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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

c fHE KENTUCKY KERNEL ihmk Corner Co-E- d Hall Gayle. PlM larker. The marriago of Mlsa Hattio Pigg, Lexington papers linvo recently contained notices of tlie nppronchlnf? mar- of Richmond, to H. Y. Barker, Kenriage of Miss Jennie HrII, of Franklin, tucky 'It", was solemnized April 24, at to Hubbard Oaylc, Kentucky '14, on Richmond. Mr. and Mrs. Barker will May 27. Mr. Gayle and his bride will1mnko thcIr 1,omo ,n Barbcrtown, Ohio attend the '14 class reunion during wl,cro Mr- - Barker is superintendent Company plant. commencement week at the Univer- - of 1,10 Bubcock-WllcoH. Y. Barker was graduated from eity. College of Mechanical and Electri"Hub" Gayle was n prominent stu- tho Engineering of tho University In dent in the Agricultural College, nnd cal lnt year's class, and has many friends is now connected with the Mississippi here who will read of his marriage Agricultural College. with great interest. x Doi't Fail To Read PurcelPs StoreNews 326 W. Main St., Lexington. Publishei Times t In News of the Style Changes and the Special Values Offered. Vera 1 Dal.. Pap Society & Club Pins In Solid Gold ORDEK. FROM HEADQUARTERS HEINTZ 123 EAST MAIN ST. THE PHOENIX We Do Watch and Jewelry Repairing v DENTIST For any kind of dental service call on Woman's Club. The Home Economics Department of the Wonfan's Club of Central Kentucky offered as its program Saturday afternoon, a demonstration of canning fruits and vegetables by Misses Johnnie Cramer and Linda Purnell, students in the Home Economics Department of the University. The Watt. Professor: "Mr. J what Is the unit of power?" J. "What?" "Correct, sir, sit down." Professor: Silver and Gold. Dr. l!i7 CIIKAPSIDB J. T. Slaton Office hours 8 a. m. 8 p. in. Phon PATTERSON HALL NEWS. UNION. The flnnl meeting of tho Economics Club for the present year will bo held tonight In tho Education Building at 8 o'clock. A ahort program will bo given after which there will be a round tablo discussion among the members, and planB will bo laid for next year. Following this now officers will bo elected nnd refreshments will bo served. Anyone interested in public problems is invited to bo Tho Union Literary Society held Its annual declamatory contest in tho society hall last Friday evening. There J. B. Hutsonr wero four contestants. whoso subject was "Ideals of Today," Tho following girls were in Louis-villR. L. Duncan, "Bolshazzar's Feast." for EaBter and the K. E. A.: M. C. Finney, "Vision of Sir Launfal," ary Hamilton, Mildred Graham, Laura E. E. Kelley, "Tho Perfect Tribute." Eckcr, Miriam Horinc, Mary Turner, Tho contest was excellent and Zula Ferguson, Edith Sachs, Mario by a good audience. Decker, Madeline Felgel, Emily Jones, Messrs. T. T. Jones, Enoch Grehan Carolyn Lutkemclcr, Elizabeth Farra and W. S. Webb wero tho Judges and and Kathleen Garrow. Eight V. M. I. men are fighting in awarded tho prize to Mr. Duncan. Mr. Miss Myrtle Smith spent the week tho European war. Finney waB awarded second place. end at her home In Lagrange. Misses Clara Mai Smith and Martha Hutchinson, of Sayro College, were tho guests of Miss Eleanor Eakorj Sunday. Misses Elizabeth nnd Florence Duncan spent the Easter holidays at their home in Lawrenceburg. Misses Naoma Asher, Elvah Pickens and Cathryno Moore visited Misses Ruby Asher and Era Do Boo last week. Miss Eliza Clay Mason spent the week-enat home. Miss Susanna Beltz motored to Cincinnati Thursday. Miss Louise Daugherty went home for Easter. Miss Mary RIcketts, of Mt. Sterling, was the guest of Misses Josephine Thomas and Lena Clem for the week$5.00 now . . . $4.00 end. 2.40 2.00 now Misses Annie Lewis and Clara 1.60 .. 2.00 now Whitworth wero in Louisville last 1. 00 now .80 week. Misses Jessie Milton Jones, Phyllis Bates, Nellie Wand and Mae Jones were the guests of Miss Emily Jones . Sunday. Misses Effle Gentry and Carrie Blair . visited Miss Ila See at her home In Mt. Sterling, during the holidays. Miss Jeannette Bell, of Fulton, was $-2the gudst of Miss Lenora Zimmerman 0 last week. iMIss Esther Helburn was in Louisville and Eminence for the week-end- . Miss Minnie Keller, Caneyville, Is the guest of Miss Jessie Cummins this week. Miss Lila Harper was the guest of Miss Laura E.cker in Louisville Sunday. Miss Helen Record was the guest of Mrs. I. C. Blackburn, Broadway Park, Sunday. Misses Jessie Cummins and Winnie Keller spent Monday In Frankfort. Come Miss Alice Gregory was the guest of Miss Mildred Collins in North last week. Miss Stella Pennington, London, was at home for Easter. 'Miss Davis, field secretary of the Y. W. C. A., who is here organizing a city association, is at the Hall this week. iMIsa Mary G. Fisher will return this week. Miss Katherlne Givens, of Henderson, was the guest of Miss Robbie INCORPORATED Douglas Wilson during the holidays. Geisel, Elizabeth Misses Frances Petty and Eliza Piggott were with Miss Sarah Harbison in Shelbyville, during the holidays. o d Reductions In College Jewelry d Sophomore Dance. The sophomore class held Its annual dance in the Armory Saturday evening, April 22. ' The grand march was led by Miss Celia Cregor, vice president, and Mr. James Server, president of the class. by The music was furnished Wright's Saxophone Trio, and the dance was declared to be the best ever held on the campus. Arbor Day. The interest of the University is already being directed toward the Day exercises whfch will be held on the campus May 5. The senior honor societies, Staff and Crown, and Lamp and Cross, will conduct their pledging ceremonies and the senior class will plant its tree with the usual speeches and prophecy. JEWELER OPPOSITE Junior Prom. Tho Junior Prom will be given at tho Phoenix Hotel Friday evening, April 28, and promises to Burpass the rlnnces given by other classes in past years. Mr. Frank Crum, president of titc class, will lead the grand march. ECONOMICS CLUB. 864-- A Letter Home. T. S. Sr., N. Y.: S. O. S., $, R. S. V. P., P. D. Q. TAXICAB COMPN'Y j(IMrporaUa.) City Phone 1854 Hotel Phone 1900 CITY RATES will offer the following reductions: R$ .. 5 O fx DCITS $1.60 .80 $2.00 now $1.00 now now Watch $I50 now 1.00 i. rODS 50 now .80 .40 We also have a Line of Kentucky Banners at Reduced Prices, this Month Only! Early and Make a GoodlSelection n University Book Store WELSH & MURRAY PRINTING CO. College Stationery, Engraving Phoenix Hotel Lobby DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE During the month of April only, we an Die Stamping Frat and Dance Programs 25c 124-12- 8 N. Limestone Lexington, Ky. Patronize Our Advertisers 12 DAYS RACING THURSDAY, APRIL 27 WEDNESDAY, MAY 10. AT LEXINGTON $60,000 DISTRIBUTED TO HORSEMEN 12 SIX OR MORE RACES DAILY. Kentucky Association Spring Meeting : , FEATURES ATTRACTING BEST HORSES EVERY DAY. ADMISSION: MEN, $1.50; LADIES, 50 CENTS. ORCHESTRAL MUSIC. W. H. SHELLEY, Racing Secretary. J. N. CAMDEN, President. G. D. WILSON, Secretary.