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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-5- Q. Change in Name for the College of Library Science to the College of Library and Information Science (PR 9) On motion by Mrs. Clark, seconded by Mr. McBrayer and passed unanimously, the name of the College of Library Science was changed to the College of Library and Information Science, effective immediately. (See PR 9 at the end of the Minutes.) R. Change in Name and Mission, Department of Community Medicine (PR 10) With Presidert Singletary so recommending, Mr. McBrayer moved that the name of the Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, be changed to Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health as recommended in PR 10. Mr. McBrayer's motion was seconded by Mr. Farmer and passed without dissent. (See PR 10 at the end of the Minutes.) S. Associate Degree Program in the Community College System (PR 11) Without discussion, on motion by Mr. Ramsey, seconded by Professor Conley and passed, the Board authorized for submission to the Council on Higher Education a new degree program, Associate Degree in Applied Science, in Respiratory Therapy, for the Madisonville Community College. (See PR 11 at the end of the Minutes.) T. Honorary Degree Recipients (PR 12) President Singletary recommended that approval be granted for awarding the honorary degree of Doctor of Science to Dr. Lewis W. Cochran; Doctor of Laws to Mrs. Lucille Markey; Doctor of Letters to Ms. Jean Ritchie; and Doctor of Letters to Mr. Thomas Grey Wicker. The Committee on Honorary Degrees has recommended to the Graduate Faculty and the University Senate that these honorary degrees be awarded to these persons and these two bodies have expressed their approval of the recommendation. Mrs. Hermandorfer so moved. Her motion was seconded by Mr. Black and passed unanimously. (See PR 12 at the end of the Minutes.) U. Interim Financial Report (FCR 1) Mr. Clay, Chairman of the Finance Committee, reported that the Committee had met on the morning of April 6 and considered three items to be presented for action, the first of which was the Interim Financial Report for the period ending February 28, 1982. Mr. Clay then moved that the report be accepted. His motion, seconded by Mr. Kessinger, passed and the report was accepted. (See FCR 1 at the end of the Minutes.)