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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 6, 1919

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PAGE 7 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ROAD BUILDERS' lo 4i minutes in length and after each lecture a general discussion will take place. Tho discussion will bo nn important pnrt of tho meeting and will be encouraged in overy way ponnlblc. WEEK EVENT OF F meetings will bo hold In tho Engineering building. No fee will bo charged. All lectures will bo open nnd tho public In Invited. promotes thin "Tho University lecturo courso for road builders for LABORATORY METHOD no other purpose than that of education nnd with the hopo that bettor Road builders from every pnrt of roads In Kentucky will be the rosult. the State are expected to attend the All thoso in attendance aro expected fifth annual short course In highway to register upon arrival. engineering, or week, for "Fully equipped laboratories nt the University of Kentucky, Feb. tho testing of rock, snnd, cement, 24 to 28, given under, the auspices brick, asphalt and road oils havo been of the College of Engineering and the Installed and work will bo in progress State Department of Public Roads. in these laboratories every afternoon. Among the topics dlscust will be Those who wish may bring material "The Outlook for Roadbulldlng in with them for testing and personally 1919," by county engineers and State see It tested. Very few Road EngiCommissioner of Public Roads Rod neers are familiar with methods used man Wiley. Construction and main In making these tests or with the In tenance, road accounting and other terpretation of the test. It is urged matters of interest to roadbuilders that they take this opportunity for generally will be taken up during the investigating work done in the Road meeting. In his announcement of the Laboratory. meeting and program, Professor D. V. "It is expected on Friday after Terrell, of the College of Civil Ennoon, to provide automobiles and gineering, says: "It will be the purpose of this course take all of those in attendance on an to advance the cause of Good Roads inspection of the streets of tho city thruout the State of Kentucky. It of Lexington and of the roads of Fay 1s expected that County Engineers, ette county. Purpose To Aid the Cause of Good Roads Thruout the State Says Professor Terrell Spengler's "All Art and Gift Shop . Civil L. H. BELL COLLEGE FRUIT STORE We cater to college patrons FRUITS, CANDIES, CIGARS AND TOBACCOS No. 154 South Lfmestonc Street THE UNIVERSITY VIEWS For things Artistic and Beautiful Whether COLLEGE NOVELTIES , PHOTOGRAPHS FOUNTAIN PENS or other articles Athletic Goods FOR FALL AND WINTER university book store Hay Hardware Co. J 39 233 West Main Street. WEST SHORT Look for the Iron" Dog "The city or Lexington has an ex County Judges, Magistrates, Road InEDUCATORS WILL spectors and everyone really inter-este- cellent system of streets. It also has (Continued From Page One.) In Good Roads will attend. A an excellent sewer system and sew road builder will find no better place age disposal plant. Fayette county has to get ideas than a place where sev- a large mileage of improved roads of (a) Good Roads, Rodman Wiley, the bituminous type. Most of these State Commissioner of Higheral hundred road builders are asways. sembled. The interchanging of ideas roads have been down long enough to "will more (b) Women's Clubs, Mrs. Lafon than offset the trouble give those inspecting them a good Idea of the improvement of this type of Rlker, president, State Federaand expense of being here. "After this one week's course has construction over the old type of con tion of Women's Clubs; Mrs. Teen attended, road men will be struction. Bruce, chairman, Kentucky DiCommittee, much better fitted to go back to their vision, Woman's work and study their daily problems. of National Defense. Council ORGANIC EVOLUTION Organizations, "No one disputes the fact that Road Commercial (c) ELECTIVE COURSE Building is yet in its infancy and that Charles F. Huhlein, Louisville, ven the most eminent men in the Kentucky. Dr. P. P. Boyd, Dean of the Arts and fd) The School. Miss Elizabeth proiession aamit mat there are a great many things which they do not Science College, has arranged an all Breckinridge, Louisville Normal know about the subject, and if a man science elective course In Organic EvoSchool. would keep at all abreast of the times lution to be given in room 203 of the (e) The Church, Professor C. S Theological it is necessary for him to study and Science Hall beginning with the spring Gardner, Baptist find out from others their mistakes, semester. It is to be held at the fourth Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. and avoid making the same. hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and (f) The Choral Society and Comma "Since all restrictions for Highway he has secured Professors Miller, Shull, nity Singing, Dr. A. J. Ganvoort, Construction have been removed, it is Jillson and Funkhouser, of that deCincinnati College of Music, to be expected that when the next partment to give a series of lectures, (g) Play and Recreation, James E season for Highway work opens, the discussing the Introduction of History Roeers. Field Secretary, War work will move forward on a much of Evolution, Evidences of Evolution, Camp Community Service. larger scale than in the past. Theories of Evolution and Its 3 The Councils of Defense and Com "It has been demonstrated during munlty Organization John S. Crathe period of the war that our Highvens, Chief of Federal Agencies Secway System Is entirely Inadequate not tion, Council of National Defense. WAR TROPHIES SENT only in war time, from a military 4 Adjournment. TO ANNA NELSON standpoint, but from a purely commercial point of view. President WilBECAUSE Anna Nelson, a freshman In the Unison said In his address to Congress, Man's hair turns gray before woman's; December 2, 1918: 'What the coun- versity, received from a friend with In every clime. try needs chleflly is that all its means tho American army of occupation, in That's known The explanation's easy, for of transportation should be developed Germany, a German officer's cap and He wears his all tho time. Its Railways, its Waterways, its a German helmet. Punch Bowl. 'Highways and Its country side roads." "It is important that the Highways Engineers and all those responsible for the financing of Highways should get together and determine what Kentucky's part will bo in this now ora of Road Building. "Tho mooting will take the form of a lecture course and will continue from Monday to Friday. Lectures will be given on all subjects pertaining to construction and reconstruction of YOU CAN SAVE MONEY AND TIME 1Y all types of roads. They will also cov-e- r LETTING US SAVE YOUR SOLES. Financing, Maintenance ud tkt need for County, State and Federal Highway Systems. A large number of experienced mea In the art of road building have been secured to give these lectures. All lectures will be SO d We use tt Goodyear wit system Nu- - Way Shoe Shop, N. Mill Everybody EATS at UNCLE CHARLIE'S We want College Men to share in this exceptional Suit opportunity $30.50 ':;iyrle!:t 1913 Ilsrt Schaffncr & Mars NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A SUIT This special lot of suits consists of the best HART-SCHAFFNE- R & MARX ALL WOOL SUITS in our A wide range of patterns to select from. All sizes Kauf man Clothing Co. store. LEXINGTON'S BETTER STORE