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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY 4 KERNEL Read This. (Formerly The Idea). PublUhed every Thursday throughout tho College year by the student body of the State University of Kentucky, for the benefit of tho students, alumni and faculty of tho Institution. The winners of the oratorical contests conducted by the Patterson and Union literary societies are given medals in appreciation of their victories and as mementos of important events in their lives. The winner of the championship of the school in oratory and the representative of the University of Kentucky in the State contests receives the satisfaction of having won. Everyone will admit that this is not altogether as it should be. Certainly there should be some recognition of the fact and some honor paid to the young man who is supreme among the students in public speaking. Will not the faculty make some provision for this? Some alumnus could endow a prize of this kind at no great expense. Will not some one give this matter M. J. R. attention? THE KENTUCKY KERNEL is tho official newspaper of the University. of furnishing to its subscribers all the college news of Kentucky, together with a digest of items of Interest concerning the universities of other States and Canada. It li Issued with tho view SUBSCRIPTION, ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Entered at Lexington Postoffico as second-clas- FIVE CENTS PER COPY mail matter. EDITORIAL STAFF. J. FRANKLIN CORN Dart N. Peak Assistant Editor Managing Editor Miss Anita Crabbo "Squirrel Food" William Shlnnlck MIm Rebecca Smith MoClarty Harbison , AthleUc Editor Exchange Editor J. R. Marsh Locals and Law Julia Vnnnrsdnlo. . . .Homo Economics J. T. Qooch Harry Melton Mechanical Herbert Graham Fraternities Mining S. J. Caudill Miss Elsie Heller Education Miss Anna L. Whitworth. . . .Sororities O. D. Nance, Jr Putt. Hall Agrlculturo Eliza Piggott EDITOR-IN-CHIE- REPORTERS. W. T. Cottlngham H. J. Evans Miss Mildred Taylor. BUSINESS STAFF. Estill Woods W. J. Harris F of long green ho rovived sufficiently to go on with tho misery. Tho wedding wns a great bucccss, aside from tho fact that somebody forgot to bring tho ring, tho smnll crowd present, tho punk music, tho' pair, tho bad cold tho minister hnd and tho general lack of Interest. Small details such as tho poor appear nnco of tho bridegroom nml the lack of pulchrltudo in tho brldo nro nlwnys overlooked at weddings." chow The Kentucky Kernel HERE AND THERE 4 Also at Kentucky. Watching their steps with clumsy care, Some reeling youths dnnco by; And flound'ring round tho floor do M. C. Finney Business Manager tear Whilo twanging "uks" do cry. Credits Where Credits Are Due. Your ear is shocked with fearful The Kernel wishes to bring to the attention of the sounds faculty the matter of giving credits toward graduation Thero seems to bo a row; For ov'ry now and then resounds, for participation in University activities not connected "Get off my feet, you cow." with class work. In particular, we believe that college The Kentucky Colonel Says: soda jerker. dramatics and literary society work should be encourNo, suh, I am not for Statewide proon The plaster drops from off the walls aged in this manner. At present the rewards accruing hibition. I live in a dry county now "The bride entered the churchvery The floor creaks and groans, the arm of her father, who was to students taking part in work in the Dramatic Club and that's bad enough. I shall most ill at ease but apparently determined 3ut still thoy Bhout their signal calls and the literary societies, while sufficient to compensate certainly oppose any law that will to see the thing through to the bitter In bawling raucous tones. in a way for time and labor expended, are by no means make a man travel more than two hun- end. Miss Jones was about the most a sufficient acknowledgement by the University of the dred miles for a drink of whiskey, unhandsome bride that ever wore Then suddenly tho meaning clears cheesecloth draped over lier head, and "Practicing for the Prom" debt it owes to these students. The Kernel believes that suh. appears the smile she wore on her face was And when tho timo to dance the faculty, if the matter is brought to its attention, nervy They'll act without a qualm. enough to frighten anybody less This Glad Leap Year. will see the wisdom of assisting these activities to be- "Don't ever propose in the dark," than Smith. However, it is reported by come the forces they should be. More than one memSaid dainty Maymle Chiep, that he owed old man Jones about They have their signals learned heart ber of the teaching corps has already expressed his ap- "Your motto should be 'safety first' two hundred dollars and that the only way he could get even was to marry Each man will do his best So look before you leap." proval of the giving of credits for such work, and there his daughter. Therefore, he marched And ev'ry one will do his part is a possibility that they may be awarded next year. up and took liis medicine like a man. To swipe feed for the rest. Useless Acts. The Stroller play is now a thing of the past. The (Colo.) Silver and Gold. Buying a new pocketbook for the The bridegroom and the best man, organization is to be commended on the excellent play races, Arthur Brown, slippered shamefacedgraduates According to reports, and the spirit displayed by the actors ly down the side aisle and finally although Smith of the University of Pennsylvania are A Cheerful Correction. reached the altar, and the other members of the club in putting it on. The An article appearing in The Times stumbled over a ridge in the carpet actively engaged in the present Eurostage manager is authority for the statement that not pean war. Silver and Gold. less than seventy hours were spent by the cast in actual some two or three weeks since to the and said 'damn' quite audibly. The effect that a man and his wife coming city's most persistent soloist, Miss rehearsal, and that the outside study put on their parts from the Only five institutions whose attendto town both got Whistler, sang in her accusby the players would bring the total amount of time drunk and that the man lost his wife tomed screechy way throughout the ance is over 600 do not admit wospent by them to fully the amount expended in a two-ho- in the time of it and was here next performance, to the great annoyance men. These universities are Harvard, class throughout an entire year's work. Surely it morning in a futile effort to find her, of the best man. Miss Whistler sings Princeton, Dartmouth, Gerard and is not too much to ask that these students be given a was in error in saying the husband on the slightest provocation and it is Georgia. Silver and Gold. it credit or half a credit, if that is too much for the was drunk. We havenot from the man said of her that if she could get to the The first college paper in America drunk neither trenches she could force the soldiers himself that he was same work that brings two credits in class work. Aside drinking and moreover that he doesn't to die with a smile on their faces was started by Daniel Webster at from athletic contests, perhaps nothing gives to the drink at all, otherwise he says the after they had heard one warble. Dartmouth in 1800. It was called tho University so much favorable advertising as the annual story was true. Jackson Times. "Arriving at tho altar, which, by the Gazette. Miami Student. way, was adorned with four decrepit play, and it is just as true that this play is one of the big Women who are out for baseball at The city editor of a dally newspaper palms and a dollar and a half's worth college events of the year. At present all the rewards the University of California will bepease, the once upon a cub the Strollers receive are a modicum of short-live- d glory to a wedding, time sent a him reporter of sweet tho minister, whole bunchO.was gin their spring practice this week. B. to write met by instructing Reverend and the consciousness of work well done. a good story on the affair. The cub Loud, who had been selected probably Miami Student. But it is the literary, societies that need help most. had been educated in a school of jour- because he has the saddest face in the Popularity. The Dramatic Club takes the students' time only for a nalism and knew that a good reporter world. When he reached the fatal Roy "Brown is one of tho most is always truthful; hence he turned words that made the pair eternally part of the year, and the organization is flourishing bound until divorce and alimony, if prominent men in our fraternity." both financially and in reputation. The same cannot be in the following snappy story: Jones "But ho never did anything "One of tho sickliest affairs ever there be such, shall separate them, said of the literary societies. With no funds except the pulled off in our fair city was the Sarah shouted, 'I will,' so loudly that around school." dues assessed against the individual members, and little wedding last evening of Joe Smith and Smith was startled. However, after Roy "No, but he always pays his or no encouragement from the faculty or the student Sarah Jones, which was solemnized tho best man had slipped him a small dues." Illinois Siren. body in general, there is little to attract students to at the Fifth Avenue church. The conthese societies. True, those who win medals and repre- tracting parties are in tho sent the University in debates and oratorical contests city, especially in social circles. Mr. are the recipients of praise and get their reward. But Smith is reputed to bo one of the best COLLEGE MEN ! the rank and file who attend the weekly meetings and in the State and Miss never appear before the public receive nothing but the Jones is known far and wide as tho Have you seen those swell Engbenefit of their experience. The literary societies, in the stupidest and most impossible belle lish Last Shoes we are showing Kernel's judgment, should not only be given credits, but In the older set. Both have beon unthis season? They are sure beauties; made in mahogany calf and if possible an appropriation should be made from the successful In their efforts to get into gun metal calf. They fit like a funds of the University toward maintaining them at a matrimony heretofore, but the match glove and stand the knocks. They high standard. are Just the Shoe for tie Dressy Is regarded as eminently satisfactory 4, 4.50 Young Fellow. Prices, The Kernel believes that the students who do things to tho general public. After a wedand 5.00 the pair. are the ones who should be recognized and assisted and ding trip of two days Mr. and Mrs. we doubt if any member of the faculty would oppose Smith will return to town and will bo The Special Shoe Co. the giving of these credits. However, if there is any ob- at the homo of tho bride's father, who 20 West Main Street, jection to the program suggested in this editorial, the will furnish them free board. Mr. Lexington, Kentucky. editor is at all times ready to give space to a discussion Smith will then return to Robinson's Gy Hanks, Manager. drug store, where he is a prosperous of the matter. i self-sacrifici- ng GOO La-vin- "cut-off- " ur well-know- s