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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL 5 Mechanical Department News SILVER JUBILEE FOR 30 ENGINEERS MAY An Appropriate Celebration Planned For 25th Anniversary of College Hardesty's Quality Shop "History of tho Silk Worm," Tho Sklnnor Silk Company. "Tho Manufacture of Lumber," Tho Lamb-PisLumber Company. "Fancy Shotgun and Rlflo Shooting," Tho Winchester Arms Company. "A Modern Cereal Plant," Tho Cereal Company. h Announces Spring Opening of Tailoring and Hats Spring Opening of Society Brand Clothing Pos-tur- n NOTICE, SENIORS! Tho Silver Jubilee, tho twenty-fiftanniversary of the founding of the College of Mechanical and Electrical will bo appropriately celebrated on May 30th during commencement week. An alumni committee has been appointed to take charge of this event and plans are on foot to havo a large majority of the alumni of this college return to Lerington for the celebration. Nothing definite has been decided as yet, but a tentative program includes the unveiling and dedication of a monument to the first railroad west of the Alleghenles, to be erected In front of Mechanical Hall, appropriate speeches by prominent alumni in anniversary honor of the twenty-fiftof the founding of the College; and a buffet luncheon, served to the visiting alumni and their friends. The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering was established In 1S91 and within this quarter of a century has developed Into one of the leading schools of the University of Kentucky, both in number of matriculates and in number of successful and influential graduates, and in reputation is one of the leading technical colleges in the United' States. The number of graduates Is nearly 400, dis tributed through the United States and other countries of the globe from Siberia to Ceylon. Alumni of this college are being corresponded with at the present time by the committee and the prepara-Itions for the Jubilee are rapidly tak ing definite form. It is expected that a large number of the alumni will return to take part in the activities. h h To those of tho senior class who wero not inclined to havo a pago of our Kentucklan adorned with their photographs, I wish to say sinco tho Kentucklan has now gono to press and no moro decorations can bo inserted therein, that tho entire eight dollars will no longer bo collected, but instead, eight dollars less five the amount voted to tho Kentucklan will be collected. Those who wish to attend tho Prom, the event of the year, and the traditional senior ball, may secure their bids and invitations by paying to W. P. Mayo, treasurer, the three dollars dues to aid in defraying the necessary expenses incurred by the class. O. M. EDWARDS, President. The Tipping Evil. Have you ever walked up the Hill "with a young library under both your arms, met a lady of your acquaintance, and performed a dextrous feat In juggling in order to tip your hat to her? Then this editorial is aimed at you! Haven't we had enough of that sort of thing? Why must the male tip his hat to thirty or more every time he ascends the hill? The only logical reason we can think being a prerogative of for of the masculine sex is that feminine hats won't tip. SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF SWEDEN! Consider the plight of the confirmed sorority fly. He knows half the girls school H,s duty ,s tQ juggJe hig headgear for every fourth person he passes. Is this fair, Is this just, is this equitable for the poor squire of dames? How can he possibly take any text books to class? There should FILM LECTURE SERIES be a substitute. Why not a sweet 'smile and a cheery, "Ah there!" in of commercial Alms place of this manipulation The series ofthe which are being shown at Mechanical chapeau? THE TIPPING EVIL MUST iHall is proving of great educational GO! Cardinal. Talue to those who are fortunate enough to attend, as by this means In Hootier-land- . great industrial plants and engineer- Cunning Kitty of Kokomo, ing projects are brought to the stu- Turned the light In the parlor low, dent who would otherwise have no op- While she spooned with her pink-eyeportunity of coming in contact with beau. such works. Good for Kitty of Kokomo! Saturday morning a set of films Washington Courier. from the Barber Asphalt Company, illustrating the great asphaltum lakes How about your corsage bouquet at JTrinidad, the methods of obtain for the dance Friday night? See Jeff ing the asphalt and its application to Harris and get the best. various forms of roadways. Films were shown Monday afternoon coverHis Ambition. ing the manufacture of a, modern hat. "Young man, what profession do were sent out by the These pictures you expect to follow when you grow John B. Stetson Company. up?" Wednesday night two especially in"I'm going to be a doctor," anteresting films were shown, covering young man, taking out a construction of the Panama Canal swered the the notebook and pencil. "May I count and the operation of the motor control on you to save your appendix for me?" boards at the various locks. Judge. Other films to be shown this week, to which any persons Interested are invited, are: NOTICE! Modem d anilities and Efficiency Secure Award Martin & StockwelTs SOUTH . r Kestaurant limestone 111 . MEDAL Most State men know us. Meal Tickets. Let us meet you Prize for which practically all railroads in United States competed, awarded to OUR BASKETS OF FRUIT Crescent Route Queen (Si safety and accident prevention during For utmost progress cTVIAKE LOVELY GIFTS H. C. KING, Passenger and Ticket Agent Where all is Well and Good HARRIMAN GOLD Phoenix Fruit Store in the year 1915. Steel Equipment - Improved Roadbed - Safety Devices For fares, etc-- , apply to nearest Ticket Agent. 118 PHONE 49 E. MAIN ST. LEXINGTON, KY. Benkart & Fotsch, Why Not Gut Of the Two Gars of Filler? It takes 400,000 cars to carry Fertilizers to our farmers 107 South Limestone Street Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Block Lexington, Ky. FIRST-CLAS- WORK S McGURK'S Candy Hot Chocolate, Home-mad- e and Ices Proprietors Eagle Barber Shop g - Park," The Northern i down-trodde- n "Yellowstone See Display Window Metropolitan Restaurant The Place for Good Things to Eat GUARANTEED GOTHIC every season. Forty per cent. is Filler. 2 cars out of 5 Order higher grades'and Nitrate of Soda for your active Nitrogen and save freight. ARROW Have Your Annual The greater producing capacity of fertilizers without much filler means bigger for railroads and bigger tonnage purchases by farmers. Send for "Cost of Available Nitrogen." THE NEW HUMPHREY high-gra- 2 tor 2Sc Photos Made By COLLAR IT FITS THE CRAVAT out-bou- DR. WM. S. MYERS, Director 23 Madlsoa Ave., NewYork University Is to have a Btadlum larger than the Yale "bowl." The new stadium will have a seating capacity of 20,000 and can be fixed It will cover more to seat 40,000. than six acres. Ga. Technique. 341 W. Main Same Rates-Sam- e Phone Syracuse 263 L Cooa Work TAXICABS 2558 FAYETTE MOTOR OO. Main Strut. Rati 25c par PaMf SHOES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY Chattanooga, Tennessee. $7.95 Round Trip FOR COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN. Visit ut and tee our excellent Unci. Special attention to University people. S. Bassett C& Sons 238 West Main Street. FROM LEXINGTON Account U. S. Army Training Camp. Tickets On Sale April 30, Corner Limestone and Winslow May 1, 2 and 3. final limit for return-3- 6 The University Store. days All county appointees who have not For full particu'ars call on or Pacific Railway Co. filed their railroad receipts please do address "The Making of High Grade Tools." bo before the first duy of May. Seo H. C. KING. Passenger and Tho Starrett Tool Co. delinquent list on bulletin boards. "Walkover Shoes," Walkover Shoe Signed, Ticket Agent Phone 49 BUSINESS AGENT. 118 E. Main St. Compamj. lunch Counter Open Seven Days and Nights Especially on Sunday Full Line of STATIONERY and SUPPLIES W. F. OLDHAM