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523 > Page 523 of Quantrill and the border wars

INDEX 523 guides killed by, 325; viewed Lawrence from hills, 328; sent Gregg into Lawrence, 335; said he was going into Lawrence, 336; galloped up Massachusetts street with Gregg, 340; appearance of men of, 341; appearance of as he rode about the Eldridge House; conversation of as reported by Chase, 342; orders to men after capture of Eldridge House; interview of with Spicer; robbed prisoners; went to the top of Mount Oread; said he was destroying Lawrence in retaliation for burning of Osceola, 343; proclaimed that Stone should not be harmed, 345; men of shouted for in streets of Lawrence, 346; would have burned General Lane at the stake, 353; spared Governor Eobinson and his property, 371; called counsel of captains when troops appeared; orders of to Gregg; departure of from Lawrence, 378; made Skaggs return ring to Lydia Stone, 379; some of men of killed no one in Lawrence; protected women always, 384; said he was informed of conditions in Lawrence, 390; had John Speer and sons on death lists, 391; criminal life of at Lawrence, 394; retreated south from Lawrence; passed through Brooklyn, 398; charged through corn-field, 400; ordered Gregg to take sixty men and hold rear, 403; charged up the hill to aid Todd; turned north at ford of Bull creek and escaped, 407; got drink at pond and one at well, 409; camped at Bock or Connor ford one hour, 410; over line stopped to rest and eat; news of gathering troops; ordered men to move, 413; men refused; when told why, dispersed, 414; marched east and met troops; scattered his men, 415; blamed by Gregg for actions in raid; arranged for Todd to get most of money, 420; bore commission as Colonel; portrait of in uniform; rendezvous fixed; left for Texas, 421; may have planned to take fort at Baxter; probably not, 422; ordered Gregg to front at Baxter; commandeu main body; did little at the fort; found General Blunt by accident, 424; drunk and boasting at Baxter, 430; refused to again attack fort at Baxter; slew many in 1863, 434; scouts of Cooper captured; camp attacked by Mcintosh; camped with Cooper, 435; report of to General Price; reply of Price; went into camp on Mineral creek north of Sherman; dissension.1* in camp of; causes for, 436; complimentary reference to by General Price, 437; disintegration of band of; power of slipping away from; sided with Todd against Gregg, 438; urged to capture Federal guerrillas; men of began to murder and rob Texas citizens, 439; terrible demoralization of men of; deserted by Anderson; captains turned against, 440; ordered to Bonham; arrested there by General McCulloch; escape of; pursuit of; appeal of to Todd, 441; arrested Fletch Taylor; said if men would stop robbing he would protect them, 442; escape of from General McCulloch; Todd an enemy of, 443; conver sation of Gregg with; admitted