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486 > Page 486 of Quantrill and the border wars

486 QUANTRILL AND THE BORDER WARS Anderson, John: killed in Lawrence Massacre, 386. Anderson, Josephine: sister to Bill; arrested and imprisoned as a spy, 300. Anderson, Mary: sister to Bill; arrested as spy, 300. Andreas's History of Kansas: quoted from, 63; referred to, 67; quoted from, 68; referred to 93; erroneous statement of as to Quantrill's teaching, 86; referred to, 224, 247, 271, 431. Ankey, Captain William H.: in pursuit of Quantrill, 256. Annals of Platte County, Mo.: quoted from, 115. Archard, Mrs. Eliza: article of on Quantrill; abuse of by Mrs. Quantrill, 38. Argell,-: killed in Lawrence Massacre, 386; buried in trench, 388. Atchison, David B.: led border-ruffians into Kansas, 286; a leader in mob that sacked Lawrence in 1856; speech of at that time, 287. Aubry: sacking of by Quantrill, 225; official report of sacking of, 234; burning of mentioned, 296, 309; Quantrill entered Kansas near, 315. "Aunt Betsy": Winchell escaped as, 374. Axline, Captain Jacob: at Independence under Buel, 259; camp of struck at daylight; did the real fighting, 264; prevented a cowardly surrender; rallied behind a rock fence; Colonel Hughes killed in charge on, 265; compelled by Buel to surrender; a brave officer, 266; report of 268. Bailey, L. D.: author of work on Lawrence Massacre, 336. Baker, H. W.: lived with Griswold; surrendered; shot, 350; again shot; recovered; portrait of, 351; tablet in memory of, 352. Baker, Hester: went to school to Quantrill, 87. Baker, Wesley: went to school to Quantrill, 87. Baldwin, Prank: an associate of Quantrill at Lawrence, 105; helped Quantrill take negro, 114; aided in returning him to bondage, 115; rode "White Stockings" in race with Mul-key's Colt, 116; in Quantrill's thieving raid into Missouri, 123. Ball, Benjamin: Ball, Morrison and Southwick lived on claim of, 145. Ball, Charles: sketch of life of, 140; Albert Negus married sister of, 142; member of anti-slavery lodges, 144; went on raid to Missouri; visited by Quantrill, 145; to Osawatomie, 147; to Osawatomie on Morgan Walker raid, 152; at Morgan Walker's house, 156; told to gather up the slaves, 157; betrayed, 158; in Walker's statement, 159; what he did at Walker's 160; what Dean said of, 161; found in thicket by slave, 174; betrayed by slave; preparations of to go to Kansas; dressed wounds of Lipsey; Dean's account of death of, 175; manner of death of; various accounts, 176; body of taken up by "doctors"; statements of Liddill and Harris concerning, 177.