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5 > Image 5 of The Cats' Pause, 15-Dec-84

Part of The Cats' Pause

T>ece*H4w?5.?9X4 16a ' Pcut&e 7CK %W Sw^tf The following are Joe B. Hall's postgame comments following Kentucky's 81-68 setback to Indiana Saturday. Coach Hall: I would like to compliment Indiana, I thought they really played very sound, enthusiastic, and a agressive ballclub. I was very impressed with Uwe Blab. He really got into the tempo of the game both offensively and defensively. (Steve) Alford was as good as I've seen him. He's a great player, and he certainly plays with coolness. He picks his shots very well and plays good defense. (Mike) Giomi is certainly an outstanding player, he owned the base line. He did a fine job taking the ball to the basket on the base line and hitting the jumper when he was open. DelRay Brooks with 10 assists had an outstanding game. For a freshman I thought (Brooks) played very, very well. What about getting outrebounded 17-11 in the second half? Coach Hall: I thought we got tired. We just weren't going to the boards. I thought Indiana picked up their block out assignments a little better in the second half. Did you plan to play Winston Bennett as much as you did? Coach Hall: Yes, I thought we played Bennett a little too long, I thought he got tired. I thought when he fumbled the ball a couple of times he was getting tired. We didn't leave him in too long as far as I was concerned, but as far as he was concerned he needed the rest. Coach, your team seemed to be forcing a lot of shots, was that the case? Coach Hall: I think we've very impatiently offensively. We're not executing our offense. What about the play of your guards? Coach Hall: We're not getting good guard play, and we're not getting the leadership. Every time we run a play somebody breaks down. This has been the case in every game we've played. What about IU's last four points in the first half that gave them a 43-36 lead at intermission? Coach Hall: We gave them two baskets at half. We had a rebound shook loose and they scored underneath. Then we had a player over-dribble and they got a fast break. Both of those hurt. KENNY WALKER (About the shooting of UK Guards) The guards had a bad shooting day. We didn't get into our offensive patterns, and every time we did, someone busted the play. We just have to get better shot selection. We've got to choose better shots and get those shots to drop. JAMES BLACKMON (About his performance) I was scoreless several times last year, but I didn't think I would be this year. Indiana played aggressive defense, but we weren't executing. BRET BEARUP (About Indiana) They are a great-shooting ballclub, but maybe our defense had something to do with that. I know that when I tried to defense (Uwe) Blab, somehow, I'd wind up under the basket watching the ball come through the net. (About IU's picks on offense) You never play a team like Indiana Bennett For Two the rest of the year. They set so many-picks, they're so patient offensively and they never play a zone, although when you're surrounded by two or three men every time you touch the ball, you think it's a zone. They really help out defensively." (About IU's shooting) They shot, well, it was unbelievable. It seemed like every time I had Blab blocked out perfectly, the ball would go through the net. RICHARD MADISON (About his play against the Hoosiers) Coach Hall noticed that Blab was sagging on Winston Bennett, and he told me if Blab sagged on me, to take a step and fire the jumper. (About getting back on track) We're going to work on our composure this week in practice. We're young, but we're getting enough playing time so that we're starting to mature now. We've got enough time and experience in to win some games. Walker Taking Control Of The Ball Coach Bobby Knight's Comments The following are Coach Bobby Knight's postgame comments following IU's victory over the Kentucky Wildcats in Bloomington Saturday. Coach Knight: I thought the thing that was the big difference for us today, over other games that we've played this year, when things got away from us we were able to get back into the flow of the game. I don't think there was ever a point in the game when we lost control of the game. We went from a 10-point lead to a five-point lead in the second half. Any good team is going to make a couple of baskets or is going to make a little dent in what we do. We were able in the second half against Louisville and Notre Dame to make a dent in the play, but that was it. Those teams were able to shut us off and then do things that they had to. We were able to do that today throughout the course of the game. We came back and made some really good plays. We made more good plays today, when we had to, by far than in either of the other two games. I was really pleased with (DelRay) Brooks. Brooks is a very competitive kid and plays competitively. I think that spills over a little bit into what our other players are doing. I think this was his first game, as a starter, that he really handled himself well and handled what his responsibilities were. What about the performance of your center Uwe Blab? Coach Knight: I mentioned to him that he has sometimes not a completely clear idea of what good play is for him and what good play is not. I told him last year that when we played Coach Bobby Knight Kentucky down there (Lexington) it was a game we could have very easily won. He didn't play particularly well, but he just played hard as he could. He rebounded well, he outrebounded (Melvin) Turpin and (Sam) Bowie together. That's what we were after from him. I thought he really played hard today. He dropped some passes and missed a couple of shots, but he made a lot of good plays. It wasn't like he played a perfect basketball game, but he did play very hard. That's the thing hopefully he can understand that's more important to us than anything else, and that's what he's got to do. Coach Knight, What was your impression of Kentucky today? Coach Knight: I really didn't pay enough attention to Kentucky to comment on them. I was trying to figure out what the heck we were doing.