in structor in the University since 1909 It is contrary to the policy of the Her place in the Home Economics Kernel to give attention to anony- - partment will be hard to fill. THE TOGGERY SHOP GRADDY-RYA- CO. N INCORPORATED CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS, SHOES. HATS AND TAILORING De PHONE 903 W. MAIN STREET Show Good Taste in Your Gifts Miss Holladay's Candy and Belle Meade Sweets are Unequaled LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY "Lexington's Bigger and Better Men s Store" Now Showing Spring Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes for College Young Men Also complete line of Hats and Furnishings that are really individual Kaufman Clothing Co. S Ish and rcd'flwcatcrcd athletes continued to mako tho circuit with a marked degrco of regularity. A6ENTSMEET HERE Park was succeeded by Cisco, who lasted Just ono round and was In turn replaced by Grubbs, who llnlslied tho People Prominent Are struggle manfully, allowing but a Scheduled To Speak score In threo innings. At Meeting Tho final count was 9 to 4 and Is a fairly accurate Indication of tho STANLEY WEDNESDAY strength of tho two teams. Tho box score and summary: Tho third annual convention of tho OHIO STATE. Homo Demonstration Agents, Depart-mon- t AB. R. H. PO. A. E. of Homo Economics, opened at C. Robinson, rf. ... 4 1 2 1 0 0 tho Education Building Monday after500521 Norton, ss noon. The sessions will bo held twico 411300 Welf, if. dally for nlno days. All of tho twenty-flvS. Robinson, cf. ... 5 2 3 0 0 0 agents of tho State are In attend 522821 Houso, lb ance. 501110 Skelly, 3b Governor A. O .Stanley will attond Heatherington, 2b... 3 2 0 1 1 0 ono of tho sessions next Wednesday 401720 Jones, c and the program for that day will bo 513120 Potts, p altered so as to afford a convenient time for his talk. 40 9 13 27 10 2 Totals Many prominent speakers and InSTATE UNIVERSITY. structors will deliver addresses durAB. R. H. PO. A. E. ing tho convention, among whom be401301 Scott, 2b ing: Governor Stanley, 0. B. Martin, 310231 Waters, ss Miss Mary E. Creswell, Miss Ola Pow401 Spauldlng, If 20 ell, Dr. N. N. Straughn, all of tho C. 403910 Park, c United States Department of Agricul310000 Mcllvaln, rf ture; Miss Ella E. Agnow, State Agent 300200 Frazier, cf Home Economics Work; Dr. Fred 400340 Schrader, cf Mutchler, Director of Extension; Kelly, 311700 lb Judge H. S. Barker, and Dr. J. H. G. Park, p 111020 Kastle, director of the Experiment Cisco, p 000000 Station. 201000 Grubbs, p sin-gl- o o OHIO GARNERS TWO ..31 Totals 4 8 27- 12 2 Score by Innings: (Continued from Page 1) Ohio 00040410 Relieved Jones In eighth. Kentucky 13000000 Wright in eighth. tRelleved Summary: Earned Runs Kentucky, STATE UNIVERSITY. 3; 8. Ohio, Hits Kelly, . AB. R. H. PO. A. E. Jones, House, Park, Skelly. Three-bas400111 Shrader, 3b Hits House. First on Balls Off 120242 Waters, ss Cisco, 1; off Potts, 5. Struck Out By 402200 Spauldlng, If Park, 3; Cisco, 3; Grubbs, 3. Potts, 6. 411750 C. Park, c Stolen Bases C. Robinson, Welf, C. 401110 Mcllvaln, rf Park. Double PIdys Skelly to House 402211 Frazier, cf to Jones, Hit by Pitcher C. Robin400912 Kelly, lb son by Park; Heatherington by 301321 Scott, 2b Grubbs; Jones by Grubbs. Hits Off Cooper, p 000000 Park, 6 in 5 innings; off Cisco, 3 in 210022 Ireland, p. s innings; off Grubbs, 2 in 2 innings. Time of Game Two 30t 4 7 27 17 9 Totals hours. Umpire Ad. Thomas. Score by Innings. 09 04 Two-bas- e e two-third- 3 Ohio 140 KERNEL 01460110 THESE LEXINGTON FIRMS ADVERTISE IN THE KEN TUCKY KERNEL. NUF CED School looks and Supplies. Tho University Book Store. Lunch Counters and Restaurant. W. F. Oldham. Metropolitan Restaurant. Martin & Stock well. Amusements. Orphoum. Colonial. Ada Meado. Men's Clothing. & Co. Graves-Co- x Kaufman Clothing Co. Graddy-Ryan- . Luby & Alexander. Cluett, Peabody Co. Hardesty's. Women's Clothing. Purcell's. Barber 8hops. Eagle Barber Shop. George T. Martin. Soda Fountain and Confectionery. McGurk Brothers. Calagis & Co. Phoenix Fruit Stand. Photographic Work. Franz Josef Spengler. Humphrey's Studio. Jewelers. Fred J. Helntz. Sporting Goods. Calloway & Co. Shoe Store. Special Shoe Co. S. Bassett & Sons. Drugstore. W. E. Stagg. Lexington Drug Co. Insurance. Joe M. Robinson. Hotel. Phoenix Hotel. Tailors. P. B. Robards. Railroads. Queen & Crescent Printing. Welsh & Murray. Dentist. J. T. Slaton. Taxlcabs. The Taxlcab Company. 316 00020 2 00. 0 Kentucky 4 iSummary: Earned Runs Kentucky, 4; Ohio, 8. Twobaso Hits S. Robinson, 6; C. Robinson, Spalding, Frazier. Home Run House, First on Balls Off Ireland, 4; off Cooper, 1; off Wright, 3; off Putnam, 1. Stolen Bases State, 2; Ohio, 5. Struck Out By Ireland, 5; by Cooper, 5; by Wright, 8; by Putnam, 1. Double Plays Heatherington to Norton to House. Passed Balls Park, 2. Hit by Pitcher By Ireland, Heatherington and Jones. Umpire Hudson. Hits innings; off Off Cooper, 1 in 1 Wright, 4 in 7 innings. Improved weather conditions greeted tho combatants Saturday when the second game of tho series with Ohio was staged. The Kentucky upholders again were off in front and for considerable time had tho scoring all to themselves. George Park who was on tho mound for tho bluo and white, had tho visitors completely at his mercy for four Innings, during which time his team mates pushed four tallies across the scoring station. But then, just to prove that you never can tell, tho Ohloans again got rough as of yoro and proceeded in a very short timo to darken tho horizon of tho ambitious young hurler. Onco started, in ono short Inning they had collected us many runs as had tho native sons in four. Even thou tho bombardment did not dluilu- - LUBY & ALEXANDER MAKE THEM BETTER HIGH GLASS TAILORING, MODERATE PRICES A Wonderful Range From $25. OO to $35 OO AsHigh as $45 As Low as $15 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT 3 WILLIAM E. STAGG, Your Druggist PHONES 2871-91- MAIN & MILL 3 THE PHOENIX HOTEL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITS THE PATRONAGE OF State University Men and Women Special Attention Given Fraternity Banquets and Social Functions C. D. Calloway SUPPLIES & Co BASKET BALL KODAKS 146 WEST MAIN STREET