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515 > Page 515 of Quantrill and the border wars

INDEX 515 Ky.; sold cemetery lot and got money; visited the Wakefield farm; wished to visit Missouri, 36; went to Jackson county; demanded money from Mrs. Cooper; denounced by Mrs. Cooper; entertained by guerrillas; hated the daughters of her son Franklin; letters of to W. W. Scott, 37; wore out her welcome in Missouri; turned again to Scott; called Scott a "Yankey man", 38; accident to at Canal Dover; subscription for taken up by Scott, 39; sent to "Home for the Friendless" at Lexington, Ky.; returned to Ohio and sent to Poor-house; sent to Odd Fellows Home, Springfield, Ohio; turned to Scott for aid; death of, 40; letter of her son to, 45; letter to asking for Texas papers, 46; letter of son saying she had sent him a pair of boots, 48; letter of son saying something had happened to him at Mendota and he had gone to Fort Wayne, 49; letter from son saying he was going to school, 52; denied story told by her son, 168. Quantrill, Cornelia Lisette: dates of birth and death of, 29. Quantrill, Franklin: date of birth of; family of; date of death of, 29; a cripple from white swelling; a fur-dresser, 30; letter of brother to, 71. Quantrill, Jesse Duncan: name changed to from William; sent to New York to school; accomplishments of; his father's favorite; grew up in idleness; crimes of; a handsome man, 18; married Mary Lane; secured her money; lost it; defrauded New York merchants; cast into prison; studied law; went to St. Louis; imprisoned there; released; went to Cincinnati; went to New Orleans; committed forgeries, 19; imprisoned at Cincinnati for forgery; released by efforts of wife; deserted wife; committed forgeries in Maryland and Pennsylvania; imprisoned; divorced; married; attempt of to murder first wife; pardoned and went to Canal Dover, 20; assumed name of "Dr. Hayne", also of "Jesse Elliott"; married and deserted six women; in various penitentiaries; had a son named Lawrence Quantrill; William C. Quantrill confused with; supposed to have been in Missouri, 21. Quantrill, John: a mythical character; originated in uncertain identity of William C. Quantrill, 22. Quantrill, MacLindley: dates of birth and death of, 29. Quantrill, Mary: dates of birth and death of, 29; an excellent girl; suffered from curvature of the spine; a dressmaker, 30; beautiful character of; letter of W. C. Quantrill to, 96; habit of her brother described to her, 97. Quantrill, Mrs. Mary A.: wife of Archibald Quantrill; champion of Union in Civil War; waved Stars and Stripes as Stonewall Jackson's men marched through Frederick, Md.; robbed by the poet Whittier of the fame due her; Whittier gave credit to Barbara Freitchie, 22; account of her and the incident of waving the flags, 27; death of, 28.