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537 > Page 537 of Quantrill and the border wars

INDEX 537 trill went east to assassinate President Lincoln, 456. "Wear, Colonel: surprised at accuracy of Colonel Moonlight's artillery-shooting, 199; letter of Quantrill referred to, 232; Eandlett met in Kansas City, 233; mentioned in report of Colonel Mitchell, 242. Webb, Lieut. E. L.: where stationed, 312. Webb, W. L.: author; work of referred to, 264. Wheeler, Captain Holland: knew Quantrill as Charley Hart; Stone showed him Quantrill's true name in hotel register, 110; Quantrill's stealing from Delawares, 127; concerning Allen Pinks, 136. Whitaker, -: murdered at Aubry by Quantrill, 225. White, Lieut. -: in attack at Clark farm, 248. White, E. W.: in Quantrill meeting at Paola, 150; sent to defend Quantrill, 185; went with Potter to Stanton, 187; went back to Paola with Quantrill, 189; attorney for Quantrill in habeas corpus proceedings, 191. White, Major Prank J.: where stationed, 312. White, Eobert: in Quantrill meeting at Paola, 150; went to Stanton, 187; went to Paola with Quantrill, 189. White Turkey: confronted Quantrill with proofs of stealing; made him sneak away, 127; portrait of; killed Skaggs, 381; trailed hack containing wounded guerrillas, 415. Whitney house: Stone's hotel so called, 344. Whittier, the poet: statement of concerning his poem, 23. Wichita Eagle: mentioned, 355. Wigfall, General Louis T.: interview of Quantrill described by, 279. Wiggins, Phillip: killed by Quantrill at Olathe, 272. Wigginton, George: went to Kentucky with Quantrill, 457. Wild Bill: defeated in shooting contests by Theodore Bartles, 319; a Eed Leg, 413. Wilder, Captain: house of not molested, 376. Wilder, D. W.: occupied at Harvard same room formerly had by Cyrus Leland, Sr., there, 428. Wilder's Annals of Kansas: referred to, 271. Wilkerson, T. E.: had store at Stanton, 183; Quantrill taken to store of, 184; Potter went to store of, 187. Williams, Colonel: at sacking of Humboldt, 209. Williams, Andrew: gave author information about Lawrence Massacre, 337. Williams, Amanda: went to school to Quantrill, 87. Williams, Daniel: saw Quantrill cut his name on watch, 112. Williams, D. C.: one of the defenders of the Morgan Walker home, 156. Williams, Elzena: went to school to Quantrill, 87. Williams, H. H.: sheriff of Miami county; deputized Snyder to take Quantrill to Lawrence; betrayed Snyder, 185; said by Potter to have robbed first store looted in Missouri in Civil War, 190. Williams, Jefferson: went to school to Quantrill, 87.