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538 > Page 538 of Quantrill and the border wars

538 QUANTRILL AND THE BORDER WARS Williams, Jim: went to Kentucky with Quantrill, 457. Williams, Polk: went to school to Quantrill, 87. Williams, Dr. E. L.: counted guerrillas as they passed through Franklin, 327. Williams, Boger: went to school to Quantrill, 87. Williamson, W. T.: killed in Lawrence Massacre, 387. Willis, Walter: escape of, 374. Wills, William: wounded at Tate house, 241. Wilson, Major -: attacked Quantrill, 463. Wilson, Mrs. -: reported to Buel that troops were gathering to attack him; rudely treated, 261. Wilson, Bob: a kidnapper at Lawrence; with Quantrill attempted to kidnap Allen Pinks, 136. Wilson, David: Quantrill went to house of from Tate's, 248. Wilson, James: killed in Lawrence Massacre; buried in trench, 386, 387. Wilson, Lazarus B.: in company of Captain Thomas Quantrill in War of 1812; wounded at North Point, 17. Wilson, Oliver M.: had roster of company of Captain Thomas Quantrill, War of 1812; lived in Kansas City, Kansas, 17. Wilson, B. P. C.: letter of, 115. Wilson, Samuel: in company of Captain Thomas Quantrill in War of 1812; wounded at North Point, 17. Winchell, -: escaped by being clothed as woman; called "Aunt Betsy", 374. Winn, Jack: mythical character in Quantrill's false story, 171. Winner, A. M.: has Quantrill's watch that was lost thirty years, 111. Wise, Louis: killed in Lawrence Massacre, 387. Women: the Union of Southern Missouri inhumanly treated by Confederates, 216. Women: those arrested by General Ewing as spies; conflicting accounts of treatment of; dug under building; must have benefit of all doubts, 301. Women: those of Lawrence, ministered to wounded guerrilla, 353; what Quantrill said of; courage and devotion of, 381. Wood, Bennett: wounded at Independence in fight with Home-guards, 204; sent to Missouri to recruit, 281; said to have got large sum of money at Lawrence, 420. Wood, Charles: went to Kansas from Canal Dover, 71;settler at Tuscarora Lake, 72. Wood, George: notified Lane of Plumb's approach, 399. Wood, Hop: killed at Independence, 223. Wood, James: killed in Lawrence Massacre, 387. Woods, Andrew: killed in Lawrence Massacre, 386. Woodfolk, Leut. Col. A. M.: where stationed, 313. Woodson, Judge Samuel: advised Thomson Quantrill to return property of Judge Wagstaff, 31. Woodward, B. W.: escape of, 361. Wright, C. W.: sketch of; saw Quantrill in Howard county during Price's invasion, 455. Yager Dick : remained in Missouri, 275.