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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL "PAGE 6 S BASEBALL WILDCATS READY SPORTS TO TRACK UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1920. April 10 Michigan at Lexington. April 16 Miami at Lexington. April 17 Centre nt Danville. April 20 DoPnuw at Lexington. April 30 Tennessee nt Lexington. Mny 1 Tennessee nt Lexington. May 3 Cincinnati at Lexington. Mny C Cincinnati nt Lexington. May 7 Miami at Oxford. May 8 DePauw at Greencnstle, Indiana. Mny 9 .Wabash at Crawfordsvllle, Indlnna. May 10 Indiana at Bloomlngton, Indlnna. May 15 Georgetown at Georgetown. May 25 Centre at Lexington. MEET MICHIGAN TEAM Opening Game of Baseball Season To Be Played Here Saturday ,Conch Cnrl Lundgrcn will chapcrone his famous squad of baseball players down to Lexington Saturday to meet Coach Gill's battling band of Wildcats on Stoll Fold for the opening game of the season. Twice before has the Kernel announced the date and WRESTLING MATCHES place of the opening game of the KenAT CITY Y. M. C. A. tucky schedule, but each time the prediction has proved incorrect because OF HIGHJCHOOLS HERE Nine University Will Wrestlers of weather conditions or other unaParticipate. voidable reasons. But the Kentucky-Michigagame is practically a sure- Athletes To Resume Custom A series of short wrestling matches, ty, and Kentucky fans are promised Discontinued DurIn which nine University men and one a great opening game Saturday. ing War Lexington wrestler will participate, Notwithstanding the fact that Michigan has always held the upper hand On May eighth the Seventh Annual will be given next Tuesday night at on Kentucky yet the Wildcats gave High School Tournament will be held the Lexington Y. M. C. A under the ' Slsler and his outfit of Mlchlganders at the University of Kentucky. This direction of Mr. King,, Physical DirecKentucky-Michigasuch a close run in the last will be the first meeting of high school tor, and Mr. Cruise, Y. M. C. A. secgame, which was played In athletes since the annual tournament retary. A small admission fee will band real- scheme was abandoned just after the be charged to purchase medals for a 1915, that the Slsler-les- s izes that it has a hard row ahead for 1917 meet, because of the war. The tournament to be held In the near Saturday. Dopesters tell us that the tournaments had become a regular af- future. The work of three University boys, renowned Slsler, now with the St. fair on Stoll Field, and the managing Louis Browns, has a double In the and governing of them had been per- Frank Bunch, H. Enlow, and "Babe" person of Parks, present hurler for fected so that a great many of the Winters, will be watched with espethe Mlchlganders, who was one of the high schools of the State were enjoy- cial interest. Enlow ranks as one of conspicuous figures in the Conference ing the hospitality of the University the best wrestlers from West Point. games last season when Michigan each year. Bunch is a popular and experienced walked away with the Conference S. A. Boles and George Buchheit Lexington wrestler, and Winters has championship. will be In charge of the tournament, a splendid record from regimental and The game Saturday will be started and will have personal direction of other matches. promptly at 2:30 o'clock, which will each event of the track meet. The The full list of wrestlers is as folpermit those terpslchorean artists so teams representing the various high lows: 125 and under, W. A. Anderson disposed to attend the last hour of the schools which will be represented In, and R. E. Queen; 135 and under, W. Cadet Hop which will be in full swing the meet will be assisted in every way S. Anderson and R. L. Ringo; 145 and and Frank in the Armory at the end of the game. possible while staying in Lexington. under, "Babe" Winters Tom Grubbs, a varsity hurler of re- The regulations governing this meet Bunch; 170, H. Enlow and Harold Mccent years, will probably be started will be practically the same as have Gregor; 170, G. Benson and G. Aiken. in the box for the Wildcats, with the been observed in previous meets. probability of the Coach substituting During the day of May eighth four1920 TRACK SCHEDULE. Slomer, Cooper or Meguiar during the teen events will be "staged," which last half of the game. Receiving the will include all the regular track all for Kentucky will be Heber, the events except the hammer throw. A University of Kentucky. new catcher who Is destined to be as medal will be given to each of the April 17 Vanderbilt University, at popular on the baseball diamond as winners of the first, second and third Lexington. he has been on the football field. The places in each event. A medal will April 24 Miami University, at Infield will be picked from the follow- also be given to the individual athlete Lexington. ing five men: Keller, Brown, Proppu, making the highest number of points May 1 University of Cincinnati, at Visitors at during the meet, and a silver chamZerfoss, and Burnham. Cincinnati. recent practices have found Kelley pionship cup will be awarded to the May 8 Interscholastic Hlgh constantly on the first sack, Brown at team making the most points during Schools), at Lexington. at third, and the meet. Bhort stop, Burnham May 14 and 15 S. I. A. A., at AtPropps or Zerfoss at second base. Just meet was lanta, Georgia. The last Vhat combination will start the game held in 1917, in which the Louisville May 22 State Meet, at Lexington. Saturday Is not known. Mlzrach, High School team was victorious, carJones, Sauer and Muth will form the rying off the championship cup, and garden trio. gaining first place in most of the TEAM MEETS VANDY IT n For the Junior Prom CORSAGES AND CUT FLOWERS OF EXQUISITE BEAUTY lmflElma Aain Street 1 opr Phoenix Hotel Liton nfv: I Phone 945 J. DONALD DINNING, Representative Phone 4085 ; n c TRACK EVENTS POSTPONED INTER-CLAS- S events. At this meet six high school records were set. They were: Running High Jump, Jimmie Paducah, five feet, six inches. , Walton, Louisville, two seconds. minutes, 9 dash, Two hundred and twenty-yarseconds. Grabfelder, Louisville, 231-'Running Broad Jump, Locke, Louisville, 19 feet, 6 inches. Shot Put, Quast, Louisville, 40 feet, 9 Inches. Discus, Hawkins, Anderson county, 96 feet. This record shows the excellent at the track material represented meet, and the encouragement of such athletic contests is a worthy endeavor. Anyone desiring further information on this subject should see Mr. Boles or Mr. Bucbbeit. Wll-hel- Half-mile- 8chedule To Be Finished Next Week. 5 d s track meet- - that was The to have been held last week scheduled was begun, bu not finished. The events scheduled for the first two days were played off, but the weather did not permit the completion of the meet the third day. The three unfinished eventB will be held some afternoon next week, or as soon as the weather permits. When all the events have been completed the Kernel will all the dope on the meet, together with the records of the Individuals and of the- gym. class teams. 5 inter-clas- pub-lls- h I AND CENTRE SQUADS at Home; Track Team Entertains Baseball Squad Goes to Danville. Saturday, April 17, will be a busy day for Kentucky athletes. The base ball Bquad goes to Danville to play the Centre College Colonels, and the track squad remains at home to take on Vandy's tracksters In the first meet of the season. Track training has been very slow during the last week because of bad weather, but the running Wildcats are having ample opportunity these days to put on the finishing touches before they trot out on Stoll Field to give old Vandy the thrashing of her life. Success for the Wildcats Is predicted in the contest at Danville and in the meet here. High-Clas- s Shoe Repairing Done While jYou Wait ALL WORK GUARANTEED We also have a line of new high grade Shoes for men and boys. These are guaranteed to give the best of satisfaction. THE NEW WAY SHOP Corner Short and Mill Street In Selecting a University For a college education, there are five things to be taken into consideration: 1. The men tution. at the head of the Insti- The scholastic standing and ability of the Teaching Staff. 3. The location and advantages of environment. 4. Equipment, buildings, laboratories 2. and libraries. 5. Cost. In ail these respects the University of Kentucky commends itself to those seeking a higher institution in which to carry on their education. All Departments, including Liberal Arts, Sciences, Agriculture, Law, Education, Mining, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The Government needs trained men and women; college training will bring the result. Address PRESIDENT FRANK L. McVEY Lexington, Ky. University of Kentucky