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The Kentucky Kernel, February 6, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOL IX BUCKEYE LEXINGTON JtY., FEBRUARY 6, 1919 RETURNED ROOKIE TALKS ALPHI XI DELTA WILL BOYS DEFEAT ADOPT BELGIAN BABY CATS BY 'HOME SWEET HOME ON 28-1- B Kentucky's Floor Artists " And Spend the Rest of My Life in Bed," DoughMake it Three in a Row boy Says. When They Lose to Cincinnati With the entire Zoo fighting them, the Wildcats lost their third straight basketball game last Friday night, by a score of 28 to 18. The game was exciting thruout with Kentucky first on top and then on the bottom. Cincinnati had a team of veterans who knew how to play basketball, Haehnle, Goldman and Watkins playing best for the Ohio quintet. COMPARISONS ODIOUS There are comparisons in life that are odious. The spirit of Captain Kidd, or of one of the Borgias, would rise in its grave to object to a comparison with a certain white elephant now a resident of Holland. Billy the Kid, of New York, would go "on a tear" if his second story attempts were mentioned in the same paragraph with the The 'Cats played in their usual form efforts of one Wllhelm to rob France. up until the last few minutes when Yes, such comparisons are odious. But with what calmness in the early the Red and Black made ten points, and won in a walk. Thomas, at for- morning does the returned soldier ward, featured for Kentucky, getting make a comparison of the Sabbath ten points. Everett didn't play up to quietness of his bedchamber with the the standard he set in the Centre clamorous cry of the bugle of recent game, making but one field goal. Dish- - and unpleasant remembrance ! How man played the whole game, but ho luxurious to awaken at 5:45, cogitate was not in his best form, since he only on the day's drill, and the day's grub recently recovered from an attack of with a temporarily beclouded brain, and then to awaken mentally as well influenza. Coach Gill has been shaking up the as physically and look at the old fa Wildcats this weeTc in preparation for miliar scenes of his room. Just for a three games in Tennessee, Chatta moment to look at the "God Bless Our nooga, Thursday night, the University Home," sign, mother has put on the of Tennessee Friday night, and Cum east wall; to cast a glance at the pic berland College Saturday night. It is ture of grandma and grandpa on the said that Kentucky will put the strong- west wall; to look at a picture of Her est team on the floor for these games on the bureau; to reach out and push that she has started yet this year. over the chair upon which the uniform George Zerfoss, a basketball letter is lying; to turn over as slowly and as man with several years' experience in deliberately as possible, meanwhile Kentucky goal shooting, will probably consigning drill sergeants and army appear as forward alongside of Thom- cooks to places of perpetual warmth, as. Everett, who has been playing and then to carry on with the sleeping. forward will more than likely be shifted to center. Dishman will play one of the guard positions, while one of the following will be chosen to play the other, Marsh, Simpson, Bumham, Kelly or Layin. Those chosen to make the Southern trip left last night from the Southern (Continued on Page Five.) ED DABNEY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF UNION The Union Literary Society held Its r election last Friday evening in the club room on the third floor of the Gym building. The following men were elected officers: E. S. Dabnoy, president; Leon Wise, vice president; J. P. Barnes, secretary; Robt. J. Rai-blmid-yea- treasurer; E. E. Rico, attorney-genera- l; Raymond Rodgers, sergeant-at-arms- ; Richard L. Duncan, junitor; and H. M. Blakoy, librarian. Six now men Joined the club and received the oath of membership. The Program Committee announced for the next meeting a debate on tho "City Manager Plan;" afflrmutivo, H. M. Blakoy and Alvin Lisunby; uegatlvo, R. Rodgers and S. H. Rice. E. S. Dabnoy will talk on "Union Traditions' anddl. L. Duncan will give a declamution. Umm-boy- . As a part of their social service pro gram for the year Alpha Xi Delta at the University Jias taken steps adopt a Belgian baby. As soon as ar rangements can be made, a child will become the protege of the chapter to "be kept from year to year. Another phase of the fraternity's so cial service work is with the Pine Mountain Settlement School, a school for the children of that mountainous district of Eastern Kentucky. A yearly subscription to the school has been taken out and after the recent fire at that place a box of clothing, accom pan led by a check, was sent to relieve their distress. EIGHT TO BE CHOSEN FOR BEAUTY SECTION Swain May At test Devotion Friday Afternoon at 3:30 Love-Lor- n Eight of the world's fairest women well we might as well have said eight of Kentucky's fairest will be selected from the girls of the University Friday afternoon at 3:30. The pictures of th,e eight will constitute the beauty section of this year's Annual. For many years the love-lorswains of the campus have raked said campus with a fine toothed comb to secure votes for this or that favored face, and doubtless the gentle reader has been approached many times already by Just such canvassers who have the charms of their ladies catalogued and at the tongue's end. This or that girl has the prettiest eyes of any on the campus; this one has all the charms of a queen; in fact the zealous fellow will inadvertently call the girl a queen in his excitement. This girl will have this charm and another will absolutely eclipse them all, until the poor Fresh man, if there be an unsophisticated one in this blaze age, will begin to be lieve that every girl in Kentucky is a potential rival of tho Venus. If he is a Kentucklan this belief will not bo a new one to him. But in spite of tho fact that each and every fellow in school will have his own particular favorlto, tho hard task of selecting tho eight who are considered fairest must bo accomplished. Lot there bo a splendid attendance, a spirited rivalry and a bounty of chivalry for each entrant and tho plans of the Kentucklan staff will be realized. n Long 'bout ten, one is privileged to awaken in all propriety and to casually dress one's self, while digging one's toes into the thick carpet, premeditating violence to the biscuits and ham and eggs and coffee and butter and apple sauce which mother has prepared. If enuf energy is left at the disposal of the hero, he may even begin to think of the later events of the day. He thinks with pleasure of the hours when assembly will NOT blow, when there will be no "Squads Right," when there will bo no ono to intimate that certain privates could not guess which was their left foot in two guesses. No, none of that. But according to tho best Information obtainable, there are fow who will go so far Into the day's activities as to think beyond that moment known as breakfast. Sufficient unto tho hour is the lolsuro thereof, and when tho time comes to make a comparison between holding a rltlo in cold hands and toasting ono's foot at KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA tho gas grato, why then will those AT HOME FEBRUARY 8 comparisons be made. Whoa tho tlmo Beta Chi chapter of Kappa Kappa comes when tho might begin to rise upon his toes to be the first Gamma cordiully invites all girls of man to chow hall door for dinner, the tho University to bo present at a tea realization comes that mother will be Saturday afternoon, February 8th, to meet their Grand President, Mrs. (Continued on Page Five.) Purko R. Kolbo, 329 Aylosford Place. No. 10 FIFTEEN DOLLARS GOES TO THE WINNER OF KENTUCKIAN" SUBSCRIPTION CONTEST "The Contest is Open to All Students of the University With Age, Color and Previous Occupation Not Considered' Says the Business Manager . TEN DOLLARS AND ANNUAL OTHERPRIZES The editors of the 1919 Kentucklan announce to the students of the University that the publication will hold COMMITTEE SWAMPED a subscription contest among the students of the University. Fifteen dollars, will be awarded to the one securApplications Pour in From ing the largest number of subscripAmbitious Amateurs; tions, ten dollars, to the second highest and an Annual to the third. SubOne Indulges in Wit scription blanks are being printed now Application for membership in the and within a few days the contest will on. Strollers are coming in at a rapid rate, be The Kentucklan is rapidly becoming and from all indications competition a reality in spite of the numerous infor parts in this, year's play is going to be keen. Applications, so far are terruptions which occurred to prevent all from persons of wide experience an early start on the year book, and in amateur productions, so there in three short months the students of should be very little trouble in getting the University will be waiting the day of its arrival on the campus. That a stellar cast for this year's play. been and will continue to be one The membership committee has a of the big days of the University calbig job on its hands deciding just who On that day the students will is eligible for membership, and some endar. good. extra work may be required of appli- decide whether the Annual is Everything good must have a backing cants before the final decision. There is depending upon is some disappointment felt among the and the Kentucklan the students of the University to committee on account of the small a ready hand in furnishing that number of boys applying for admis lend backing, which must be It sion. There is an opportunity for some must be a backing literally and finangood actors, so it would be wise for cially. The Kentucklan, as every good the boys to send in their applications business, needs capital, and if the stusoon, since none will be accepted after dents will pay their dues promptly, enFebruary 15th. courage advertising and subscribe for Some ambitious, tho anonymous the Kentucklan now, paying down the young comedian sent in the following dollar as bona fide evidence, the capilist of plays on his application for tal will be provided and the Annual membership in the "Strollers." will be permitted to attain success. 'Julio and Romiet," "Bacmeth," Frederick Jackson, business man'King Beer," "A Dream." He ager of the Kentucklan, has been foralso adds that "Shakesbeer is me spetunate enuf to get Terrill Tapscott, cialty, as any one with ears can see." business manager of the Kernel to asIt is a shame for such wit to go to sist in that feature of the Annual. waste, indeed we are sure that we have Planck, erstwhile Marine, will assist Fatty Arbuckle or a Doug. Fair in the subscription end of the Annual. banks with us and are not aware of Tho contest is open to all students tho fact. Sign your name to tho next of tho University. Ago, color or preapplication and should the "Strollers" vious occupation are not considered. put on "Ten Night in a Bar Room" you With tho hearty backing of the faculty. can have tho lending part. the editors of tho Kentucklan desire to seo more Kentuckinns ordered this year than ever before. There will bo NOTICE KERNEL STAFF only ono 1919 Kentucklan, remember Ml Koruel staff members are asked to that. No matter if tho kaiser Is hung, hand In their pictures, for tho Kernel put on St. Helena, or Paris Island for page In tho Annual, to either Thornton solitary confinement, there will bo only Only onco will Connoll or Eliza Spurrier. No pictures ono 1919 Kentucklan. tho doting Sophomores securo a will bo accepted after February 13th. of tho football team. In this book will bo found tho girls now so ably asATTENTION SENIORS sisted . . . but, there, that's tolling. Every student of the University Bhould Tho Seniors will meet Thursduy aft- - got an Annual. Some may think that oruoou at 3:30 in the chapel. It is Im they don't caro for ono this year, but portant that every member of tho class they will. In after years each copy, bo present. will assume an added value. day-ha- two-fol- Mid-da- y pic-tur- o