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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-01-jan16-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-1- The Executive Committee of State University met in regular session at the President's office, Jnn.l9th. 1916. There were present C. B. Nichols, R. C. Stoll, G. G. Brock, P. P. John- son, Jr. J. E. Brown and C. B. Terrell. President Barker read his 1,monthly recort together with the report of Deans of various departments which were ordered filed Upon motion made by Mr. Stoll, seconded and carried the following resolution was adopted; Whereas certain communications have been received by some of the members of this Committee from James B. Reynolds Esq. re- lative to the alleged action of certain students of this Univer- sity and in said letter he offered to put all the information in his possession at the deposal of the Authorities of this Univered.ty and whereas a request was made by members of this* Committee for said information and said Reynolds has refused to give it, and whereas this the first meeting of this Committee since such informa- tion was refused. Now therefore be it resolved that all the Communications be refer- red to the President of this UJniversity who is directed forth with to investigate the ma ter contained in said Communications and to take such action thereon as he may deem prooer. The President shall report the action taken here under to the next regular meeting of this Committee or to a special meet- ing which will be called as he thinks proper. a e"PI - It '' ie.