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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL KIT CARSON TELLS OF WYOMING EXPERIENCES sider. It Is a beautiful country In the summer lime; woods full of game from elk to skunks and the lakes nnd with fish. Hay crocks abounding grows wild and tho whole Forest Reserve Is nvnllablo for range. Every-boyowns a car nnd tho "Shimmy" has been bnrrcd. So much for tho nssets. I'm not in the real cstnto business this week, .so I will try to state tho drawbneks with equal frankness. To begin with, summer doesn't constitute much over n third of the year and they tell mo that In tho winter a Polnr bear needs snow shoos nnd car muffs. That means seven jnonths feeding. Again, tho nearest railroad is about 110 miles, so you see that It would bo almost impossible to get work on the "Section" through the dull season at home. All good land along tho railroad Is about gone. Now, of course, there's plenty open land closer in and at a lower elevation, but it is limited pretty well to sheep herding now and until some one finds a market for dry land and Prairie Dog pelts, It's liable to remain so. It's a long time before June and in that time I plan to locate and then will be able to give you some more definite dope. This country is undeveloped to a great extent and there is plenty going on. Outside of oil and cattle the most money would be in the restaurant business if all the Chinks would die. At present I'm able to keep a meal ticket on my person by working for the highway department here, that is, I'm waiting for the snow to get off of my ranch. d Letter of Interest To Those Wanting Land Grants Give my regards to friends and acquaintances and tell any of tho boys whose addresses I took and promised to write to not condemn me too hastily. Don't attend too many classes, they might got on your mind, you know. Write nnd also cncloso the bnscball schedule, Wildcats nnd Polecats, too. Sincerely, Daniel C. Carson, of Richmond, n CARSON. former student of the University, who went to Wyoming to take up a GovTIGERT PRESIDENT OF ernment claim in one of the irrigaCLUB. ADVERTISING tion projects opened thcro March 5, has written a most interesting and enDr. John J. TIgort, head of tho Department of Psychology, wns recently tertaining letter back to one of his elected president of the Uluo Grass friends in the University telling of Advertising Club, which was recently Ills experiences. organized by representatives of adof the interest shown by Because vertising Interests off Lexington, students of the University in this GovFrankfort, (Richmond and many surrounding towns of the Blue Grass secernment land proposition for tion of Kentucky. men the letter In full is printed The club will insist upon the obbelow: servance of Its motto in all advertis306 Spruce Street, Deling, the motter being, "Truth." Rock Springs, Wyoming. egates from the club are to be sent : Dear to the meeting of the Associated Advertising Clubs of the world in IndianWell boy, I suppose you think that apolis in June, the local organization talk is cheap with Bomo people, but having applied for a charter as a memyou desired information about these ber of the international association. lands in this section. If information of This club has been organized ns a lands In general was what you wanted, result of the activities of Doctor who several months ago added I am qualified to speak, but for anyto the curriculum of the University thing definite you must wait until I a course in the study of "The Psycholget located myself. Probably you ogy of Advertising," which immediatelmow by now that our dope on the ly aroused Interest among citizens of Government irrigated land raffle was the Blue Grass. just about wrong, conservatively "WATCH YOUR WATCH" speaking. Maybe you would be interested in hearing about the recent Get Your Watch Cleaned and Put In drawings. Order. A Watch That Will Not I arrived in the little village of Keep Time is Equivalent to no around 9 p. m., March 4. The Watch at all. Careful Watch ReSatisfaction applications and water rental deposit Guarantee pairing. Plus Promptness. ,had to be in the land office by 9 a. m., GEO. T. MARTIN'S was overrun HAIR CUT 25c March 5. Torrlngton SHAVE 15c R. W. SMOCK with soldiers haven't seen as many PLAIN, SHOWER AND TURKISH 157 South Limestone. in one place since whiskey was voted BATHS (Formerly with Caskey Jewelry Co.) out of the army. There were 5,000 Basement, 139 East Main Street acres divilded up into 80 tracts and men filing, so only 3,251 FOTSCH BENGKART you can see the chance that even a MATTHEW A. MANGIONE ' Along Proprietors lucky man was up against. Hospital with your application there was a cash Progressive Shoe deposit of $5.10 per acre for each acre My Work and Prices Always EAGLE BARBER SHOP under water, this money to be reKeep Me Busy 107 SOUTH LIMESTONE ST. turned if the applicant was unlucky. 140 South Limestone Incidentally mine hasn't been returnOpposite the Phoenix Hotel ed yet. Everybody's number and name s Work Guaranteed Shoes Repaired While You was put in a keg and at 2 o'clock they Wait Lexington, Ky. started to draw them. The first man out of the keg won. Oh, it was an exciting afternoon, notwithstanding the fact that a blizzard was ragtag and the supply of "chow" was about exhausted. The other 5,000 acres was opened 'In the Shoshone region on March 12, and was. not as desirable land, consequently, the competition was lighter Tjut I may as well state that I don't own any land in that locality either. PHOENIX BLOCK There is still a large quantity of grazing land left, however, to be in traefs up to 640 acres, and this scheme appeals to me more and fSSBMi seems almost as good as the Government irrigated land, only there are two kinds of this dry land and the worst isn't worth having, so my business for the past ten days has been looking around for the best and"I believe this best grazing land lies in Fremont County around a little space called Pinedale. In addition to taking up a section (640 acres), you may tit very reasonable termB buy up to jmn im mi itk jiili jwk 7sm mi h ii him ii it ii in n il riui i hi nrn mriiwi hhi law tm 100 acres with water on it from the State. (Read the "Carey Act" if you can get a book on irrigation laws), also at a low figure ($2.50 per acre), it is possible to get 100 more acres of .timber land. The total makes a ulce ranch if it can be located in one boundary. Understand,' the elevation is around 7;000 feet and therefore is the only real thing to con n PAGE T GOOD STYLES, GOOD SHOES, RIGHT PRICES For All These See The Special Shoe Co. 206 W. Main Street Co-operati- Lexington, tvy. Drug Co ve Incorporated Main and Limestone Streets. Drugs, Patent Medicines and Toilet Articles. Articles at Lowest Cut Prices. BLOCK'S, PAGE'S AND SHAW'S AND MULLANE'S CANDIES t, The Southern Engraving Co Wishes to Announce The opening of their Engraving Plant at 311 W. Main St., on or about Dec. 1st, at which time we will be able to furnish print- ing plates of all descriptions. "EFFICIENCY AND SERVICE WILL BE OUR MOTTO" & Ph one 4125 First-Clas- Lexington Drug Company SAY IT WITH FLOWERS A Complete Line of Choice Cut Flowers on Hand. Corsage Bouquets a Specialty Tames P. Keller FLORISTS 327 W. Main Street Phone 354 J. P. BARNES, Collea Repraantatlva home-steade- d Johns Drug Co. MAIN AND WALNUT Full Line of Stationery Fountain Pens Loose Leaf Note Books (Sanitary Soda Fountain) FINE CANDIES PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 560 etc. MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH mm (Iacorporatad) FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS All Kinds of Soft Drinks cattle-raisin- Raady to Wtar Qarmant MIIHnary g 230-2- W. Main Stria - , High Claaa Dtms Making Baauty .Partar Uxlnftan, Ky.