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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 6, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 8 Co-E- Corner d PATRONESS GIVES TEA JOINT CABINETS HIKE FOR KAPPA DELTAS OUT FRANKFORT PIKE Miss Jean McKinnon who has recently become a patroness of Kappa Adelo Slado visited Mverviow, her Delta Sorority, was the guest of honor father's camp on the Kentucky river, at a tea given Thursday afternoon, January 30, by Mrs. D. D. Slade, at last week. Roberta Thornton spent Sunday the her home on Orosvenor avenue. Those present were Miss McKinnon, guest of her cousin, Mrs. Scott, on Mrs. Mutchler, Mrs. Gay Hanna, Miss North Limestone. Margaret McLaughlin, Miss Bell Sale, Mary Archer Bell was the guest of and the active members and pledges of Jane Crawford on Maxwell Friday. Epsilon Omega chapter of Kappa Del""Mrs. Homer Combest, Danville, was ta. The active chapter consists of the guest of her sister, Mary Helen Misses Eliza Spurrier, Lois Brown, Ed Whitworth, last week-end- . na Berkele, Mamie Stormes Dunn, FlorMamie Storms Dunn was the guest ence Johnson, Elizabeth Kraft, and of Kappa Delta last week. Louise Will. The pledges are Misses Louie Duncan Brown spent the week- Catherine Denton, Mary Elizabeth end at her home near Lexington. James, Allene Fratman, and Nancy Frances and Elizabeth Klmbrough Smock. had as their guests Ella Brown, Thomp son Van Deren, Irene Evans, Jose phine Evans and Helen Taylor for the PHILOSOPHIANS HEAR DANTZLER ON WELLS dance in Cynthiana, Friday night. Lula Blakey spent several days this Professor L. L. Dantzler addrest the week in Cincinnati with her family. Phllosophian Literary Society Wed May Stevens, Williamsberg, was the nesday evening, January 29, at Patguest of Ada Hardesty last week-enterson Hall. The subject was H. G. Bell Sale is at Maxwell Hall as a instudent at the University for the re- Wells. Professor Dantzler in an teresting talk discust the author, who mainder of the year. Freda Lemon is visiting Elizabeth has become one of the most eminent of modern English novelists and esMcGowan. sayists, emphasizing Mr. Wells' opinSue Boardman spent last week-enions on such matters as Religion, Woat her home in Paris. men and Social Problems. Ann McAdams arrives this week to spend a month at the Hall, while her MISS HOPKINS RETURNS family is in the South. Virginia Helm Milner was the guest Miss Christine Hopkins, instructor of Virginia Croft Friday. Minnie Jameson had as her guests, in the English Department, who has Ada Hardesty and Mary Helen Whit- been ill with influenza, has returned worth on Friday for the dance in Cyn- to Lexington. She has been spending several weeks at her home in thiana. PATT HALL PERSONALS d d A complete line of select stock always on hand. Tho cabinctB of the Y. W. and Y. M. Corsage Bouquets a Specialty. a hike into tho coun- 327 Main Street. Saturday afttry and a "wiener roast" ernoon. E. T. TAMCOTT, Collet RtareMntatlvt. Tho party left Patterson Hall early in the afternoon, and "hiked" out the old Frankfort pike. Supper was cook ed on a huge bon Are, made on the bank of a stream. Among those enjoy Ing the feast were: Misses Elizabeth McGowan, Eliza Piggott, Mildred Graham, Louise Will, Elizabeth Card, Mary Beall, Adele Slade, Ruth Duck wall, Austin Lilly, Eliza Clay Mason, Elizabeth Kraft, Margaret Woll, Lucy Dean; Messrs. Richard Duncan, Jesse Tapp, Charles Downing, J. P. Barnes, John Davis, Walker Waller, George Gregory and Mr. Owens. C. A. enjoyed KELLER, rLORIST last Pherte H4 Welsh & Murray Printing jCo. COLLEGE STATIONERY ENGRAVING AND DIE STAMPING FRAT and DANCE PROGRAMS PUBLICATIONS UNDER DISCUSSION AT Y.W. 124-12- N. LIMESTONE 8 The publications of the Y. W. C. A. were under discussion at the Y. W. C. A. meeting Sunday night. Miss Aus tin Lilly, who is chairman of the Pub llcation Committee had charge of the meeting. Short talks on current Y. W. C. A. events were made by Loueglnia Billings, Margaret Harbison, Sara Harbison, Marguerite Yarbro, Kathleen and others. Professor J. T. C. Noe will be the speaker at the next meeting held Feb. 9. All University girls are welcome. ENGLISH CLUB TO LEXINGTON, KY WHERE SHOES WALK-OVE- R ARE FITTED Cohen, Smith & Co, INCORPORATED. Men's and Women's High Grade Shoes MEET The meeting of the English Club, Jessamine Cook, a former Univerwhich was not held Monday night on sity student, was the guest of Vivian account of the Grand Opera, will be Delain last week-end- . held February 10, at the home of MarLOST Miss Billie Lindley, Georgetown, was LOST Topaz pin Friday, January 31, garet McClure, on Upper street. Prothe guest of Sal Henri Coleman last on the campus. Return to Roberta fessor Mabie will speak. week-end- . Thornton, Patterson Hall. Mrs. Beasley, "Williamstown, was the guest of her daughter, Helen Beasley, week-end- Say it With Flowers FIT FIRST PHOENIX BLOCK CHAS. COHEN, Mtr LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY MONEY LOANED ON . Louise Smizer has returned to the Hall after an attack of influenza. Emma Louise Collins, Paris, was the guest of her sisters, Marie and Mildred Collins, last week-enfor the dance. Mildred Porter was the guest of Elizabeth Marshall Friday. d Diamonds, Watches and ; Jewelry Kernel Hop Tri-Del- HARRY SKULLER, HO S. Limestone St., 4S5 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB PICTURE TO BE MADE Collis CANDIES, FRUITS AND TOBACCOS Watch for the Date G D. CALLOWAY &ICO. FOOTBALL SUPPLIES, MISS LAURA SPURR MRS. KOLBE TO ADDRESS New Dancing Academy KODAKS DEVELOPING AND PRINTING "BET LEXINGTON, KY. THF HABIT ADA MEADE This week A Notable Hit of the Present Week tan-- SMITH'SJQUARTETTE. SWEATERS, 146 WEST MAIN STREET SPECIAL UNIVERSITY RATES STUDENTS CLASSES Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and 'Saturday Afternoons Private Lessons I y Appointment Dances Wednesday and Saturday Nights "THE TIPTOP MERRYMAKERS" Where Gorgeous Costumes and Beautiful Girls Predominate Opp. Phoenix Hotel SORORITIES PLEDGE Epsilon Omega Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority announces the pledging of Belle Sale, of Frankfort, ky. Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority announcea the pledging of Hallio Kay Frye of Waddy, Ky. & Son Confectionary Strand Theatre The Home Economics Club will be organized the first of the next semester. The picture of the club for the Annual will be taken this week and all old members and those who will become members when the club reassembles are expected to come and be in the picture. FRATERNITY WOMEN The fraternity women and pledges of the University are asked to meet in the recreation hall of Patterson Hall Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock to hear Mrs. Parke Kolbe, national president of Kappa Kappa Gamma, speak on matters of general fraternity Phoenix Block Also HAROLD LOCKWOOD in "PALS FIRST" Next Week Money Loaned on Reasonable Interest Rates GREENFIELD & HALL Phoenix Hotel Block Romance of Tarzan, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Gladys Brockwell"The Call of The Soul," Thurs- '' day, Friday and .Saturday. Try to fet in Make Your Seat Reservations Now