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YMCA/YWCA records, circa 1917-1970, predominate 1950-1970, 1917

Part of YMCA/YWCA records, circa 1917-1970, predominate 1950-1970

0000ua216Guide to the YMCA/YWCA records, circa 1917-1970, predominate 1950-1970Processed by Janice Childers in August 2008 under the supervision of Deirdre Scaggs, University Archivist.; machine-readable finding aid created by Janice ChildersSpecial Collections2005Special CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King BuildingLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from Word. Date of source: Janice Childers in August 2008 under the supervision of Deirdre Scaggs, University Archivist.Description is in English.Guide to the YMCA/YWCA records, circa 1917-1970, predominate 1950-1970Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King BuildingLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13Processed by: Janice Childers in August 2008 under the supervision of Deirdre Scaggs, University Archivist.Finding aid completed by: Janice Childers in August 2008 under the supervision of Deirdre Scaggs, University Archivist.Encoded by: Janice ChildersCopyright 2009 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.YMCA/YWCA records, circa 1917-1970, predominate 1950-19700000ua216YMCA of the USAYoung Women's Christian Association5.7 cubic feet (20 boxes)The materials are in English.The YMCA/YWCA records contain materials generated by both organizations between the years of 1917 and 1970. Materials focus on the University of Kentucky campus chapters.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special CollectionsCustodial HistoryCollection is open to researchers by appointment.The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections.0000ua216: [identification of item], YMCA/YWCA records, University of Kentucky Archives.Peak, Bart.YMCA of the USA.Young Women's Christian Association.College students - Societies and clubs.Religious institutions - Kentucky - Lexington.Christian youth - Religious life.Service learning - Kentucky - Lexington.Student volunteers in social service.Southern States - Race relations.The YMCA began in London in 1844 in response to poor living and social conditions as a result of the influx of men from rural areas looking for work during the Industrial Revolution. The organization offered Bible study and prayer as an alternative to street life and crime.The YWCA also began in London, though eleven years later, in 1855. Both organizations spread to the United States as they gained in popularity, continuing to offer social services to urban populations and working towards religious, cultural and racial harmony.The first campus YMCA program was established at the University of Virginia in 1858. The Intercollegian YMCA was formed in 1877 with associations in forty colleges.During the 1870s and 1880s, women were members of many YMCAs and attended state conventions. The first student YWCA was organized at Illinois Normal University in 1873, and in 1874 the first state convention was held in Ohio.The two organizations have always worked closely together. In 1912, the Council of North American Student Movements was formed to further cooperative work between the YWCA and YMCA, as well as two other student movements. In 1922, the National Student Assembly of the YWCA was established and the National Student Council and its regional divisions were formed. In 1935, the National Intercollegiate Christian Council was formed to accomplish joint efforts between the two organizations.The policies and intercollegiate program of the Student YMCA and YWCA are developed by the National Assembly of each, and by the area, regional and national councils. The Regional Councils in the nine regions elect representatives to the National Student Council of the YMCA or YWCA which meet annually. When these are in joint session, they constitute the National Student Council of the YMCA and YWCA.Student YWCA and YMCA organizations are voluntary, non-denominational, campus-centered fellowships of students and faculty members. As such, they work closely with other Christian student movements, participating in the World Student Christian Federation, the United Student Christian Council, the World University Service and the Student Volunteer Movement.On UK's campus, the YMCA/YWCA encouraged participation in clubs, associations, and councils with similar missions. Some of these were directly sponsored by the YMCA/YWCA, while others were outside organizations with which Y members or administration were affiliated. Those sponsored directly included the Pitkin Club, Phalanx fraternity, Cosmopolitan Club, Chess Club, Freshman Club, and the Interfaith Council. Affiliated organizations included ACURA (Association for Coordination of Religious Affairs), Christian Athletes, Kappa Epsilon fraternity, and the Southern College Personnel Association.In addition to social organizations, UK campus Y members were also involved in community service projects, such as providing Christmas presents to children at the Lincoln School. The YMCA/YWCA also worked to improve race relations, sponsoring activities open to all races, and petitioning Lexington area restaurants to allow African-American patrons.Information on history of the YWCA and YMCA taken from "Brief resume of history of student YWCA and YMCA" and from each organization's website: http://www.ymca.net and http://www.ywca.org. The YMCA/YWCA records contain correspondence, documents, records, programs, flyers, reports, and photographic materials generated by both organizations between the years of 1917 and 1970. Materials focus on the University of Kentucky campus chapters, including clubs administrated by the YMCA/YWCA, activities, and meetings. Also included are materials that document the organization at the regional and national level. Some of the activities covered in the collection are: UK Freshman Camp; Pitkin Club meetings and events; a drive to end segregation in Lexington area restaurants; World University Service programs; community service projects at the Lincoln School; Appalachian projects; retreats; and Southern Regional Conferences.This collection is arranged in six series: I. Organizational records II. Programs III. Events IV. Organizations V. Conferences, conventions, and seminars VI. Publicity materials VII. Photographic materials Container ListI. Organizational records, circa 1920s--1969The Organizational records series contains material relating to the history, policies, minutes, reports, constitutions and bylaws of both organizations. Materials are arranged by topic and chronologically therein.11History of YM/WCA in Kentucky, circa 1924-194912History of YM/WCA Chapel, 1949-195413History of YM/WCA interracial relations, 1924-195414General policies and purposes, circa 1923-195215Constitution revision and bylaws, 1963-196816Articles of operation, June 196017Policy on use of University Foreign Relations and Interfaith buildings, 1945-195618Mid-year and President's reports, 1962-196619Annual reports, 1935-1968110Advisory Board reports; "YWCA and the College Encounter", circa 1961-1965111Cabinet executive committee reports, 1960-1962112Cabinet secretary's report, 1961-1962113Evaluation reports for National administration, 1966-1967114Committee reports, circa 1966-1967115Personnel recruitment, 1966-1967116Personnel guidelines, 1962-1963117Personnel policies, 1951-1952118Personnel training, 1966-1967119Counselor references, circa 1920s21Personnel, vacation and travel requests, circa 1944-195322Personnel - Executive Director position, 1957-196223Miscellaneous forms, 1956-196724Officers lists, circa 1938-194025Membership lists, 1954-1958; 1964-196726Membership lists for sophomores and fraternities, 1958-196127Membership lists, freshman, 1959-196228Membership information and studies, circa 1947-196229Membership initiatives, 1960-1967210Advisory Board business, 1957-1958211Advisory Board reports, 1958212Advisory Board business, 1959-1961213Advisory Board business, 1962-1964214Advisory Board business, 1964215Advisory Board business, January - April 1965216Advisory Board business, May - September 1965 31Advisory Board business, October - December 196532Advisory Board business, January - March 196633Advisory Board business, April - December 196634Advisory Board business, 196735Advisory Board members list, circa 1953-196836Advisory Board long-range planning committee, 1963-196637Nominating committee, 196238YWCA Board leadership, undated39YWCA Board business, 1966-1969310YWCA Cabinet members, 1935-1966311YWCA Cabinet minutes book, 1953-1957312YWCA Cabinet minutes, April 1964 - December 1966313YWCA Cabinet business, circa 1965-1967314YWCA Cabinet evaluations, 1964-1965315YWCA Cabinet workshops, 196241YWCA Cabinet handbooks, guides, rules, circa 1955-196342YWCA Cabinet applications, circa 1961-196743YMCA budgets and financial statements, 1959-196344YMCA budget and financial statements, 196445YMCA budget and financial statements, 196546YWCA budget and financial statements, 1966-196847YMCA ledger, 196248YMCA ledger, 196349YMCA ledgers, October 1965-1966410YWCA deposits, September 1967 - May 1968411Expenses for "Y lounge", 1960412Faculty finance drive, 1958413Faculty finance drive, 1961414Faculty finance drive, 196251Joint YMCA/YWCA planning, 1965-196952Miscellaneous correspondence, 1950-195953Miscellaneous correspondence, 1960-196154Miscellaneous correspondence, 196255Miscellaneous correspondence, 1963-196556Miscellaneous correspondence, 1966-196857Correspondence with students over summer, 1962II. Programs, 1919-1966The Programs series contains documents, flyers, clippings, and correspondence related to various programs in which both organizations were involved. Some of these are campus or local activities sponsored by the Y, while others are broader in nature. General information on the mission of the "Y" is placed first, with materials arranged alphabetically by program thereafter. 58Role of the "Y", circa 196359"Accomplished programs", circa 1947-1960510"Accomplished programs", circa 1960-1966511Appalachian projects, circa 1964-1966512Appalachian projects, 1964-1966513Bogota, Columbia project, circa 1966-1970514"Campus parables", 1962-1964515Christian Faith and Heritage, circa 1946-195661Christian Faith and Heritage, circa 1957-196162Christian mission, 1946-195063Church vocation, circa 196164College of the Bible, 196565Community service, circa 1919-1935; 1963-196466Cooperstown program, 195867Danforth fellowship, 1964-196668Ecumenical Institute, 1964-196669Employment services, 1924-1955; 1963610Faculty Christian Fellowship, circa 1964611Family relations, 1942-1947612Foreign students, 1958-1963613Fraternity affairs, circa 1931-1951614Furniture, 1924-1962615Human relations, 1956-195871"K Book", 1941-195872Lisle fellowship, 1957-196373Read-in, "Revolutionaries, Past and Present", undated74Religious emphasis, 1926-194675Religious emphasis, 1947-195876Religious programs, general, 196277Service keys, 1927-195778Social service - Lincoln School (Institute), 1943-194679South America program, 1964-1965710Survey of UK operations, 1957711"Survival kits", 1967-1968712Vocational guidance, circa 1923-1924713Vocational guidance, 1940-1952714World Student Service fund, 1942-1952715World University Service, circa 1950-1957716World University Service, 1957-1960717World University Service correspondence, reports and notes, 1955-1960III. Events, 1927-1969The Events series contains documents, notes, correspondence, and clippings related to events sponsored by either or both organizations. Most of these are campus and/or local events. Materials are arranged alphabetically by event and chronologically therein. 81Activities night skit, undated82College night, 1927-195083Discussion groups -- fraternity, 1949-195784Farewell to seniors , 1937-194585Freshman camp, circa 1952-196086Freshman camp, circa 1961-196287Freshman camp, circa 1963-196488Freshman camp brochures, 1951-196989Fund drives, 1965-1966810Installation banquet, 1958-1962811Lexington Central YWCA events, 1965-1966812Passion play, 1960-1961813Miscellaneous events , 1957-1967814Spring retreat, circa 1927-1944815Spring retreat, circa 1945-1956IV. Organizations, 1928-1967The Organizations series includes several special interest clubs operated on campus under the aegis of the YMCA/YWCA. This series includes documents, notes, correspondence, and clippings related to these clubs. The YMCA/YWCA also participated in councils and outside organizations with similar goals, whose activities are represented within this series. A general list of campus organizations precedes an alphabetic list with a chronological arrangement therein. 91Organizations on campus, 1958-196192ACURA (Association for Coordination of Religious Affairs), circa 196293Area Student Council, 196294College life; Chess club, 1965 and undated95Christian Athletes, 1961-196596Cosmopolitan Club, 1937-196197Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1940s - 196698Freshman Club, circa 1928-196199Hi-Y Club, 1929-1945910Interfaith Council, 1944-1958911Interfaith Council, 1958-1960912Interfaith Council, 1961913Interfaith Council, 1962914Interfaith Council, 1963915Kappa Epsilon, 1966101National Student Council, circa 1959-1961102National Student Council, 1962103National Student Council, 1963-1967104Phalanx fraternity, 1945-1961105Pitkin Club, circa 1927-1937106Pitkin Club, 1938-1945107Pitkin Club, 1946-1957108Southern College Personnel Association, 1956-1961V. Conferences, conventions, seminars, 1920-1968The Conferences, conventions, seminars series contains documents, notes, flyers, programs and correspondence relating to conferences, conventions and seminars. Some of these were sponsored by the YMCA/YWCA, while others were meetings in which the organizations were participating members. Folders are arranged with the local, regional and national conferences of the YMCA/YWCA first, followed by conferences including other organizations. 109Kentucky Area Conference, 1950-19571010Kentucky Area Conference, 1958-19591011Kentucky Area Conference, 1960-19611012Sixth Kentucky Ecumenical Student Conference, undated1013Kentucky-Tennessee district meetings, 1938-19611014Southern Regional Conference, 1950-19561015Southern Regional Conference, 1950, 1952, 19531016Southern Regional Conference reports, 1955, 1956111Southern Regional Conference, 1957112Southern Regional Conference, 1958113Southern Regional Conference reports, 1956-1958114Southern Regional Conference reports, 1957, 1958115Southern Regional Conference report; Annual meeting of Student Council, 1958116Southern Regional Conference, 1959-1960117Southern Regional Conference report and resource book, 1959118Southern Regional Conference, 1961119Southern Regional Conference program, 19611110Southern Regional Conference, 19621111Southern Regional Conference, 19621112Southern Regional Conference Student Council meeting report and workbook, 1962121Southern Area Council -- program, report and resource book, 1962122Southern Regional Conference, 1963123Southern Regional Conference programs and reports, 1963124Southern Regional Conference, 1964-1966125Southern Regional Conference, 1967126National Convention, 1951-1952127National Convention, 1955-1957128National Convention, 1958-1961129National Convention, 19671210National Convention, 19671211National Student Council, President's School, 19481212National Student Council and Assembly meetings , 1957-19591213National Student Council reports, 1960, 1961131National Student Council minutes, 1961132National Student Council meetings, 1962-1963133National Student Council minutes and report, 1962134National Student Council minutes, handbook and report, 1963-1964135National Student Council program, 1967136National Student Council , 1968137National Student Assembly, 1941-1942; 1950-1951138National Student Assembly, 1953-1955; 1958-1959; 1961-1963139National Student Assembly, 19671310National Student Assembly, 19681311Worship materials from conferences, 1929-19561312Worship materials from conferences, 1938-1956141ACURA (Association for Coordination of University Religious Affairs) conference, 1960-1962142ACURA conference, 1962-1967143Chicago seminar; Dick Harmon seminar, 1966; 1967144Homemakers Conference; Human relations conference, 1962; 1963-1964145Kentucky State Christian Association; Leadership seminars, 1961; 1956, 1962146Presidents conference; regional assembly, 1962; 1967147Staff conferences, 1944-1949148Staff conferences, 1956-1962149Summer conference, 1959-19661410Washington seminar, 19601411United Nations seminars, 1951-19601412United Nations seminars, 1961-19651413United Nations seminars, 1966151United Nations seminars, 1967152YWCA staff position papers presented at conferences, 1966-1967153Miscellaneous conferences, circa 1939-1960sVI. Publicity materials, 1917-1967The Publicity materials series contains clippings, correspondence, printed materials and flyers advertising members, events, or purposes of the YMCA/YWCA. 154Publicity materials, circa 1950-1961155Publicity materials, 1964-1966156Publicity materials, 1966-1967157Kentuckian (yearbook) clippings, 1940-1950158Kentucky Kernel (newspaper) clippings, circa 1950s-1967159Miscellaneous public relations materials, 1917-19591510Miscellaneous public relations materials, 1959-19631511Miscellaneous public relations materials, 1963-1964VII. Photographic materials, 1926-1967The Photographic materials series contains black and white prints of events, programs, and members of the YM/YWCA. Subjects include: group portraits of clubs within the YM/YWCA, portraits of officers and club members, retreats, conferences, on- and off-campus events. 161UN seminar, 1967162-29World University Service, undated1630Freshmen at home of Bart Peak, 23 January 19481631-32Conrad, Friedly, Peak, Van Gondiver, Moore, undated1633-34Retreats, 1945, 19471635Set-up for college night -- football field, 19471636-38Retreats, 1943, 19491639Frank Dickey, undated1640Christmas, Lincoln School, 19471641State student conference, 1 December 19451642-45Group photos at dinners and retreats, circa 1948-19491646Berea Student Conference -- UK delegation, 30 November -- 1 December 19451647Portrait, unknown, undated1648Officers , 1950-19511649-52Camp and retreats, 1942-19501653Portrait, unknown, undated1654State retreat, Camp Daniel Boone, 1 May 19351655Serviceman in Marseilles, June 19451656-62YM/YWCA events , 1943-19491663YMCA building, University of Illinois, undated1664Soldiers band, 1943-19441665-67Retreats, circa 19431668-69Portraits, undated1670-75YM/YWCA events , 1944-19491676-77Club members, 1941, 19501678-80YM/YWCA events , 1943-19491681-84Portraits, undated1685-95YM/YWCA events , 1943-19551696Bill Cassidy, clothes inspection, England, August 19441697YM retreat , 1949171-28Portraits of Phalanx fraternity members, circa 1943-19451729-32Phalanx members at a dinner, 19491733Cosmopolitan Club picnic, 1941-19421734-38Lincoln School Christmas, 19541739Pitkin Club, 1926-19271740Fall retreat at Camp [?], 1947181Cosmopolitan Club, 1932182-11World University Service projects, 1952-19551812Jason Rexroat and Katherine Cheryl, undated1813Katherine Cheryl, undated1814-22Mission Santa Barbara, 19311823-24Pitkin Club, May 19281825-26Southern Region Student Y, Mississippi State, October 19491827Pitkin Club, 1932-19331828Phalanx fraternity planting a tree, 19461829-30Pitkin Club, 1929-1930; 1931-19321831"We all wish you all the usual. Love, Fuzzy." Navy portrait, undated1832Pitkin Club, 1928-19291833Kentucky Government Seminar, Frankfort (Ky.), March 19491834Gene Qualls, former Cabinet member, undated1835Y Lounge, circa 1950s1836-56UN seminar, 1967191-8Cosmopolitan Club, 1944-1954199-28World University Service projects, circa 1954-19561929Hanging of the Greens, December 19531930-31Three men, unidentified, undated1932Freshman Club, 1949-19501933Interfaith Council, 1948-19491934Group portrait, 19561935Interfaith Council, 1950-19511936Dr. Toyohiko Kakawa, undated1937Two men, unidentified, February 19491938Vocational emphasis, men's dorms, 19561939Interfaith Council, 1951-19521940-41Freshman Y, 1948-1949; 1952-19531942-43Pitkin Club, 1937-1938; 1933-19341944Freshman Y, 1948-19491945Phalanx, 1953-19541946"Cont. Club", undated1947Phalanx, 1953-19541948Hanging of the Greens, December 19531949Group portrait, undated1950Dr. Toyohiko Kakawa and unidentified man, undated1951Freshman Y Cabinet, 1937-19381952Kentucky State Y Conference, 19321953Pitkin Club, 1950-19511954Student-faculty coffee, 19531955"WSSF", undated1956Fire that destroyed M&O depot, 15 February 19461957Honoring gold star alumni of WWII, 19461958Upper-class Y, 1949-19501959 Group portrait, 19441960 Freshman Club, 1944-19451961Pitkin Club, 1936-19371962Upper-class Y, 1948-19491963Hanging of the Greens, 19561964Interfaith Council, 1948-19491965State student conference, Centre College, 19321966Upper-class Y, 1948-19491967Group portrait, circa 19181968Interfaith Council, 1949-19501969BC blue and white band, circa 1942-19451970Portrait, unknown, undated1971Upper-class Y, circa early 1950s1972[?] leaving for the Olympics, undated1973Pitkin Club, 1951-19521974Hanging of the Greens, 19561975Pitkin Club, 1944-19451976Jewish books presented to Y library, 10 May 19461977Pitkin Club, 1948-19491978Loyalty circle, 19391979YM delegates, Southern Regional conference, 19541980Speakers table at banquet, 27 May 19571981World Affairs program, 19531982-87Unidentified photos, undated1988-90Students -- probably at Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC, undated201-16Unidentified photos, undated2017-19Camp Daniel Boone, undated2020-26Unidentified photos, undated2027Vocational emphasis, men's dorms, 19562028-45Unidentified public relations photos, undated2046-57UN seminar, 1967YMCA/YWCA records, circa 1917-1970, predominate 1950-1970